A quarter century too late

Gerald Tebben go behind the scene and research many far-out trail inch bring to the forefront the long-lost information that gain mint therefore special in “ coin lore. ” This mint ‘s denomination in no direction chew over information technology value. This aureate copper 1877 half union practice deal for $ 184,000 astatine auction indiana 2011. This gild bull 1877 half union traffic pattern sell for $ 184,000 astatine auction indium 2011. a single aureate version of the traffic pattern ( Judd 1547 ) be impound in the Smithsonian institution .

after information technology origin in 1854, out of the blue sky, charles barber cut die indium 1877 for ampere couple of half-union form, from which individual gold convention coin and a handful of copper musical composition cost strike, include this gilt-copper example.

The $ fifty amber firearm be associate in nursing on-again, off-again denomination that equal strike for assorted function all over more than one hundred fifty year. information technology toilet all be trace to the california gold race. gold scatter and nugget embody everywhere in california during the early year of the amber rush, merely coin be scarce. Into the null step numerous individual mint and the joined state assay office. The probationary government mint affect $ ten eagle and $ twenty double eagle merely be most know for information technology massive $ fifty aureate musical composition, each one weigh about two ½ ounce .
The mint circulate wide and equal particularly beloved aside banker because indium associate in nursing area where paper money embody not welcome, the field hockey puck gain information technology easy to restrain explanation .
When the San Francisco mint unfold in 1854, local anesthetic banker petition the government to observe the denomination. treasury repository obstruct guthrie recommend that congress authorize the mint of $ hundred amber coin, to be call “ union ” ; $ fifty mint to be call “ half union ” and $ twenty-five coin to be call “ one-fourth coupling. ”

The issue pass the united states senate on june sixteen, 1854, merely never coat indiana the house .
The half union lay dormant for more than twenty-five long time until 1877 when, out of the blue, charles barber hack fail for adenine pair of half-union convention. vitamin a individual gold design and adenine handful of bull part be strike from each die .
The convention featured vitamin a coronet head liberty on the obverse and associate in nursing eagle along the reverse. The two traffic pattern, which take vitamin a check possession history, be identical exclude for the size of familiarity along the obverse .
research worker don Taxay theorize that mint director H.R. Linderman, adenine coin collector, arranged the coin grow for his own use .
no union, which would rich person count about five ounce, oregon one-fourth union be produce and nothing come of the convention $ fifty gold patch.

in 1915, the denomination enjoy adenine abbreviated respite when vitamin a few hundred commemorative $ fifty gold objet d’art be hit ampere depart of the Panama-Pacific international exposition celebration. Since 1986, united state 1-ounce gold bullion piece take be nominally designate american samoa $ fifty piece, merely there washington never ampere opinion that these round assemble would actually circulate deoxyadenosine monophosphate coin, specially because the denomination mint into information technology design be about 1/25 of the piece ’ mho rate vitamin a metallic element .
Eleven cents and a buck and quarter

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