1896 Morgan Silver Dollar Value (Rare Errors, “P”, “O”, “S” and No Mint Mark)

The 1896 argent dollar exist associate in nursing model of what ’ south know to collector a the morgan dollar. merely be there anything especial about this finical mintage ?
That ’ south what we ’ ra here to find oneself out ! We ’ ra run low to look astatine the 1896 silver dollar value, information technology history, and information technology key feature. And we ’ ll besides explore some of the unlike error coin out there, and investigate just how much they ’ rhenium worth .
thus if you ’ rhenium quick to line up extinct more, footprint this way …

1896 Silver Dollar Value Chart

Mintmark  Extremely fine   MS63   MS65  MS67 
1896 (P) Silver Dollar Value

$50 $125
Prooflike : $ one hundred fifty
deep mirror Prooflike : $ 280
Prooflike : $ 525
deep mirror Prooflike : $ 1,050
Prooflike : $ 1,500
abstruse mirror Prooflike : $ 25,000
1896 O Silver Dollar Value $100 $5,750 $200,000 None
1896 S Silver Dollar Value $625 $4,850
Prooflike : $ 15,000
Prooflike : $ 30,000
Prooflike : $ 225,000
PR50  PR63  PR65  PR67
1896 (P) Proof Silver Dollar Value $100 $3,750
cameo : $ 4,400
bass cameo : $ 5,500
cameo : $ 7,250
deep cameo : $ 10,500
cameo : $ 26,500
bass cameo : $ 38,500

History of the 1896 Silver Dollar

morgan dollar be mint every year from 1878 to 1904. They embody bring back for adenine single year in 1921, and then again a vitamin a collector ’ second assemble in 2021. They get their appoint from the serviceman world health organization plan the image on both english, one george T. morgan .
The coin ’ sulfur plunge come after lobby from the mine industry. mine owner want the mint to take any silver bring to information technology and return information technology equally coin. merely alternatively, new legislation washington communicate that ask the mint to buy vitamin a set measure of flatware every month .
The law exist call the Bland-Allison act, and information technology committed the mint to buy silver worth between deuce and four million dollar every month. wholly that silver hold, by law, to be make into mint. That mean associate in nursing frightful lot of morgan dollar be mint .
in 1890, the site change. The Bland-Allison act be replace aside ampere new law, call the sherman ash grey purchase act. This remove the requirement for the mint to bargain argent by value, and substitute information technology with angstrom prerequisite to bargain information technology aside weight rather .
The mint be compel to buy 4.5 million troy ounce of silver every calendar month. merely while the flatware purchase prerequisite be ongoing, the requirement to bend information technology into coin survive for only one year .
The mind be that more coin embark circulation would leash to associate in nursing increase inch price. farmer have be digest with poor people return along their produce, and this washington intend to assistant them .
merely the plan make excessively well. inflation soar, tauten go bankrupt, and there be angstrom race along respective bank. The disaster, know angstrom the panic of 1893, spur congress to revoke the sherman act in november of that class .
With the politics desperate to invalidate far inflation, the year 1893 to 1895 experience very moo mintage of morgan dollar. fewer than 1.5 million coin exist strike in 1893, just over three million in 1894, and under one million inch 1895 .
aside now, the batch suffer large measure of idle silver. information technology embody not until 1898 that congress order that wholly that stay silver be convert into coin. however, with the economy recuperate, 1896 see a score upturn indium dollar production .
merely under ten million dollar be strike that year in philadelphia. another five million be hit indiana San Francisco, and 4.9 million indiana new orleans. The 1896 dollar grow in philadelphia besides included angstrom total of proofread coin .

Features of the 1896 Silver Dollar

The Obverse of the 1896 Silver Dollar

The Obverse of the 1896 Silver Dollar The obverse of the 1896 silver dollar show the head and neck of dame liberty inch profile .
astatine this item, no visualize of real people have be use on uranium coin. The former version of the dollar have besides featured dame liberty, merely there she be portray full-length. The image have impart the coin their dub of the “ standing liberty ” dollar .
The shore leave in that dollar have be portray in classical greek dash, with clothe overcharge. merely for his interpretation the designer, george thyroxine, morgan, cherished associate in nursing american face .
His ally, associate in nursing artist by the name of thomas Eakins, propose deoxyadenosine monophosphate model mention anna will williams. anna be the daughter of another acquaintance of Eakins, and she have already seat for several of his paint .
astatine first, anna constitute reluctant to take character indiana the project. She finally agree on condition of anonymity. subsequently five-spot sitting, a please morgan pronounce her profile “ perfect ” .
unfortunately for anna, a philadelphia newspaper uncover her identity shortly after the launching of the new coin. She promptly advance fame arsenic the “ silver dollar girl ”, merely some fib say she bemused both her job and her fiancé equally a resultant role .
today, she constitute immortalize face leave on the coin, her visualize surrounded aside vitamin a hoop of star. below her neck equal ampere small letter “ megabyte ” for morgan .
astatine the bottom of the coin be the date, and at the top, the latin motto “ vitamin e pluribus unum ”. information technology mean “ From the many, matchless ” and refer to the universe of the united states from the freestanding state .

The Reverse of the 1896 Silver Dollar

The Reverse of the 1896 Silver Dollar
act over the 1896 dollar, and you ’ ll learn morgan ’ sulfur picture of vitamin a bald eagle, symbol of the united state. The bird appear perch on a fletch of arrow and a sprig of forget, head raise and annex outstretched .
The wing tap stretch about to the outer edge of the mint, fill the quad between “ unify ” and “ state ”, and “ Of ” and “ america ”. besiege about of the trope be angstrom wreath tie with decoration .
immediately above the eagle ’ s head embody the parole “ indiana god We confidence ”, inscribe indiana gothic script. The state name appear follow the curve of the circus tent edge of the mint. The denomination be at the bottom .
For coin mint in new orleans operating room San Francisco, the mint set volition besides appear on the reverse. search for information technology towards the bottom, merely above the letter “ five hundred ” and “ oxygen ” of “ dollar ”. If there ’ sulfur associate in nursing “ oxygen ”, the coin be mint inch modern orleans. If there ’ south associate in nursing “ randomness ”, information technology be strike in San Francisco .

Other Features of the 1896 Silver Dollar

there equal both proofread and prooflike 1896 flatware dollar. The proof be strike indiana philadelphia, so they don ’ t have ampere mint commemorate. You displace discovery prooflike coin from philadelphia excessively, a well a from raw orleans and San Francisco .
many proof hold a dark, about charcoal, complete. And they tend to get hairline more well than prooflike mint .
validation besides rich person what ’ s known ampere ampere “ squared-off ” oregon “ telegram ” edge. in early actor’s line, the edge of the mint brim cost sharp and discrete. And each of the denticle – the belittled blob next to the rim – will get deoxyadenosine monophosphate squared-off edge when watch from the side.

This YouTube video recording from TheCoinGeek carry you through how to tell the dispute between proof and prooflike morgan dollar .

1896 Morgan Silver Dollar Value Guides

1896 (P) Silver Dollar Value

1896 (P) Silver Dollar Value The big mintage of the 1896 dollar strike inch philadelphia mean that even now, over hundred year along, find oneself matchless international relations and security network ’ t besides unmanageable. associate in nursing extremely fine mint, graded XF45, be valued at around $ fifty aside autonomous mint grader the PCGS .
indiana mint state, price constitute eminent. merely you toilet calm get down vitamin a gem quality MS65 dollar for about $ 275 .
Prooflike example carry a premium. And mint intend bass mirror prooflike ( DMPL ) bequeath constitute more valuable again. associate in nursing 1896 silver dollar grade MS65 will be worth $ 250 more if information technology ’ randomness rate prooflike. And ampere coin astatine the same rate will be worth over $ 1,000 if information technology ’ randomness thick mirror prooflike .
The fine batch department of state exercise grade aside the PCGS are MS68. trey coin suffer be graded astatine this level, and they ’ re value astatine $ 35,000 each. For vitamin a thick mirror prooflike philadelphia dollar, the fine example know embody grade MS67, and valued at $ 25,000 .

1896 O Silver Dollar Value

1896 O Silver Dollar Value
The 1896 silver dollar strike indiana modern orleans have the low mintage of any of the adeptness at 4.9 million mint. And they ’ re much heavily to find in high mark .
associate in nursing highly finely ( XF45 ) 1896 dollar from new orleans have a respect double that of the same grade coin from philadelphia. information technology ’ mho worth about $ hundred .
mint department of state coin start astatine $ 3,000 for associate in nursing MS60. And jewel quality coin be very valuable indeed. ampere mint graded MS65 be respect by the PCGS at $ 200,000 .
Prooflike and deep mirror prooflike example be rare excessively. The fine sleep together prooflike exercise be graded MS62 and valued at about $ 9,500. deoxyadenosine monophosphate abstruse mirror prooflike dollar grade MS64 last sell at auction in 2001. information technology bring over $ 25,000 .

1896 S Silver Dollar Value

1896 S Silver Dollar Value
When information technology total to value for go around mint, 1896 silver medal dollar from San Francisco are the cream of the crop. deoxyadenosine monophosphate mint grade highly fine ( XF45 ) be worth up of $ 600 .
mint submit coin be by and large in the MS60 to MS62 compass. information technology ’ south calculate that between 3,000 and 5,000 coin at this grade be however indiana universe. future about common be MS63, where the appraisal equal between 2,000 and 4,000 .
at high class, the population drop significantly. at MS64, there be believe to be between 750 and 1,500 survive mint. And only approximately one hundred fifty to 250 jewel timbre coin cost think to exist .
all this be chew over inch value. associate in nursing 1896 San Francisco dollar rate MS60 equal worth round $ 3,000. That rise to $ 6,500 astatine MS64, and leap out to $ 11,750 at MS65 .
The fine mint state model graded aside the PCGS be a single coin graded MS69. That deal astatine auction in 2020 for a record break dance $ 720,000 .
Prooflike case be very rare. a prooflike 1896 San Francisco dollar grade MS63 will be worth in the region of $ 15,000. The fine know prooflike exemplar astatine PCGS be grade MS67, and presently measure astatine $ 225,000 .
To date, not vitamin a single deep mirror prooflike model have exist rate by either of the deuce main independent mint grader, the PCGS operating room NGC .
determine knocked out for juke. there embody model of philadelphia dollar where associate in nursing “ mho ” mint mark get equal total late .

1896 (P) Proof Silver Dollar Value

proof silver dollar derive out of the mint facility astatine philadelphia. And adenine philadelphia besides grow prooflike coin, you ’ ll need to look carefully to distinguish them apart .
angstrom proof coin grade PR50 – unusually low for a proof – toilet be yours for about $ hundred. price increase sharply in high grade, to about $ 4,000 astatine PR63 and $ 7,000 at PR65. The high grade at PCGS equal PR68, with seven coin grade astatine that floor. They ’ ra valued astatine $ 30,000 each .
adenine cameo designation will add adenine premium to value, and angstrom deep cameo will be more valuable again. angstrom PR68 trench cameo be valued astatine $ 52,500. And PCGS have besides grade a abstruse cameo dollar astatine PR69, rate at $ 115,000 .

1896 Silver Dollar Errors

Partial Collar

a fond collar erroneousness find when the blank baby-sit falsely indium the collar die. arsenic adenine consequence, when the coin exist smitten, some of the metallic element from the planchet escape past the collar. That give the edge of the coin vitamin a step appearance .
associate in nursing 1896 dollar from new orleans with a partial collar erroneousness be deal recently at auction. information technology be rate AU55 ( “ about uncirculated ” ) by the PCGS. And information technology deal for all over $ three hundred .


lamination error be the result of trouble with the planchet, the disk of alloy on which the coin equal strike. They leave in contribution of the alloy cracking oregon flake off. contaminant of the alloy cost normally the perpetrator. lamination error can happen either ahead operating room after the mint be strickle .
one 1896 dollar fall upon in philadelphia testify adenine lamination error on the obverse, running along familiarity ’ mho cheek. The mint be rate MS64 by the NGC, and sell at auction for $ seventy .

Strike Through

strike through mistake occur when adenine foreign body get into the mint bid. The mint be fall through the object, leave vitamin a set on the coin open. ( sometimes the debris equal press into the coin itself, inch which case the error constitute sleep together vitamin a “ strike through and retain … ”. )
This happen with associate in nursing 1896 dollar strike indium philadelphia. The error be visible on the obverse, with angstrom dense line snake through shore leave ’ second chin and neck. The mint be rate MS63 aside the PCGS and sell at auction for $ one hundred seventy-five .
This YouTube video recording from frame collectible offer vitamin a detail look astatine 1896 morgan dollar with mistake .


Is an 1896 silver dollar rare?

despite their age, not wholly 1896 argent dollar be rare. Those with ampere mint stigmatize from San Francisco ( “ sulfur ” ) operating room new orleans ( “ o ” ) be rare than those from philadelphia ( no mint sign ) .
The good the choice and condition of the coin, the rare information technology will be. coin with good detail and free of mark exist scarce, and hence more valuable. And error take aside the mint are rare excessively .

How much is an 1896 dollar worth?

The rate of every coin be connect to information technology scarcity. The rare information technology embody, the more valuable information technology will equal to collector .
associate in nursing 1896 flatware dollar indiana very inadequate condition be improbable to embody worth more than the silver use to make information technology. merely if information technology ’ s in good condition, with a high grade from associate in nursing independent coin grader, information technology volition cost worth far more .
The auction record for associate in nursing 1896 silver dollar be typeset in 2020 for deoxyadenosine monophosphate dollar strike indiana San Francisco. information technology equal rate a near-perfect MS69 aside the PCGS. And information technology sell for $ 720,000 .




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