1920 Canadian Cent A Rare and Valuable Piece of Canadian Currency History

1920 Canadian Cent: An Extensive Handbook

For coin fanatics or individuals curious about the chronicles of Canadian finances, the 1920 Canadian Cent is a captivating item to study. It’s renowned amidst souvenir aficionados due to its scarcity and worth. In this guide, we’ll analyze the 1920 Canadian Cent in detail, assessing its background and value.

History of the 1920 Canadian Cent

The 1920 Canadian Cent was manufactured in negligible amounts, which explains its infrequency and cost. Sir E.B. MacKennal, an Australian-origin sculptor who also formed the portrayal of King George V on the coin’s obverse side designed the penny. The reverse side highlights a maple leaf wreath and a substantial “1” at the center, signifying its denomination.

In 1920, the Royal Canadian Mint only generated 2.8 million cents, a comparatively small figure evaluated to new mintages. Several theories endeavor to explain the cause for the scarcity, but one dominant one theorizes that the scarce copper resource during World War I led to the Mint conserving copper.

The 1920 Canadian Cent is a rare discovery for collectors currently due to its reduced mintage, making it among the most expensive Canadian coins. An excellently preserved 1920 Canadian Cent can get thousands of dollars during auction.

Value of the 1920 Canadian Cent

Determining the worth of a 1920 Canadian Cent depends on numerous elements, including its condition, rarity, and historical consequence. As mentioned previously, a well-preserved Cent can qualify for thousands of dollars. However, diverse variables affect its worth, such as with any collectible.


One noteworthy element that affects the 1920 Canadian penny’s worth is its classification. The Sheldon Coin Grading System, a prominent grading system among coin collectors, rates coins on a scale of 1 to 70, with 70 being the maximum grade. The more substantial a coin’s level, the more valuable it usually is. For instance, a 1920 Canadian Cent marked as MS-63 can fetch $10,000 or more, whereas a penny marked beneath MS-60 may retail for about $200.

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Another element that affects the value of the 1920 Canadian Cent is its rarity. Since it was minted in confined quantities, the 1920 Cent is rarer than other Canadian cents from the equivalent period. Coins that endure in exceptional condition with no indications of wear or damage are even rarer and more valuable.


Q: How can I authenticate my 1920 Canadian Cent?

A: Examining the coin’s weight is one way to aid authentication. An authentic 1920 Canadian Cent should weigh 3.24 grams. A bogus coin may differ in weight due to differences in metal composition.

Q: What is the reason behind the high cost of the 1920 Canadian Cent?

A: The 1920 Canadian Cent is costly due to its rarity and small mintage. Additionally, the coin’s historical significance as a Canadian currency relic heightens its value.

Q: Are there any anomalies or variations of the 1920 Canadian Cent?

A: Yes, some known anomalies and variations of the 1920 Canadian Cent exist. For example, the “double date” variation highlights two dates visible on the coin’s reverse side.

Q: What measures should I take if I encounter a 1920 Canadian Cent?

A: If you find a 1920 Canadian Cent, it’s vital to authenticate and classify it with a professional coin dealer or grading service. This will aid you in determining the coin’s value and ascertaining its genuineness.

Q: Can I put up my 1920 Canadian Cent for sale?

A: Yes, you can sell your 1920 Canadian Cent if you possess one. Numerous coin dealers and auction houses specialize in buying and selling rare coins like the 1920 Canadian Cent.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the 1920 Canadian Cent is a rare and valuable piece of Canadian currency history. Its scarcest quantity, rarity, and historical significance make it a highly sought-after coin among collectors. If you happen to possess a 1920 Canadian Cent, its value might astonish you. Maintaining it in good condition and having it graded by a professional could mean that you’re preserving valuable history.

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