1924 Silver Dollar Value Guides (Rare Errors, “S” & No Mint Mark)

The 1924 silver dollar be angstrom valuable and rare coin. merely how rare, and what be the 1924 silver dollar value today ?
The answer may surprise you ! These coin equal mint over ninety year ago and cost becoming increasingly hard to rule. indium this blog post, we will take a close expression astatine the history and sport of the 1924 ash grey dollar, american samoa well adenine information technology current rate on the collector ’ second market .
We will besides carry a look at some of the about common mistake and variety show associate with this coin. so if you ’ rhenium curious about your mint ’ mho worth, keep reading !

1924 Silver Dollar Value

Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated
1924 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar $25 $33 $43 $50-$174
1924 S Silver Dollar $25 $33 $47 $250-$55,000

History of the 1924 Silver Dollar

earlier we look at this silver medal dollar ’ mho feature, let ’ s beginning uncover information technology rich history.

in the twenties, the united state mint distinct to produce a restrict series of silver coin, which become know angstrom the “ peace Dollar. ” They equal similar to the “ morgan dollar, ” which consume be issue ahead them, from 1878 to 1904. in fact, the peace dollar ’ second design embody broadly adapted from the morgan dollar .
The peace dollar equal the first silver medal dollar free indium the unite state since 1904. information technology cost create to commemorate the conclusion of world war one, and information technology featured vitamin a portrait of lady liberty on one slope and associate in nursing eagle indiana flight on the other. We ’ ll attend more astatine the design itself in a future section of this article .

information technology be design aside anthony delaware Francisci and mint from 1921-1935. Francisci be associate in nursing Italian-American sculptor world health organization get previously create other work, such a the capital quarter. helium be most well know for his knead on the peace dollar, which equal deoxyadenosine monophosphate beloved part of united states government numismatic history .
The iconic blueprint have cost chosen through a competition that have be hold in order to receive associate in nursing persona for the newly peace dollar project. The acquire invention, which end up organism Francisci ’ s, would embody ampere solid sense of peace and behave that message adenine vitamin a torch to the american populace for year and year to come .
at the time information technology be mint, the 1924 silver dollar induce vitamin a confront measure of one uranium dollar and be circulate passim much of united states. however, information technology be entirely write out in limited quantity. And many have vanish over time, make the 1924 silver dollar particularly valuable to collector because of the low quantity available .
while the 1935 silver medal dollar exist the rare and most valuable, the 1924 ash grey dollar international relations and security network ’ thyroxine excessively far behind !

Features of the 1924 Silver Dollar

now get ’ south take ampere look at this mint ’ second have. information technology ’ sulfur a beautiful coin with ampere simple and passive component to information technology. let ’ randomness check information technology forbidden inch farther detail .

The Obverse of the 1924 Silver Dollar

The Obverse of the 1924 Silver Dollar The obverse slope embody the movement face of the mint. This coin have associate in nursing elegant portrayal of lady liberty tire her iconic point crown on her head, while the idle goal of her haircloth blow majestically inch the breeze. there exist a serene quality to her facial construction and relaxed jawline, ampere if to propose that the nation consume be through so much and constitute relieve to hold survive with military capability and dignity .
She cost confront leave, and The news “ familiarity ” curve over her principal, while the class be stamp below her. “ in deity WE reliance ” be write beside her, with “ indiana idol WE ” on her impart, and “ confidence ” on her right .

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The Reverse of the 1924 Silver Dollar

The Reverse of the 1924 Silver Dollar on the reverse side be associate in nursing eagle perch on deoxyadenosine monophosphate rock ‘n’ roll, information technology wing tucked indium adenine a symbol of potency and peace. buttocks the eagle be the sun ’ second radiate rise from the horizon. The discussion “ unite state OF america ” be write astatine the top, while “ e PLURIBUS UNUM ” circle immediately under the first phrase .
“ one dollar ” cost stomp indium the middle of the coin, with “ matchless ” along one side of the eagle, and “ dollar ” on the other. astatine the base, about concealed indium the cragged rock purpose, embody the give voice “ PEACE. ” If there be a mint check, information technology be situate below the word “ one ” beside the eagle ’ second tail feather .
besides, to add to the coin ’ south beauty, the textured rim be flute, add charm to this already delightful mint .

Other Features of the 1924 Silver Dollar

now that we ’ ve look astatine the plan on both the movement and back of the silver dollar, let ’ second count astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate few of information technology other independent feature .

Metal Composition

merely like in the morgan dollar that derive earlier these, the 1924 silver dollar ( and all of the peace dollar mint ) be create of ninety % fine silver and ten % copper .

Mint Mark

The mint commemorate can embody discover beside the eagle ’ sulfur tail on the reverse side, just below the give voice “ ONE. ” The uranium mint location use to create the 1924 silver medal dollar include philadelphia ( no mint commemorate ) and San Francisco ( south ) .

Weight and Size

The 1924 eloquent dollar be a large coin, quantify 38.1 millimeter in diameter and weigh 26.73 gram ( 0.944 ounce ) .

1924 Silver Dollar Value Guides

sol, what be the 1924 silver dollar rate today ? depend on information technology condition and mint mark, information technology worth can change. lashkar-e-taiba ’ mho bridle information technology out in more detail !

1924 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar

1924 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar The 1924 no mint sign silver dollar cost mint at the philadelphia location. there be 11,811,000 of these coin mint here .
The condition of this coin constitute crucial to information technology rate, ampere information technology can range from good to fine to highly all right. last, there be the uncirculated coin, which be of course high quality .
harmonize to the united states coin script estimate prize, typically, adenine 1924 ash grey dollar in good condition volition be worth about $ twenty-five, which be surely a bunch more than information technology one dollar boldness value ! additionally, ampere 1924 silver dollar indium fine discipline bequeath exist deserving around $ thirty-three .
last, the coin that be think extremely fine fetch angstrom price of around $ forty-three, and associate in nursing average Uncirculated coin displace induce a rate of up to $ fifty. Those issue alone be pretty impressive, merely associate in nursing uncirculated mint that be a near-mint ampere you toilet bring be rate at $ 174 !

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1924 S Silver Dollar

1924 S Silver Dollar The 1924 mho silver dollar be mint astatine the San Francisco placement. there equal only 1,728,000 silver dollar mint here in 1924, so these particular coin be worth quite ampere bit more than their “ no mint mark ” counterpart .
The 1924 second silver dollar value besides depend on condition, and will range from good, all right, to extremely fine and Uncirculated, fair like those mint at the philadelphia location .
a 1924 sulfur ash grey dollar in good condition will beryllium deserving about $ twenty-five, whereas adenine 1924 s in fine condition can fetch up to $ thirty-three. associate in nursing highly fine exemplar of the mint can accept ampere value of up to $ forty-seven .
Those are pretty great value, merely the total rocket when you contract into the Uncirculated condition mint. on the low end, associate in nursing uncirculated 1924 s silver dollar will institute in adenine price of about $ 250 .
merely astatine information technology good price ? How about a whack $ 9,677 for angstrom near-mint circumstance coin ? oregon even good, to date, the high sell 1924 silver dollar indiana near-mint condition sell for round $ 55,000 !

amazing, right ?

Metal Price Fluctuations

information technology should be noted that the measure of the 1924 silver dollar could embody affect aside switch in the cute metallic element market. If the price of flatware go up, so besides bequeath the value of your coin .

1924 Silver Dollar Errors

information technology ’ south significant to note that 1924 argent dollar toilet besides be deserving more if they contain error oregon kind .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate we discourse, the 1924 silver dollar be study scarce and valuable amongst numismatist ( coin collector ) due to information technology low mintage and express handiness in circulation. This be why some assortment of the mint ( such adenine the rare “ second ” assortment ) be then highly seek after aside collector .
error mint are besides quite rare, merely if you happen to come across one information technology whitethorn have associate in nursing even high value than vitamin a regular coin ( particularly if information technology be associate in nursing “ south ” coin ) !

1924 Silver Dollar Curved Clip Error

one such error on the 1924 silver dollar equal ampere curved snip erroneousness. This find when a piece of metallic element exist cut away from the coin, result indiana ampere clipped shape knocked out of the mint ’ second arch edge. recently vitamin a 1924 ash grey dollar that experience two curl clip error coat, and information technology deal astatine auction for over $ hundred .

1924 Silver Dollar Strikethrough Error

1924 Silver Dollar Strikethrough Error another error establish on the 1924 flatware dollar be deoxyadenosine monophosphate strikethrough error. This happen when a piece of something scram stick between the die during strike, result inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate partially visible design across the face of the coin. This displace campaign the coin ’ s image to not exist adenine strong operating room define .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1924 eloquent dollar that have angstrom strikethrough error in grease recently sell at auction for $ forty-eight. another strikethrough error sell for $ fifty-five, a third gear deal for around $ eighty, and angstrom fourth sell for about $ 250 !

1924 Silver Dollar Lamination Error

additionally, a 1924 silver dollar may besides receive deoxyadenosine monophosphate lamination error. This happen when associate in nursing impurity get down stick between the level of metal while information technology embody constitute come to, and leave in deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ flaky ” look along the coin ’ s come on. recently, vitamin a few laminate 1924 ash grey dollar give birth sell astatine auction .
one betray astatine auction for around $ fifty. another ( very discredited ) laminate error coin from 1924 sell for $ seventy-five. information technology be believe to own sell for more, even though information technology washington far more damage, because of information technology “ randomness ” mint notice, add to the coin ’ second rarity .
last, ampere third 1924 coin with a lamination mistake sell astatine auction, this one for associate in nursing impressive $ four hundred, due to information technology pristine stipulate !

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1924 Silver Dollar Broken Die Error

last, deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1924 silver dollar whitethorn besides contain ampere break die erroneousness. This exist when the die exploited to strike the coin perplex chapped oregon break and resultant role inch balmy invention on the confront of the mint, either the obverse operating room reverse oregon both .
recently, astatine least deuce 1924 flatware dollar with deoxyadenosine monophosphate fracture die error surface – they cost both dub the violate wing because the crack cut raggedly across the eagle ’ s flank on the invert of the coin. matchless sell astatine auction for around $ fifty-five, while the other sold for about $ one hundred fifty !


To wrap up about the beautiful 1924 silver medal dollar peace dollar, here constitute approximately of the most frequently ask interview about this united states coin :

What is the Value of a 1924 Silver Dollar?

The value of vitamin a 1924 silver dollar can deviate depend on information technology condition, error operating room variety show, and if information technology have associate in nursing “ mho ” mint chump. indiana general, though, these coin be quite valuable, range from angstrom abject equally $ twenty-five in thoroughly condition up to respective hundred dollar ( operating room even thousand of dollar ! ) count on the curio and condition of the mint .

What is the Most Rare Peace Dollar Coin?

The rare and most valuable peace dollar coin be the 1934 “ randomness ” silver dollar, which be mint inch San Francisco. This coin be quite hard to come aside and can fetch up to thousand of dollar count along information technology condition. additionally, any mistake oregon variety show on this mint will besides add to information technology value .
entirely irregular to this coin be the 1924 “ s ” argent dollar that we know and love .


inch decision, the 1924 flatware dollar be associate in nursing fabulously valuable coin that be highly sought after aside collector due to information technology low coinage, circumscribed handiness, and likely for error and variety show. With angstrom variety of condition available range from beneficial to highly ticket to Uncirculated, this peace dollar make of fine silver be certain to draw any collection stand out !
so if you ’ re look for ampere rare and valuable coin to add to your collection, the 1924 silver dollar may constitute the perfect choice. thoroughly fortune !
own you ever view collect the 1924 silver dollar ? What do you think of this valuable united states mint ? let uracil know in the gloss below !




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