1932 Coin History, Worth, and Rarity – An Exhaustive Handbook

1932 Coin: An Exhaustive Handbook

In this write-up, we will delve deeply into the past, worth, and scarcity of the 1932 coin. As a currency connoisseur, you may be curious about what distinguishes this singular coin. Well, you’re at the appropriate spot. Our team of specialists has conducted thorough research to provide you with all the information about the 1932 coin.

History and Blueprint

The 1932 coin was drafted by the sculptor John Flanagan, who received the US Mint’s commission to develop a new coin blueprint. The front of the coin bears the image of President Abraham Lincoln’s bust, while the back has a depiction of a wheat shoot. This design remained valid until 1958.

Scarcity and Worth

The 1932 coin is deemed one of the most infrequent coins globally, with only 17 pieces known to exist. Out of these 17 coins, only one is unblemished, making it the most expensive coin in the universe. This sole 1932 coin was auctioned in 2010 for a stunning $1.7 million.

Although it’s improbable that you’ll come across the 1932 coin, it’s still essential to know its value and scarcity. Even a severely deteriorated or damaged coin can be worth thousands of dollars to the right collector.

Determinants that Affect Value

Several elements can influence the value of a 1932 coin, including its condition, rarity, and historical relevance. The coin’s rating is also vital, with un-circulated and Mint State pieces being the most expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my 1932 coin is valuable?

– You should consult with an expert coin appraiser or contact a reputable coin trader to have your coin evaluated.

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2. Are there any bogus 1932 coins?

– Yes, there have been instances of artificial 1932 coins in circulation. It’s crucial to get your coin verified by an expert before attempting to sell or add it to your collection.

3. How can I safeguard my 1932 coin?

– It’s advisable to store your 1932 coin in a coin sleeve or block to protect it from damage or erosion.

4. Can I vend my 1932 coin online?

– Yes, you can trade your 1932 coin online through reputable coin traders or auction sites.

5. Why is the 1932 coin so scarce?

– The Great Depression had an immense impact on the production of the 1932 coin, resulting in the production of only 72,700 coins. The bulk of these coins were later melted down, making the surviving pieces even rarer.


The 1932 coin is a fascinating and valuable relic of history. Its rarity and historical relevance make it a treasure coveted by currency collectors and enthusiasts. Although it’s implausible to come across a 1932 coin, understanding its value and rarity can assist you in acknowledging its role in currency history.

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