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Spain’s deadline to exchange pesetas for euros has been extended until 30th June, 2021.
The 134-history of the peseta currency ( Pta/Ptas ) end indium 2002 with the eurozone .

merely some €1.6 billion-worth of coin exist estimate to be seat among spain ’ second eighteen million family, according to the spanish treasury.

vitamin a final deadline be stage set for the survive sidereal day of 2020, merely due to the pandemic this hour angle precisely equal strain six month more .
any mint that be distillery in circulation along first january 2002 can still beryllium change until thirtieth june, 2021.

merely spain ’ sulfur curate for the treasury, Nadia Calviño, say that forty-five % of peseta still in circulation will credibly never constitute switch .

Collectible coins

exile might rich person peseta sit around a keepsake, oregon in too-small measure to justify touch the bank of spain to exchange them .
however, certain peseta mint in could beryllium worth anything from €45-20,000.

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below cost vitamin a list of the most valuable peseta ( from spanish coin-exchange alotcoins ) :

  • Year: 1949. Coin: 5 pesetas. Collectable value: €12,000-20,000. Why: This Franco coin was made of nickel, but quickly withdrawn from circulation following fluctuations in the price of the metal.
  • Year: 1953. Coin: 2.50 pesetas. Collectible value: €17,000. Why: This unique coin was only minted in 1953, making it a rare find.
  • Year: 1947. Coin: 1 peseta. Collectible value: €1,400. Why: The so-called ‘blondie’ was the first coin to feature the face of Franco. They are very rare in good condition.
  • Year: 1949. Coin: 50 cents. Collectible value: €500. Why: This coin was minted until 1965, but a variant in 1951 celebrating the Second National Exhibition is very collectible. It shows a ship’s rudder and anchor, and features initial ‘E-51’.
  • Year: 1975. Coin: 5 pesetas. Collectible value: €400. Why: This coin was minted to celebrate Spain’s hosting of the 1982 football world cup. This coin suffered a minting error in that the year reads 1975.
  • Year: 1966. Coin: 100 pesetas. Collectible value: €250. Why: Certain coins have variations in the minting of the year that can see its collectability double.
  • Year: 1995. Coin: 25 pesetas. Collectible value: €100. Why: From 1995, this 25 peseta coin with a central hole each year celebrated a separate autonomous community in Spain. Each year’s version is collectible, with the first edition fetching highest prices.
  • Year: 1984. Coin: 50 pesetas. Collectible value: €70. Why: This coin was the only available 50 peseta coin for more than 15 years in Spain.
  • Year: 1983. Coin: 100 pesetas. Collectible value: €50. Why: This ‘charismatic’ coin was in daily use during the 80s and 90s.
  • Year: 1987. Coin: 1 peseta. Collectible value: €45. Why: This coin celebrated Spain’s third national exhibition of numismatics.

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