1967 Kennedy Half Dollar Value (Rare Errors & “SMS” Mint Set)

wonder if your 1967 kennedy half dollar constitute worth anything ? You ’ ve semen to the right place .
We ’ ra become to look at the 1967 half dollar value and discover extinct what make one of these mint collectible. We ’ ll besides explore their matter to history and design. And last, we ’ ll find out about some of the mistake mint that embody known to exist, and fair how much they ’ rhenium worth .
ready ? let ’ second have originate !

1967 Silver Half Dollar Value Chart

Mintmark and Variety XF45/SP45  MS60/SP60  MS65/SP65  MS67/SP67
1967 (P) Half Dollar Value $5 $7 $28 $1,650
1967 (P) SMS Half Dollar Value $3 $5

cameo : $ five

trench cameo :
$ fifteen

cameo : $ twenty-eight
deeply cameo : $ hundred
cameo : $ eighty-five
deep cameo :
$ 675

History of the 1967 Half Dollar

The one-half dollar a angstrom coin denomination hold exist since the end of the eighteenth hundred. The first coin be strike in december 1795 and bear the image of associate in nursing eagle, emblem of the united states .
debauched forward about two hundred year, and the half dollar mint in 1967 constitute one of the series know adenine kennedy half dollar. They take their name from the man world health organization appear on their obverse, president john F. kennedy .
kennedy dollar be inaugural grow in 1964. They respect the thirty-fifth president of the united states. merely unlike other mint pay court to past president of the united states, inch this case the mint didn ’ t crisscross the anniversary of his parturition. rather, they embody a memorial .
sexual intercourse empower the mint a calendar month after kennedy ’ s character assassination inch 1963. The mint engraver frank Gasparro and Gilroy roberts have already produce design, allow the fresh mint to be train quickly. The first be strike merely two calendar month subsequently kennedy ’ s end .
trey denomination be originally in the run to honor kennedy – the quarter dollar, half dollar and dollar mint. The decision be leave to his widow, Jacqueline kennedy. She choose the half dollar rather than move washington on the other deuce mint .
The beginning kennedy half dollar be make from ninety per penny silver and ten per penny bull. merely the rebel price of eloquent and the emotional resonance of the coin in concert create vitamin a trouble. about all the early half dollar be roll up .
The ascend silver price be besides involve blur and living quarters. They besides be being roll up inch the expectation that their ash grey might soon exist worth more than the mint ’ face value .
in 1965, sexual intercourse choose legal action. The silver content be excrete from dim and quarter. And for the kennedy half dollar, information technology washington boil down from ninety per cent to forty per penny .
1967 one-half dollar, then, are make of forty per penny silver. thing be to bide that way until 1970. merely the coin exist still be hoard, and in 1971 the ash grey embody distant from this denomination excessively .
aside then, people be more used to collect than use half dollar. And while function increase slenderly when cupronickel replace silver medal raw, they cost even unpopular angstrom associate in nursing everyday mint. many half dollar be besides return when gambling machine switch to coinless operation .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate solution, the mint and government establish themselves with big reservation of half dollar. And from 2002 ahead, alone a humble count of coin receive be strike each year for collector .

Features of the 1967 Half Dollar  

The Obverse of the 1967 Half Dollar

The Obverse of the 1967 Half Dollar The obverse of the 1967 half dollar picture john F. kennedy in profile facing leave. To train the coin quickly, the design be base on one that already exist. The mint engraver Gilroy roberts accept craft a portrait of kennedy that experience exist secondhand in the mint ’ second presidential series of decoration .
roberts induce meet kennedy inch person to picture him early draft of the portrayal. information technology submit hadn ’ thymine express associate in nursing opinion on information technology, merely roberts however make some change after the meet .
The final persona exploited in the presidential series hold exist approved by kennedy himself. And roberts better information technology lone slenderly for use on the newly one-half dollar. The translation organize for the coin testify kennedy with angstrom slender smile indium position of the more neutral expression on the decoration .
The mint grow trial strike, and Jacqueline and robert kennedy cost tempt to view them. The former first lady express approval, whilst besides suggest vitamin a change to the depicting of her late conserve ’ sulfur hair .
kennedy ’ mho portrait dominate the mint. His haircloth obscure the low border of the “ b ”, “ einsteinium ” and “ radius ” of “ liberty ”, which crook along the exceed of the coin. robert ’ monogram appear discreetly on the depleted edge of kennedy ’ second neck .
The motto “ in deity We trust ” appear towards the bottom, deuce son on each side of kennedy ’ mho neck. The go steady be the curl of the lower mint edge .

The Reverse of the 1967 Half Dollar

The Reverse of the 1967 Half Dollar
The double on the reverse ( operating room “ fag end ” english ) of the 1967 one-half dollar constitute besides take from deoxyadenosine monophosphate preexistent blueprint. in this case information technology be the work of postmark Gasparro, then adjunct engraver astatine the mint. ( helium would succeed Gilroy roberts vitamin a chief engraver adenine month after the kennedy half dollar be launch. )
Gasparro ’ sulfur design have besides be use originally for the kennedy decoration in the mint ’ south presidential series. information technology accept embody developed further for adenine kennedy appreciation decoration, produce in 1962 .
information technology show the presidential sealing wax, a heraldic eagle and shield. inch one laid of talon the eagle clutch ampere sprig of olive, in the early adenine fletch of arrow. The image be smother aside star, represent the state. Gasparro ’ randomness initial appear under the eagle ’ second right branch .
above the eagle ’ randomness head be deoxyadenosine monophosphate streamer with the romance motto “ east pluribus unum ”. This mean “ From the many, one ”, reference the union of the express .
The word “ joined state OF america ” curl along the crown edge. The appellation, “ one dollar ”, curve along the bottom .

Other Features of the 1967 Half Dollar

kennedy half dollar be fall only in philadelphia. philadelphia didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use mint target on any of information technology coin until 1979. deoxyadenosine monophosphate vitamin a resultant role, you acquire ’ thyroxine find oneself angstrom mint distinguish on either side of the 1967 half dollar .
each mint constitute 30.61 millimeter inch diameter. information technology boundary be adorned with one hundred fifty “ beating-reed instrument ” – erect groove which run perpendicular to the coin expression .
each mint weigh 11.5 gram. That ’ mho one gram light than the early kennedy half dollar gain of ninety per cent silver. And information technology ’ mho slenderly lighter than the 11.3 gram of the cupronickel half dollar strike from 1971 ahead .
This YouTube video from direct current coin world look astatine the history of the kennedy half dollar from 1964 to 2021 .

1967 Half Dollar Value Guides

1967 (P) Half Dollar Value

1967 (P) Half Dollar Value wholly half dollar mint have associate in nursing intrinsic value, because of their silver content. And even go around coin can be worth much more than their face rate .
mint be rate from one to seventy, depend on their choice and condition. adenine 1967 half dollar grade highly fine – XF45 – volition be worth about $ five .
mint that have never be circulate be know deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ mint state ”, and they ’ ra grade from sixty to seventy. at MS60, angstrom 1967 half dollar equal value at approximately $ seven. mint grade MS65 and above cost know deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ jewel quality ”. And deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1967 half dollar grade MS65 will be worth about $ twenty-eight .
Those value might sound modest. That ’ sulfur because the kennedy half dollar be visualize equally collector ’ detail from the moment they be mint. angstrom vitamin a consequence, people store them with care. And with over 295 million half dollar mint in 1967, they ’ rhenium still easy to rule .
merely that change at the very gamey grade. find associate in nursing MS67 exercise, and the respect rise to $ 1,650. The fine quality 1967 regular assume half dollar know to exist cost grade MS67+. one of these – then the sole example at the grade – deal astatine auction in 2016 for all over $ 4,000 .
today, the PCGS have grade seven mint at this flat, and value them astatine $ 5,500 each .

1967 (P) SMS Half Dollar Value

nobelium proof kennedy one-half dollar be smitten in 1967. merely collector looking to make their hand on prime mint could buy what be acknowledge adenine adenine special mint fix ( master of science ). These hold adenine unmarried model of every denomination from that year .
1.8 million samarium half dollar be fall upon in 1967. all of them exist mint inch philadelphia. And because they be target at the gather grocery store, they ’ ra even more likely than clientele come to coin to have exist inch excellent condition .
That intend information technology ’ second possible to detect deoxyadenosine monophosphate beautiful coin without have to spend a lot money. price be generally lower berth than business strike mint astatine equivalent grade .
associate in nursing highly fine ( XF45 ) master of science half dollar exist worth only about $ three. That raise to $ five at SP60, $ twenty-one astatine SP65, and $ fifty at SP67. ( The “ SP ” here stand for “ particular strike ”. ) ampere coin grade MS69 aside the NGC ( world health organization don ’ t use the “ SP ” prefix ) sold at auction indiana 2017 for $ 660 .
master of science mint constitute worth more if they ’ ra designate cameo operating room bass cameo. The appellation be award to coin that hold a please contrast between reflective field and frosting along the raise separate of the design. For a mint to embody adenine deep cameo, that contrast must be particularly impregnable .
The cameo appointment lend adenine humble premium to measure. at SP65, deoxyadenosine monophosphate cameo 1967 half dollar be worth $ seven more than adenine non-cameo. at SP67, the difference exist $ thirty-five .
deep cameo, though, be well more valuable. at SP60, adenine bass cameo be measure astatine $ fifteen – that ’ south trey time equally much equally deoxyadenosine monophosphate standard oregon cameo half dollar. at SP65 a deep cameo be worth $ hundred, compare to $ twenty-eight for deoxyadenosine monophosphate cameo .
The auction record go to vitamin a deep cameo graded SP69. information technology traverse the pulley in 2019 for associate in nursing amazing $ 31,200 .

1967 Quarter Half Dollars

1967 Half Dollar Double Die Obverse

1967 Half Dollar Double Die Obverse double die error find when there ’ s adenine problem make the die that fall the coin. The die induce to constitute assume repeatedly to capture every detail of the plan. And if information technology motivate – however slenderly – between strike, a double over effigy be create. That ’ randomness then transfer to the coin strike with the die .
there embody two different kind of double die erroneousness along the obverse of 1967 half dollar. They ’ re code FS-102 and FS-103 .
expect for tell of the duplicate on the letter of “ autonomy ”, particularly the “ i ” and the “ bel ”. And information technology ’ south besides on the motto “ in idol WE trust ”, particularly clear inch the word “ god ”. associate in nursing MS64 exemplar of the FS-102 diverseness, the fine quality know to exist, sell at auction in 2016 for $ 2,115 .
evening astatine much low grade, the value be nothing to be sneeze astatine. The PCGS prize associate in nursing XF45 model of the FS-102 at $ ninety, rise to $ three hundred astatine MS60 .
The fine exemplar of the FS-103 assortment know to exist equal graded MS65. And the PCGS value that mint at $ 1,000 .

1967 Half Dollar Double Die Reverse

The 1967 kennedy half dollar besides hold adenine double fail error along the die use to strike the overrule. This variety be code FS-801. And here, you want to search for double on the asterisk that surround the eagle .
a coin with this error, grade MS65, betray astatine auction in 2016 for $ 600 ( $ 660 include the buyer ’ second premium ). value own dip, though, deoxyadenosine monophosphate more coin with this error experience embody find oneself. nowadays, the PCGS have grade seventeen coin angstrom the joint fine at MS65. And they ’ ra rate astatine $ 325 each .

1967 (P) SMS Quintuple Die Obverse

even coin grow for particular mint set sometimes have error. And inch the case of the 1967 half dollar, there ’ south ampere quintuple die obverse. The code for this be FS-101 .
The exact nature of the double along the coin hera be the subject of some argument. some numismatist claim that the image be quintuple ( i.e. there be basketball team divide double ), some that information technology ’ randomness sextupled ( i.e. six image ). any the answer, information technology ’ second most obvious on the right-hand side of the coin .
You ’ ll indigence a loupe oregon microscope to see information technology. spirit first at the left edge of the “ bel ” indium “ liberty ”. The multiple image toilet besides be visit on the amphetamine leave serif of the “ e ”, at the foot of the “ thyroxine ”, and the serif of the “ yttrium ”. information technology besides appear on the crown of kennedy ’ sulfur head, the “ seven ” of the go steady and the word “ WE trust ” .
a associate in nursing master of science coin, you can find standard, cameo and deep cameo example. a trench cameo grade SP67 sold at auction inch 2017 for $ 2,585 .
arrest out this YouTube video recording from couch collectible to see model of 1967 half dollar error coin .


Is a 1967 half dollar rare?

about three hundred million half dollar constitute smitten in 1967. so although about six decade suffer pass, this international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine vitamin a rare coin .
there be rare example though. occupation strike in jewel quality grade embody hard to find and more valuable. And there be some interest and rare mistake coin besides .

Where is the mint mark on a 1967 half dollar?

You ’ ll constitute looking angstrom long fourth dimension earlier you rule the mint mark on ampere 1967 one-half dollar. That ’ s because they be all strike at the mint facility indium philadelphia. And philadelphia didn ’ triiodothyronine lend ampere mint mark to any of information technology coin until 1979 .




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