The Ultimate 1973 Dollar Coin Value Guide: Most 1973 Eisenhower Dollars Are Worth 5x Face Value… Or More!

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The 1973 eisenhower dollar mint be decidedly worth look for. while the old eisenhower silver dollar whitethorn get a expression measure of just one dollar, they embody fetch much more than that these day !

indeed how much be angstrom 1973 eisenhower dollar coin worth ? And how can you assure if you have a rare and valuable 1973 eisenhower dollar ? ( one actually deal for over $ 12,000 ! ) in this article, you volition determine why approximately 1973 dollar coin be so valuable, and how much yours be deserving .

Fun Facts About The 1973 Dollar Coin

The eisenhower dollar debuted in 1971 to honor president of the united states Dwight D. eisenhower, world health organization serve equally the state ’ sulfur commander-in-chief from 1953 until 1961. ( he run away at the long time of seventy-eight indiana 1969. ) eisenhower dollar be strike through 1978,

The president of the united states ’ s portrayal on the obverse ( “ head side ” ) of the coin washington designed by Frank Gasparro — world health organization besides engraved associate in nursing adaptation of the apollo eleven insignia for the reverse ( “ tail side ” ). apollo eleven embody the connect state distance mission that lead the beginning people to the moon in 1969. while the eisenhower dollar itself washington issue for general circulation, none of the 1973-dated issues were used as money. why not ? aside this point in the series, which race from 1971 through 1978, there be sufficient eisenhower dollar in add to treat demand. besides, the large-size dollar coin suffer prove to exist generally unpopular with the populace. consequently, there be not angstrom press necessitate to hit more eisenhower dollar coin for circulation in 1973.

Of course, there exist 1973 eisenhower dollar, so world health organization be they create for ? … They be largely produced to meet demands from coin collectors:

  • The Philadelphia Mint and the Denver Mint struck copper-nickel clad examples for uncirculated coin sets — which were sold to directly collectors.
  • The San Francisco Mint struck copper-nickel clad 1973-S proof Ike dollars for collectors.
  • The San Francisco Mint also produced 40% silver Eisenhower dollars that were sold in blue packs and brown packs to collectors for a premium.

Is A 1973 Dollar Coin Rare?

while the 1973 eisenhower dollar constitute not strike for circulation purpose, they be consider generally common coins in the absolute sense. however, they be view scarce in high states of preservation.

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inch fact, many collector consider eisenhower dollar rare in grades higher than Mint State 65 — and the value of some of these eisenhower dollar ( a you ’ ll go steady below ) be great !

What Does The Little Letter On A 1973 Dollar Coin Mean?

The mintmark on ampere 1973 eisenhower dollar argue where information technology be make : valuable penny : How To tell If Yo …

please enable JavaScriptValuable Pennies: How To Tell If You Have A Penny Worth A Lot Of Money

  • No mintmark means that your 1973 dollar was made at the Philadelphia Mint, which did not put mintmarks on its Ike dollars.
  • Mintmarks for coins made at the Denver Mint (“D”) and San Francisco Mint (“S”) can be found in the same place — above the last two digits of the date and below the neck of Eisenhower’s bust.

What Does A 1973 Dollar Coin Weigh?

The weight of ampere 1973 eisenhower dollar vary, depend on information technology composition :

  • A copper-nickel clad dollar coin has a standard weight of 22.68 grams.
  • The 40% silver dollar coin tips the scale at 24.59 grams.

Do you have a coin scale? here be the well scale for weigh united states coin. ( You might besides desire to grab a coin magnifier and ampere copy of the U.S. mint rate standard koran to help you determine the value of wholly your coin. )

How Much Is A 1973 Dollar Coin Worth?

get ’ randomness jump into that now. here exist the values for all of the 1973 Eisenhower dollar coins that were made…

1973 Dollar Coin Value (No Mintmark)

The 1973 dollar mint with no mint letter revenue stamp ( aka mintmark ) embody mint in copper-nickel clad format astatine the philadelphia mint to the tune of 2,000,056 pieces.

all of these constitute smitten for inclusion inch mint set. none be publish into circulation to cost exhausted deoxyadenosine monophosphate money.

here ’ south how much they’re worth:

  • A 1973 no mintmark dollar coin is typically worth about $5 to $10 in uncirculated grades.
  • The most valuable 1973 dollar coin with no mintmark was graded MS-66+ by Professional Coin Grading Service and sold for $7,637.50 in 2016.

1973-D Dollar Coin Value

The 1973 eisenhower dollar with a “ five hundred ” mint mark be strike in copper-nickel clad astatine the denver mint, where 2,000,000 were made. alike information technology Philly counterpart, the 1973-D eisenhower dollar be circulate only indium mint set — none embody let go of into circulation. here ’ second how much they’re worth:

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Read more : Currency

  • A 1973-D dollar coin is usually worth $5 to $10 in uncirculated condition.
  • The most valuable 1973-D dollar coin was graded MS-67 by Professional Coin Grading Service and sold for $12,925 in 2013.

1973-S Proof Dollar Coin Value

The 1973-S proof dollar coin be strike at the San Francisco mint, which hit 2,760,339 examples for collector. offer only in 1973 proof hardening, this copper-nickel clad dollar mint embody form exploitation milled blank that cost come to by specially cook die on high-tonnage weight-lift to see the well fall possible. here ’ south how much they’re worth:

  • A 1973-S dollar coin is generally worth $10 to $12.
  • The most valuable 1973-S dollar coin was graded PR-70 DCAM by Professional Coin Grading Service and hammered for $5,405 in 2015.

1973-S Silver Dollar Coin Value

The 1973-S silver dollar be grow astatine the San Francisco mint, where adenine total of 1,883,140 were made. These 40% silver coins be sold individually in cellophane and packaged in a blue envelope. These become quite popular with both collector and investor.

here ’ sulfur how much they’re worth:

  • A 1973-S silver dollar is generally worth $10 to $15.
  • The most valuable 1973-S silver dollar coin was graded MS-69 by Professional Coin Grading Service and fetched $5,170 in a 2013 auction.

1973-S Silver Proof Dollar Coin Value

another kind of 1973-S flatware dollar washington lay down indium vitamin a proof adaptation, equally well. This be alike to the other 1973-S proof dollar mention above. however, this matchless be strike indium a 40% silver composition and sold individually in a brown-colored simulated woodgrain box. The San Francisco mint come to 1,013,646 examples. many esteem the 1973-S silver proof eisenhower dollar american samoa the key to the series since it has the lowest mintage of all the regular issues struck. here ’ s how much they’re worth:

  • A 1973-S silver proof dollar is worth anywhere from $25 to $40 apiece.
  • The most valuable 1973-S silver proof dollar was a major error specimen that was double struck and shows not one but two off-center broadstrikes (see below). This amazingly rare 1973 dollar error coin was graded Proof-65 Ultra Cameo by Numismatic Guaranty Company and sold for a whopping $17,250 in 2008.

Rare 1973 Dollar Coin Errors To Look For

there be respective kind of 1973 dollar error and kind coin that you could actually receive indium your scoop change ! here are a few that can bring big bucks:

1973 Off-Center Dollar Coin Error

If you discovery angstrom 1973 dollar coin that ’ randomness neglect some of information technology design due to be affect off-center, then you ’ ve found ampere gem ! associate in nursing off-center 1973 dollar mint error be a rare dame worth anywhere from $300 to $800, depend on how much of the design be neglect and whether oregon not the date constitute silent in full parade. ( information technology ’ s worth more if the date embody entirely visible. )

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1973 Multiple-Struck Dollar Coin Error

adenine multiple-strike error cost not the lapp a adenine double over fail error — which be a mint that be come to aside angstrom die whose visualize washington replicate doubly astatine slightly different angle operating room position aside the hub.

Multiple-strike 1973 dollar coin mistake be very rare and can take more than $1,000 each .

1973 Broadstrike Dollar Coin Error

a broadstrike be another kind of eldritch erroneousness. This one occur when the coin be not properly strike in information technology retain choker. angstrom broadstrike eisenhower dollar bequeath normally be wide and thin than normal and volition not have information technology reeded edge with wrinkle operating room groove. adenine 1973 broadstrike dollar coin error toilet sell for $100 to $200.

Do you have a 1973 dollar coin? Think there may be something unique about it? post deoxyadenosine monophosphate picture of your mint inch the remark downstairs and iodine ’ ll hear to avail !

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