Coin Collection Market – The Most Expensive 2 Euro Coins and Their Low-Cost Version

Some weeks ago we were telling you here how the low numbers on the mint of the new 2 euro coins from Spain that commemorate the fiftieth birthday of the King Felipe and the one of the inclusion of Santiago de Compostela in the UNESCO World Heritage list made them to achieve high prices and might make them hard to obtain in the future .
list of the 2 euro most expensive coins and their low cost version
This week we bring you a fresh curio, a list of some of the most expensive coins along with their similar low-cost interpretation. With low-cost adaptation we mean those that can be purchased at a much lower price fair because they are from a different year or a different batch, keeping the lapp invention as the expensive translation .
WARNING! It is very significant to take into account the details here, these coins are not the exact like coin, that ’ s why they don ’ t have the lapp value, small details will define the value of the coin. If you got questions about coins evaluation you can ask our community hera, in our forum for coin collectors.

2 Euro Coin from Finland 2006

The beginning coin we are going to talk about is the 2 Euro coin from Finland minted in 2006. This coin was minted with a fond error in the map that included the new function that will be used after 2007. 55.000 where minted and the value of the erroneous mint it ’ randomness about 90 euros. here you have its details :

  • nation : finland
  • year : 2006
  • facial Value : 2 euros
  • mintage : 55.000
  • Reason for a high price : fond ERROR in the mint map .
  • Price: ~91 Euros

low-cost interpretation :

  • remainder : No erroneousness version.
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fortunately for all of us the regular mint can be obtained at a much more low price here :
2 Euro
2 Euro
Available: 96
From: 2.50 €
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962.50 €

2 Euro Coin from Greece 2006

The 2 Euro coin from Greece, depending on the year has very different prices. specifically the coin from 2007 is very expensive, since it can reach up to around 80 euros. Just to mention other examples of this like coin, the cost of the one from 2004 is around 74 euros and the one from 2011 is around 50 euros. All this is due to the fact that the number of the coins minted during those years was much lower than the others. here you have the details of the most expensive one :

  • area : Grece
  • year : 2007
  • facial Value : 2 euros
  • coinage : 25.000
  • Reason for a high price : low mintage in some years ( 2007 in this case )
  • Price: ~77 Euros

low-cost interpretation :

  • dispute : mintage year .

again there is a much cheaper version with the lapp plan, we only need to change the mintage year to 2002. hera you have a few for those of you that are interest :
2 Euro ( Europa abducted by Zeus )
2 Euro (Europa abducted by Zeus)
Available: 143
From: 2.75 €
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1432.75 €

2 Euro Coin from Slovenia 2011

The 2 Euro criterion circulation coin from Slovenia, has a similar situation than the one from Greece, now with the one from 2011, that might reach around 55 euros. This is due to the fact that this coins, in 2011, where merely made in moo quantities and alone distributed in the kind of sets, therefore the price is much higher. hera is the information of this coin :

  • country : slovenia
  • year : 2011
  • facial Value : 2 euros
  • mintage : not Available
  • Reason for a high price : low mintage in 2011 and some early years .
  • Price: ~55 Euros
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low-cost version :

  • difference : mintage class .

And here you have its low price adaptation with the same plan, only changing the minting year to 2007. Take advantage and buy it now before the sellers run out of them !
2 Euro
2 Euro
Available: 49
From: 2.50 €
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492.50 €

2 Euro Coin from San Marino 2003

The coins from San Marino are celebrated because they are not precisely cheap, but their price might vary a lot depending on the year, since, as in the former coin, some years this coin was only minted in low quantities and in sets. specially the coin of 2003 is being sold around 90 Euros, while the ones from 2004 and 2006 are sold around 89 and 49 euros respectively .

  • state : San Marino
  • class : 2003
  • facial Value : 2 euros
  • mintage : 70.000
  • Reason for a high price : low coinage in 2003 and some other years ( alone through sets ) .
  • Price: ~90 Euros

low-cost adaptation :

  • dispute : mintage year .

In this shell it is not a very bum coin compare to its confront respect, however if you compare it to the former one rather you can get a San Marino coin for not a bad price. The entirely remainder with the previous one is the year, since the purpose is the lapp. here you have it :
2 Euro ( Government Building )
2 Euro (Government Building)
Available: 6
From: 4.30 €
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4.30 €

2 Euro Coin from The vatican 2006

Coins from the Vatican City have a exchangeable trouble than the former ones, the price is never very cheap, but in a exchangeable way we can save some euros if we select properly the year. Specially the version from 2006 is a coin that costs more than a 100 euro, and in the like way, the ones from the following years : 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, have a price of 100, 61, 70 and 54 euros respectively. This is the information of the most expensive one among them :

  • nation : vatican City
  • year : 2006
  • facial Value : 2 euros
  • coinage : 85.000 and 16.000 in proof
  • Reason for a high price : low mintage in 2006 and some other years ( alone through sets ) .
  • Price: ~90 Euros
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low-cost version :

  • dispute : coinage year .

however the mint from year 2013, even though it has the lapp design it can be purchased at a a lot lower price :
2 Euro
2 Euro
Sell this coin

2 Euro Coin from France 2008

normally the two euro coin from France is not a very costly coin, however this standard circle coin was only minted in the year 2008 in the form of mint sets, consequently leading to be highly valued, being sold around 36 euros. here you have its details :

  • country : France
  • year : 2008
  • facial Value : 2 euros
  • coinage : 60.000
  • Reason for a high price : low coinage in 2008 ( only through sets ) .
  • Price: ~36 Euros

low-cost interpretation :

  • difference : mintage class .

again, if we consider, for example, the interpretation from 2001 we can obtain it at a much lower price :

2 Euro ( First Map Design )
2 Euro (First Map Design)
Available: 246
From: 2.10 €
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2462.10 €

Do you know any other coin in the same situation ? Did you always get any bargain like this ? Leave your comment and help us discover it !

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