2002 Coin Rare Coins Worth Thousands – A Guide to Finding and Valuing Them

2002 Coin: The Uncommon Coins Valued in Thousands of Bucks

Coin aficionados, are you familiar with the fact that possessing a 2002 coin could make you wealthy? The modest coin that always appears to go unnoticed in your purse change, has a unique version that is in demand by coin fans globally. The 2002 coin possesses a concealed treasure because of a mistake made during its creation. This piece will give you an outline of the 2002 coin, its history, value, and where to obtain one. Let’s explore!

1. What is a 2002 Coin?

The 2002 coin is a penny that was produced by the United States Mint in the year 2002. It belongs to the Lincoln Cent collection, which started in 1909 in reverence of Abraham Lincoln. The coin features Lincoln’s portrait on one side and a picture of the Lincoln Memorial on the other. Typically, the 2002 coin is created out of copper-coated zinc, but some were manufactured on bronze planchets, which is what makes them so sought-after.

2. The Antecedent of the 2002 Coin

In 1982, the penny’s composition was altered from bronze to copper-coated zinc due to the surge in copper costs. The Mint created 70 Lincoln Cents on bronze planchets in 1982 at the Philadelphia Mint. However, in 2002, a small amount of bronze planchets from 1982 were blended with the zinc-coated planchets due to a mechanical malfunction, and used to create around 40 2002 Lincoln Cents. The odds of discovering a 2002 coin produced from bronze amplifies the coin’s rarity and value.

3. How Much is a 2002 Coin Valued?

The price of a 2002 coin relies on its condition and production error. Typically, the mean price of a 2002 coin varies from 5 cents to a dollar, but if you are fortunate enough to discover one made of bronze, its value could amplify to thousands of dollars. In 2019, a 2002 coin produced from bronze was retailed at an auction for $204,000.

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4. Where to Obtain a 2002 Coin

If you are a committed coin enthusiast or solely looking for a rare 2002 coin, it is crucial to know where to search. You can begin by scrutinizing your purse change and jotting down any that appear different from the customary zinc coin. Additionally, you can visit your nearby bank, exchange money for penny rolls, and examine them meticulously. Coin vendors, online auction sites, and coin collector conventions are also excellent places to procure 2002 coins.


1. How Can I Ascertain if My 2002 Coin is Made of Bronze?

You need to measure the coin. Bronze coins weigh 3.11 grams, whereas zinc-coated pennies weigh 2.5 grams.

2. Are All 2002 Coins Valued?

No, only those created out of bronze are considered valuable.

3. How Many 2002 Bronze Coins Were Created?

The precise number of 2002 bronze coins produced is unknown. However, it is estimated to be around 40 coins.

4. Can I Vend My 2002 Coin?

Yes, you can trade it through coin vendors, online auction sites, or through a coin collector convention.

5. What are Coin Collector Conventions?

Coin collector conventions are when coin collectors congregate to purchase, retail, and exchange coins.


To sum up, the 2002 coin is an unusual penny that has a remarkable history and is worth amassing. Although not all 2002 coins have substantial value, possessing one created of bronze could make you a fortune. So, if you are seeking a means to invest your money or start a new pursuit, contemplate penny collecting – who knows, perchance you’ll unearth a fortune?

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