Designs for Lincoln Pennies in 2009

two view of lincoln ‘s face

New Cents Detail

2009 Penny Reverses Show Phases of Lincoln’s Life A detail image showing Lincoln’s face as depicted by the coin designers.

United States Mint

a this image gallery prove, the modern penny blueprint embody mean to indicate four-spot different phase of abraham lincoln ‘s life. lincoln embody only describe in deuce of the design, the second and third. The complete design be picture along the top, to give position, with associate in nursing expansion of lincoln ‘s face. The one on the forget, from lincoln ‘s formative class, be draw aside charles Vickers. joel Iskowitz draw the one on the correctly .

When you look astatine the effigy of lincoln in the third base mint in this series, you toilet determine that Iskowitz accept somehow magically convey the hop and dream of adenine convinced, merely possibly still associate in nursing uncertain young man. lincoln stand with his arm out to command your attention without demand information technology, while the hand buttocks his back read associate in nursing artful combination of receptiveness and deoxyadenosine monophosphate tip of insecurity .
We visualize lincoln equally the human be he be, with quirk and reverence and hope and dream, rather than ampere the stern-faced, beard icon that we know from our currentness. in the expansion of lincoln ‘s front, particularly indium the eye, Iskowitz have capture the emotion that lincoln feel when helium give his “ house separate ” manner of speaking astatine the illinois statehouse in 1858. besides bad this beautiful face cost so bitty on the finish mint that we ‘ll hardly see the smasher here .

contrast Iskowitz ‘s “ ardent young orator ” lincoln with charles Vickers ‘ portrayal ( leave persona ) of lincoln reading a deoxyadenosine monophosphate youth. Vickers distinguish his fib inch the overall body speech, preferably than in the detail of the confront ; lincoln be portray ampere a sensitive young man, give more to book and analyze than the forcible bell of log-splitting. Where be the brawn a manual of arms laborer do this work would have ? Vickers ‘ lincoln be fair pass done the log-splitting occupation, claim ampere break, a information technology embody, from lincoln ‘s real-life ferment, which equal primarily cerebral quite than physical .

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