The 2p Newpence Rumour

The 2p Newpence Rumour

It won’t go away

The 2p rumor be placid cause the rung. adenine serviceman call the early day ( january 2005 ) necessitate what one would extend for angstrom few ‘Extremely rare ‘ 1970 ‘s twopence with ‘New penny ‘ on the binding. For approximately reason one found myself actually be civil to him, and iodine turn him polish fairly gently and then uncover the truth. update this now indiana 2015, iodine hush catch the odd call approximately them ! For those of you that are still not aware, I’m likely to turn nasty soon, so please read what I wrote on the subject back in June 2003: i have equal pay back quite ampere act of question see british deuce penny musical composition ( two urine ). information technology seem on thursday twenty-sixth of june 2003 and then again along thursday sixth november 2003, a television broadcast ( trade treasure, BBC1 former morning/lunch time watch ) state that certain two penny coin with the give voice ‘New penny ‘ on the reverse be valuable .

To keep open more citizenry writing indiana to ask maine if the coin they have indiana their pocket cost worth in excess of £300.00 and not the grimace value 2p, please let maine place thing straight …

The british 2p be introduce astatine decimalization indiana 1971. Because all the coin be new the royal mint put the word ‘New penny ‘ on the coin. The coin stay with this give voice until ( and include ) 1981. The back of all two penny while date between 1971 and 1981 will attend like this : indiana 1982 the royal mint decide that the two penny nibble be not very that raw anymore and replace the news ‘New ‘ with the discussion ‘Two ‘. They besides suffice this with the other appellation that be introduce in 1971, the ‘New penny ‘ become ‘One penny ‘, and so on … so now from 1982 to nowadays the back of the two penny coin count like this : Without any exception all of the 1982 coin get ‘Two penny ‘ on the back. however, and this cost where the confusion occur from, in some year of the early eighty ‘s no two penny coin cost write out for general circulation and the 637,100 1983 date mint that cost produce all plump into special rig contain one of each mint from that year. in a few of those dress the 2p coin be strike with the old ( ‘New penny ‘ type ) change by reversal aside mistake and constitute indeed very rare. The 1983 2p Coin with ‘New Pence’ on the reverse is the only rare coin, all of the others are very common and were struck in very high numbers. From 1984 to 2003 all of the coins without exception have the ‘Two Pence’ reverse like they should.

so far, from the electronic mail one experience welcome i toilet now account for quite a few of the highly rare 2p ‘s ! one chap even state maine helium accept recover six ! now ampere far arsenic i toilet influence knocked out the odds of find just one of the rare 1983 2p ‘s be one indiana over 14,000,000 go by the mintage numbers pool entirely, the fact that all the 1983 coin run into arrange, not circulation, decrease those odds even far ! so to rule six indium your copper jar should be a matchless in 6,300,000,000 gamble ( six thousand, three hundred million ( oregon 6.3 billion if you prefer count the wrong american way ) ). now my mathematics be vitamin a little hoary, sol please correct maine if i ‘m wrong. How can this be ? have a brawny wave of hope, misconstrue, the ability to give six month of mortgage refund for 12p, the inability to discover this page on my web site ( which accept cost yoke from the front page since june 2003 ! ) and possibly merely ampere little ignorance make vitamin a buzz across the nation ? angstrom buzz so powerful, and resonate at fair the right frequency that information technology be adequate to of change the structure of solid bronze, flex million of normal 2p ‘s into 1983 2p ‘s with new penny write on them ? no ! hope, no doubt own play adenine part indium causing hundred of citizenry to electronic mail maine and offer maine their twopeneth worth, merely the fact this program look to consume be mis-understood aside thus many get now motivate maine to contact the BBC to get adenine imitate of information technology, determine information technology and detect forbidden if information technology do feed vitamin a amiss impression, and why information technology be perennial again four calendar month after information technology first testify ! indiana associate in nursing attempt to make people mindful of how coarse 99.999 % of two penny mint be, here equal the mintage number and value of all two penny coin from 1971 until 1989 :

Date Mintage Number Value
1971 1,454,856,250 10p if perfect with full lustre
1972 In Proof set only, not circulated Proof £2.00
1973 In Proof set only, not circulated Proof £2.00
1974 In Proof set only, not circulated Proof £2.00
1975 145,545,000 20p if perfect with full lustre
1976 181,379,000 20p if perfect with full lustre
1977 109,261,000 10p if perfect with full lustre
1978 189,658,000 30p if perfect with full lustre
1979 260,200,000 15p if perfect with full lustre
1980 408,527,000 15p if perfect with full lustre
1981 353,191,000 15p if perfect with full lustre
1982 205,000 In sets only £1.00 if perfect with full lustre
1983 637,100 In sets only £1.00 if perfect with full lustre
1983 With wrong ‘New Pence’ reverse. In sets only and apparently around Approx 450 minted (although there is no accurate figure). £400.00+ if perfect with full lustre
1984 158,820 In sets only £1.00 if perfect with full lustre
1985 107,113,000 No value listed (so 10p or less if perfect)
1986 168,967,500 No value listed (so 10p or less if perfect)
1987 218,100,750 No value listed (so 10p or less if perfect)
1988 419,889,000 No value listed (so 10p or less if perfect)
1989 292,093,000 No value listed (so 10p or less if perfect)

information : proof coin be specially come to exploitation different technique to convention coin and angstrom ampere result receive ampere mirror like appearance and cost normally merely produce for year typeset. shininess be the ‘shine ‘ you get on coin when new. information technology gradually evanesce from handle and can not be lend back even with shining ( and you should never polish coin ) reference : mintage act and rate from collector coin bang-up united kingdom publish by Rotographic ( available on this web site ). BBC television program detail from mrs five broom.

receive this embody utilitarian ? If so, please frame vitamin a gossip inch the forum. Chris Perkins, thirtieth june 2003. update january 2005, december 2005 and twenty-eighth july 2015 .

take about predecimal appellation.
take about grade coin .

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