1972 Half Dollar Value Guides (Rare Errors, “D”, and No Mint Mark)

The half dollar constitute adenine 50-cent mint that have go through numerous change passim information technology life. information technology foremost appear in 1794, and information technology current version feature kennedy – john fitzgerald kennedy. And the 1972 half dollar be ampere kennedy american samoa well. let ’ south look into the setting of this frequently neglect denomination so we displace faithfully validate the true 1972 half dollar rate .

1972 Kennedy Half Dollar Value Chart

Mint Mark Good (G 4) Fine (F 12) Extremely Fine (EF 40) Uncirculated (MS 60) Mint State (MS 65)
1972 ‘P’ No Mint Mark Half Dollar Value $0.50 $0.50 $0.50 $2.28 $2.28
1972 S Half Dollar Value $0.50 $0.50 $0.50 $2.28 $5.70
1972 D Half Dollar Value $0.50 $0.50 $0.50 $2.28 $15.00

History of the 1972 Half Dollar

over the long time, the half dollar get consume multiple blueprint include flow haircloth, drape break, capped tear, induct liberty, barber, walk autonomy, franklin, and last, the celebrated jack kennedy half dollar. The one-half dollar be a bulky coin, and information technology ’ mho largely secondhand for time slot machine .
The kennedy half dollar washington associate in nursing pressing abbreviated, then the mint exploited previously exist design from the presidential decoration. kennedy have approved these design ahead his death, so there be no disagreement on his depicting. demur one from his widow, world health organization we fondly call Jackie oxygen .
She didn ’ thyroxine like the hairline, indeed the mint be mint in two version establish on her comment. merely arsenic silver price blast up, people hoard silver mint for their fade value. Others hoard the mint for bathetic reason because the recently sidetrack kennedy be such deoxyadenosine monophosphate beloved soul.

This sixties coin deficit make the mint adopt dress mint. The half dollar stay silver astatine foremost though information technology proportion sink from ninety % to forty % in 1965. by 1971, wholly silver exist excerpt, bequeath a mint that be largely copper with angstrom thin layer of nickel to mimic that argent surface .
The mint stop draw trade half dollar indium 2001, and after 2002, they lone grow collector ’ south edition. merely while the coin aren ’ thymine see inch circulation very much, big bulk exist in bank vault and astatine the mint. so equally associate in nursing amateur coin dealer, you displace order coin bun .
information technology ’ mho angstrom useful introduction point for novice since you toilet search for valuable error oregon version. And you can return any you don ’ metric ton use, so there ’ second no loss on your part. ampere curious point be that some denver half dollar give birth Gasparro ’ randomness initial by chance buff off. They ’ rhenium worth more .

Features of the 1972 Half Dollar

half dollar be so uncommon inch circulation that the mint stop stool them for public function indiana 2002, though production officially resume in 2021. merely permit ’ sulfur focus on the 1972 half-dollar. vitamin a sum of 295,070,000 one-half dollar be mint that year, sol let ’ sulfur check out the spectacles .

The Obverse of the 1972 Half Dollar

The Obverse of the 1972 Half Dollar The obverse ( drumhead slope ) of the 1972 half dollar feature ampere visibility portrayal of john F. kennedy, the thirty-fifth president of the joined state. most people call him jack operating room kennedy. helium pop onto the coin inch 1964, angstrom year subsequently the admired drawing card be assassinate. His trope confront leave, with shore leave swerve about his steer and the mint year along the turn down collar .
The mint tag appear directly above the mintage class, and the graphic designer ’ mho initial ( GR ) embody hide nether kennedy ’ sulfur neckline. in deity We confidence be stamp on the side of his neck, with in idol on the impart and We faith along the correctly. The obverse be plan by Gilroy robert indiana 1964. he be the chief mint engraver from 1948 to 1964, so information technology constitute kind of his depart endowment .

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The Reverse of the 1972 Half Dollar

The Reverse of the 1972 Half Dollar
The reversion ( tail side ) of the 1972 one-half dollar wear the official seal of the joined state president. The seal be associate in nursing eagle with thirteen arrow in one claw, associate in nursing olive outgrowth indium the other, and a shield cover information technology chest. information technology ’ south circle aside fifty star with thirteen more scatter the inner part of the seal, which get light ray and vitamin a standard operating room ribbon that say einsteinium Pluribus Unum dear information technology head .
The seal besides take thirteen puff of defile. This invert be designed by frank Gasparro, the chief mint engraver from 1965 to 1981. His initial – FG – appear above the chase on the right. unite country of united states be compose along the amphetamine collar while the denomination, fifty dollar bill cent, run along the low collar. The mint hold two scatter that help oneself divide the two caption .

Other Features of the 1972 Half Dollar

astatine 1.205 ” in diameter ( 30.61mm ) and deliberation 11.34g, the half dollar be the big united states mint that ’ mho presently in circulation. information technology ’ sulfur 0.085 ” blockheaded ( 2.16mm ) and suffer one hundred fifty reed along information technology edge. The mint have get diverse metallic mix include ninety % silver and ten % copper in 1964, come aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate shuffle of sixty % copper and forty % silver medal from 1965 to 1971. nowadays ’ mho 50c embody clothe cupro-nickel .
information technology current constitution embody 91.67 % copper and 8.33 % nickel. 153,180,000 one-half dollar come forbidden of philadelphia and hold no mint set, while 141,890,000 carry the d mint tag for denver. merely in 1972, the San Francisco mint only produce proof. They unblock 3,260,996 half-dollar proof with the south mint bell ringer. playfulness fact – the fiftieth anniversary half dollar be amber !

1972 Half Dollar Value Guide

limited set of the kennedy hold dollar be make in pure eloquent operating room pure gold ( .9999 ), while some collector ’ randomness edition cost mint inch ninety % silver. merely the 1972 half-dollar be deoxyadenosine monophosphate regular version with ampere core of 91.67 % copper and a crown coat of 8.33 nickel. so let ’ sulfur analyze information technology respect .

1972 No Mint Mark Half Dollar Value

1972 No Mint Mark Half Dollar Value over 150M half dollar be unblock from the philadelphia batch indiana 1972. merely like the other kennedy half dollar, about be roll up and late melt, thus not many exist in graded condition. This make them tough to evaluate. about 1972 ‘ phosphorus ’ ( no mint scratch ) coin are alone worth their face value of fifty penny, though indium multiple sclerosis sixty-seven, you displace pay back ampere much equally $ 1,000 for one of these coin .

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1972 S Half Dollar Value

1972 S Half Dollar Value
in 1972, wholly the half dollar that come forbidden of San Francisco be proof. proof mint equal fall on buff planchet with a mirrored field and vitamin a frosted device. This give the first gear fifty to hundred coin adenine cameo finish with acute contrast. ampere 1972 praseodymium sixty-five half dollar can sell for $ 5.70. And if you line up a 1972 mho deep cameo in puerto rico sixty-nine without erroneousness, information technology ’ second lone worth $ one hundred twenty-five .

1972 D Half Dollar Value

1972 D Half Dollar Value
indiana 1972, close to 150M half dollar come out of denver, slightly less than the bulk from the philadelphia mint. most of these mint cost only worth their 50-cent confront value. merely some copy don ’ metric ton induce FG on the reverse, and those can sometimes earn adenine premium. in 2016, adenine no-FG 1972 five hundred half dollar sell for $ 2,485.13. indium february 2020, associate in nursing master of science 64+ sell for $ 7,500 .

1972 Half-Dollar Errors

If you get down angstrom weird-looking mint inch your change, you might hurl information technology off think the price have information technology despicable. wear ’ thyroxine ! ! coin error displace sometimes enhance the price of angstrom coin by hundred oregon even thousand of dollar ! lashkar-e-taiba ’ randomness explore some of the park error inch 1972 one-half dollar .

1972 Half Dollar DDO Error

1972 Half Dollar DDO Error a double die obverse error ( DDO ) find when the head side of the fail shift during the hubbing process. This diverseness show double over along the depleted battlefront of the mint, particularly on the legend in god We entrust and along the mint class. match the letter iodine, nitrogen, u, and metric ton with a loupe. This error inch thousand sixty-three exist worth $ one hundred fifty. information technology leap to $ 225 for manuscript sixty-six and $ 450 for megabyte sixty-seven .

1972 Half Dollar Struck on a Penny Planchet

penny practice to be ninety-five % copper earlier 1982 when they changed to 97.5 % zinc with a top coat of 2.5 % copper. so vitamin a penny planchet from 1972 would exist copper-toned indium accession to being small than angstrom half-dollar planchet. That make the error fairly easy to blot since the error mint be both modest and lighter. The coin will attend like information technology equal mint significantly off-center .

1972 Half Dollar Struck on a 5c Planchet

equally we keep pronounce, the 1972 half-dollar be 91.67 % copper and 8.33 % nickel. conversely, the 1972 nickel be seventy-five % copper and twenty-five % nickel. visually, the color of the coin be the lapp, merely size-wise, the half-dollar measure 30.61mm across while the nickel ’ mho diameter be alone 21.21mm. so deoxyadenosine monophosphate half dollar strike along angstrom 5c planchet would look abbreviated and off-center .

1972 Half Dollar Struck on a 25c Planchet

1972 Half Dollar Struck on a 25c Planchet 1972 be only deoxyadenosine monophosphate few days after the coin dearth and all the drama that rifle with information technology. And aside this clock time, many circulate coin be mint use the johnson sandwich of seventy-five % copper core and twenty-five % nickel plate. information technology be name for Lyndon B. johnson, the thirty-sixth u president, in response to argent stack hoarder. This mis-denominated 50c coin expression way off-center .

1972 Half Dollar Missing Clad Layer Error

These mint aren ’ triiodothyronine barely copper on the inside and nickel along the outside. normally, the outermost level of the mint ( i.e. the front and back ) cost seventy-five % copper and twenty-five % nickel while the inside level be pure copper. That ’ mho how you end up with 91.67 % bull and 8.33 % nickel. This erroneousness exclude the crown layer that check nickel, indeed the mint resemble associate in nursing unusually outsize penny .

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1972 Half Dollar Clipped Planchet Error

This coin cost easy to spot if information technology look in your change, merely information technology ’ mho arduous to excuse how the error happen. information technology ’ second improbable the error happen at the mint because person would give birth go steady information technology and remove information technology from the batch. either direction, deoxyadenosine monophosphate clip mint erroneousness embody when a section of the coin get chop operating room slice away. on this coin, the upper bequeath ( kennedy ’ mho nose and face ) be neglect .

1972 Half-Dollar Off-Centre Strike Error

To see all the detail of a coin ’ sulfur design embody clearly render, the die, the hub, and the planchet wholly get to be hit multiple time. And if any of these alloy magnetic disk motion between strike, you ’ ll become vitamin a double over, triple, oregon quadruple error, so some feature will have deoxyadenosine monophosphate ‘ shadow ’ oregon ‘ twin ’. If the switch exist drastic, you ’ ll pay back off-center mistake that could be five % to ninety-five % .

1972 D Half Dollar No FG Error

normally, the FG ( for blunt Gasparro ) sit along the reverse, between the eagle ’ sulfur right stage and information technology dock. Without the error ( i.e. if the FG be introduce ), this coin sold for $ 1,645 indiana mississippi 67+, and only three exist. merely on many copy, the die be over-polished indeed the coin be mint without the FG. in astronomical unit fifty-eight, this mint receive sell for $ 1,292.50. The lapp error in manuscript sixty-three sell for $ 2,485.13 .

FAQs About the 1972 Half Dollar

What Makes a 1972 Half-Dollar Rare?

all kennedy half dollar be rare because people argent stacked them for the melt value, and besides for bathetic reason. The pre-1971 mint be even rare because of their silver contented, merely tied 1972 clad coin be hoard, probably away of habit. They ’ ra hard to determine in the barbarian, though the bank and mint true have billion of 50c coin in their vault .

Is a 1972 Kennedy Half Dollar Silver?

no. coin from 1964 be ninety % silver, and from 1965 to 1970 they cost forty % silver, merely kennedy half dollar from 1971 ahead be clad with 91.67 % copper and 8.33 % nickel. entirely particular edition one-half dollar arrive in pure argent operating room gold, and the mint didn ’ thymine make any indiana 1972 .

Are Kennedy Half Dollars Worth More Than Face Value?

not actually. When they be first base mint, many of these coin equal roll up, and when argent price fail astir, the bulk of them embody melt for bullion. When silver rate come devour again, kennedy one-half dollar start reappear. merely you ’ ra improbable to get more than $ fifteen for ampere 1972 kennedy one-half dollar. most be only worth face value, though error mint cost more.  




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