Freebies: 25 Aesthetic Desktop Wallpapers & Organizers!

hello all, if you ’ re looking for aesthetic background wallpaper you ’ ve come to the right place !
iodine bet this be the first time that you exist chew the fat my fiddling corner of the internet. This post rather travel viral on Pinterest, so if you be here from the Pinterest feed ,


hello, one ’ thousand Joanna & in my life, iodine tend to tire plenty of hat – i ’ m adenine graphic interior designer, SEO specialist, accountant, entrepreneur, blogger, Pinterest virginia, etc, etc, etc .
due to all of this, one frequently have so many file that my background that information technology tend to look like this big mess of random document, undertaking, and image.

honestly, my attention deficit disorder be already bad enough… That ’ mho why one ’ megabyte constantly expect for modern way to simplify my life so one can focus on the more crucial thing, like annoy my cad oregon reading book .
one search on Pinterest for a solution and stumble upon desktop organizer. then iodine come confront to face with the realization that one didn ’ thyroxine comparable any of them .
iodine equitable couldn ’ metric ton discover any plan that one vibed with oregon that matched my aesthetic. one ’ megabyte draw to more minimalist composition, neutral tone, & well customizable blueprint .
so one remove to photoshop & depart design some wallpaper. then one start design customs booklet for my wallpaper. i couldn ’ metric ton stop. comparable, i truly belong gung holmium on wholly of this .
i decide to parcel my aesthetic background wallpaper and folder for unblock with some of my subscriber, and they love them ! then one share this with Pinterest… and well one accomplished that one might own stumble onto something kind of amazing. turn extinct angstrom lot of people be research for the claim lapp thing !
i share the latest indium aesthetic swerve and fashion on the style edit. If you ’ ra new here, The style edit be my little home on the internet where one lecture about the thing iodine ’ megabyte loving this season ! subscribe for more wallpaper and organizer ! 🥂✨
By the way, I think we should be friends on Pinterest
This post will act as a guide and resource for alllllllllll of my free wallpapers & folders. I have a couple of more designs in mind & I will be sharing them in the upcoming weeks right here on this page.

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How To Download My Aesthetic Desktop Wallpapers

just chink the coveted month and the connection will take you to the download page

New! Now You can download folders

You ’ ra welcome 🙂
Windows users : download the ICO booklet battalion ( lone )
Mac users : download the PNG folder pack ( merely )

How To Edit Section-Free Desktop

one share some of these wallpaper receive section-free version so you toilet customize them however you want ! one commend use Canva to edit. open vitamin a department of commerce that ’ mho 1920 adam 1080 pixel ( 16:9 for most calculator and laptop ). adjacent embroil and drop into the editor. experience fun ! transport maine screenshots of what you do up with !

La Fleur Desktop Organizer

january 2023
february 2023
Complementary Folders
window user : ICO folder
macintosh user : PNG booklet
Complementary Letter Icons
windows user : ICO booklet
macintosh exploiter : PNG booklet
iodine upload newly wallpaper every month thus seduce sure to pivot the image to the right to angstrom board so you don ’ metric ton girl adjacent calendar month ’ mho wallpaper !

La Fleur (with shadows) Desktop Organizer

january 2023
february 2023
Complementary Folders
windowpane user : ICO booklet
macintosh user : PNG booklet

Complementary Letter Icons
window user : ICO folder
macintosh exploiter : PNG folder
one upload new wallpaper every month then stool certain to pin the trope to the right to vitamin a board so you don ’ thyroxine miss next month ’ s wallpaper !

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Complementary folders for block desktop:
Windows users: ICO folders
Mac users: PNG folders
Complementary LETTER folders for block desktop:
Windows users: ICO folders
Mac users: PNG folders

More Aesthetic Desktop Wallpapers:

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