AFC Richmond

AFC Richmond

Full name

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The Greyhounds


1897 ( 125 years ago )


Nelson Road




Rebecca Welton


Ted Lasso


Premier League


EFL Championship, 2 nd of 24 ( promoted )

AFC Richmond is a fictional English professional association football club based in Richmond upon Thames, London. They currently compete in the Premier League, the first tier of the English football league system, following promotion in 2021.

The club was founded và played their first match 1887. During World War I, their stadium, Nelson Road, was used as a field hospital .The club was owned by Rupert Mannion when then spouse Rebecca Welton seized ownership of the club outright after their divorce breakup, when he cheated with several other women behind her back – often with the help of the club’s Director of Football Operations, Leslie Higgins .


When Rebecca sacked the previous coach, George Cartrick, she began looking for a mới ra coach for the club in the name of Ted Lasso. Alongside Ted, Coach Beard joined và together they aimed phệ turn the club’s lackluster season around .Their main star player was Jamie Tartt before he was transferred back bự Manchester City F.C., & Roy Kent before he retired & became one of the coaches in the club. The club managed phệ chiến hạ several matches especially after they added hot nhất player Dani Rojas from Guadalajara & promoted Nathan Shelley as a part of the coaches đội .After Jamie Tartt quit Manchester City, he returned Khủng Richmond & became a part of the nhóm player. After his return, several players were replaced by Jan Maas from Netherland. Richmond also appointed Isaac McAdoo as a hot nhất Captain after Roy Kent retired .The nhóm lost their biggest sponsor Dubai Air after Sam Obisanya lead a boycott against the company, và in return received a mới ra sponsor called Bantr as their main one. The club lost Nathan Shelley as the coach as he accepted a coaching job for West Ham United. The club was relegated after they lost Khủng Manchester City F.C. but managed bự bounce back và being promoted after they had a tie against Brentford F.C. The club manages bự snatch Nike as their mới nhất sponsor, và their logo sản phẩm is being featured on their uniform sleeves .


Their trang chủ colors are xanh shirts with a red vertical band, with trắng shorts & yellow socks. Their crest consists of a dark xanh shield with a double red outline along with a silhouette of a greyhound và the clubs establishment year, below is a yellow ribbon containing the club’s name .Their guest colors are orange shirts with orange shorts & orange socks .Their hot nhất home page colors are dark xanh shirts with the hình ảnh và their sponsor in the middle, with another trắng biểu tượng logo sponsor on their short sleeves. Their shorts are stripes as well .


Club Officials

Former Member Officials



  • Sharon Fieldstone
  • Will Kitman
  • Coach Armada
  • Coach Tony
  • Caroline
  • Renée
  • Derek
  • Isabelle
  • Liam
  • Liza
  • Kas
  • Kenneth
  • Nigel
  • Trevor
  • Gail


  • Earl (former)
  • Greyhound
  • Macy Greyhound


The World’s Game FIFA 23 has included AFC Richmond as a part of their roster, available in several modes of the game alongside iconic clubs. The newest release of the annual FIFA series revealed AFC Richmond team as a playable group among the superstar legends of professional soccer.

The dynamic nature of Ted Lasso’s albeit unpredictable phong cách of coaching translates lớn quality đội players can use throughout this newest edition of football simulation .

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