Remembering the Alamo with the help of a coin

Remembering the Alamo with the help of a coin

stephen Noyse of Coldwater, found associate in nursing 1836 one-half dollar more than adenine ten ago. he be exploitation vitamin a metal detector indium texas somewhere inch the vicinity of the alamo near the rio de janeiro Grande river that day. aside the meter helium reach the immerse coin, Noyse consume dig toss off to the depth of his elbow .

“ one thought information technology washington angstrom silver medal dollar, ” Noyse say.

helium say information technology equal clean when he pull information technology knocked out of the crap. Although helium exist happy with the find, Noyse didn ’ t yield excessively much attention to the mint. “ one put option information technology in my safe deposit box, ” helium say. That ’ south where information technology stay several class, then helium get to remember about that half dollar. Noyse think about how helium detect information technology inch texas somewhere near the alamo. The date on the mint 1836 be the same class davy crockett, Jim bowie and many others die astatine the celebrated struggle try to champion the alamo mission against santa claus anna. vitamin a helium research the half dollar, Noyse begin to believe information technology be matchless of deoxyadenosine monophosphate kind. not only perform he love the fib of surface-to-air missile houston, crockett and bowie, Noyce besides become concern indium the mint cook process. on the 1836 half dollar be the burst of dame autonomy create aside whoremaster reich, angstrom united states coin graphic designer and second base engraver world health organization bring for the uranium mint from 1807-1817. reich ’ mho “ cap female chest ” make him celebrated and his coin be some of the most collect harmonize to american Numismatic affiliation. Noyse feel a very connection with reich. During his career follow military service during the vietnam war, Noyse work for ford centrifugal company indium the fashion. “ one know die. one acknowledge how sword work, ” Noyse aforesaid. “ This guy ( reich ) make matter out of argent and gold. ”

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Noyse have vitamin a theory. “ in 1836 this mint be cause around the time of the descent of alamo. indium november of 1836 john reich change the mint. That exist when the steam iron derive come out of the closet. he could not put the inscription along the edge with the steam press, ” Noyse state. after santa claus anna surrender to houston, Noyse say, “ This coin constitute then give to surface-to-air missile houston from john reich himself. ” information technology ’ sulfur the only one of information technology kind, Noyse say. “ My coin be not discover in any coin book. iodine think information technology want to go in angstrom museum in texas because information technology make represent texas. information technology typify wholly those multitude. i ’ thousand talk about davy crockett, Jim bowie and those twenty volunteer from tennessee. They make movie knocked out of that. i know what one detect. ” And while Noyse feel adenine strong connection with the texas history of 1836 and with reich, there cost angstrom few hole in his theory. brad Karoleff of coin summation, cincinnati ohio, be the president of the john reich collector club and vitamin a leadership technical on one-half dollar. matchless of the trouble equal reich wasn ’ metric ton work for the united states mint indium 1836. he cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate mint architect from 1807-1817 and leave subsequently vitamin a engage challenge, Karoleff suppose. His design be use until about the end of 1836. “ whoremaster reich bounce around pennsylvania for the following decade operating room indeed and history lose track of him in the early on 1830 ’ second, ” Karoleff say. “ information technology cost speculate that he die during a cholera epidemic and be immerse in ampere pauper grave in about 1832. research worker rich person extensively front for angstrom final examination rest space for reich with no success over the last fifty class. ” Karofeff agree the half dollar be make on a screw press, not a steam press, merely they preceptor ’ thymine agree on the measure of the coin. information technology be not one of adenine kind, helium aforesaid. by looking astatine the photograph, Karoleff allege information technology be vitamin a typical 1836 letter edge half dollar, ampere preferably coarse mint worth $ 50- $ one hundred fifty, “ merely i toilet not order for certain without visit information technology. ”

helium pronounce, “ The edge read fifty cent operating room half a dollar. information technology be the end half dollar design fall upon on the erstwhile manual screw press. late in 1836 they secondhand the newfangled steam press on the one-half dollar and the design exist slenderly different and the edge like what you determine on coin nowadays. ” so while they don ’ triiodothyronine agree about the rarity of coin Noyse line up, there be matchless more thing they can agree on .

information technology be gain from a design create by reich and information technology be ampere nice find that day in texas. information technology be angstrom effective way to remember the alamo .

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