Alex Collins vs Rashaad Penny A Comparison of Two NFL Running Backs

Alex Collins or Rashaad Penny: Who’s the Superior NFL Running Back?

As football fans and analysts continue to debate over who the superior running back is between Alex Collins and Rashaad Penny, there’s no doubt that both players have the potential to be among the league’s elite ball carriers. However, when it comes to determining which one is the better option on the field, there are several factors to take into account.

Examining Each Player’s Unique Strengths and Weaknesses

To start, it’s important to examine each player’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Alex Collins, who was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2016 and later played for the Baltimore Ravens, is a forceful runner with remarkable agility and equilibrium. He’s also acknowledged for his ability to rupture tackles and establish yards after contact, making him a formidable player to bring down on the field. On the other hand, Rashaad Penny, who was selected by the Seahawks in 2018, is a swift running back with impressive acceleration and burst. He has a knack for making big plays and gaining yards quickly, but can sometimes struggle with ball security and pass protection.

Comparing Statistical Performance

While both Collins and Penny have had their fair share of accomplishments on the field, there are a few noteworthy statistics that can help us establish which one is currently performing better. For example, during the 2020 season, Collins rushed for 403 yards and 2 touchdowns on 38 carries, while Penny had 34 carries for 170 yards and 1 touchdown. While Penny’s stats may appear less remarkable at first glance, it’s worth noting that he played in just 3 games due to injury and was still able to put up respectable numbers. Additionally, Penny has averaged 5.1 yards per carry over his career, compared to Collins’ 4.3 yards per carry.

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Impact on Their Teams

Another significant factor to consider when comparing these two players is their overall impact on their respective teams. While Collins was a valuable contributor to the Ravens offense during his time in Baltimore, he has struggled to find consistent success since being waived by the team in 2018. Penny, on the other hand, has shown signs of brilliance and has the potential to be a game-changing player when he’s healthy and on the field.


So, when it comes down to it, who is the greater running back: Alex Collins or Rashaad Penny? While both players have the potential to be successful at the NFL level, it’s apparent that Penny has a slight advantage when it comes to overall performance and potential. With his speed, agility, and ability to create big plays, Penny has the makings of a future star in the league. However, that’s not to say that Collins should be disregarded or underestimated. He’s established himself as a tenacious and reliable ball carrier, and could still make a significant impact on a team in need of a solid running back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who has more rushing yards: Alex Collins or Rashaad Penny?

– Rashaad Penny presently has more career rushing yards, with 823 compared to Collins’ 711.

2. Which team drafted Alex Collins?

– Collins was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the 5th round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

3. Why did the Ravens waive Alex Collins?

– Collins was waived by the Ravens in 2018 after being incarcerated and charged with drug and gun violations.

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4. What is Alex Collins known for on the field?

– Collins is known for his commanding running style, agility, and ability to rupture tackles and gain yards after contact.

5. What is Rashaad Penny’s most significant weakness as a runner?

– Penny has struggled in the past with ball security and pass protection but has shown improvement in these areas as he continues to develop as a player.

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