All You Need to Know About the 1980 Canadian Penny Rarity, Value, and History

1980 Canadian Penny – All You Should Know

Are you an avid collector of coins or a history enthusiast looking for comprehensive information on the 1980 Canadian penny? If that is the case, you have ended up in the correct place. In this blog post, we will provide expert insights and answers to frequently asked questions about the 1980 Canadian penny. Our goal is to offer authoritative, dependable information that helps you understand the coin’s history, rarity, and worth. So, let us dive into this intriguing subject without further ado.

The Past of 1980 Canadian Penny

The Canadian penny has a rich history stretching back to 1858 when the first coin was introduced. Since then, various designs and patterns have been introduced to reflect changes in Canadian society, culture, and economy. The 1980 Canadian penny was part of the third and ultimate design series, which was introduced in 1965 and remained in circulation until 2012 when the penny was formally phased out.

Unlike earlier patterns that included a portrait of the contemporary monarch, the 1980 Canadian penny had a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The obverse design also featured the inscription “Elizabeth II DEI GRATIA REGINA,” which means “Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen.” The reverse pattern had the iconic maple leaf, which is a symbol of Canada.

Is 1980 Canadian Penny Scarce?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Canadian pennies is regarding how scarce they are. A penny’s rarity is typically determined by its mintage, which is the number of coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. In the case of 1980 Canadian penny, the mintage was 1,254,239,174, indicating that it is not a rare coin by any means.

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However, a few variations of the 1980 Canadian penny are considered uncommon and valuable. These include the “Rotated Dies” variety, which had the obverse and reverse designs misaligned, and the “Double Date” variety, which had the date 1980 stamped twice on the coin. If you happen to come across one of these variations, you could potentially sell it for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What is the Worth of 1980 Canadian Penny?

Determining the value of 1980 Canadian penny can be challenging because it depends on several factors such as its condition, rarity, and demand among collectors. In general, an ordinary 1980 Canadian penny in average condition is worth only a few cents, while a well-preserved coin could fetch up to $1 CAD.

However, as we mentioned earlier, rare varieties of the 1980 Canadian penny could be worth much more. For instance, a “Rotated Dies” variety in uncirculated condition could sell for around $500 CAD, while a “Double Date” variety in the same condition could fetch over $2,000 CAD. Therefore, if you are thinking of selling your 1980 Canadian penny, it is crucial to get it appraised by a professional coin dealer.

FAQs about 1980 Canadian Penny

1. How long was the 1980 Canadian penny in circulation?

The 1980 Canadian penny was in circulation from 1980 until 2012 when it was officially retired by the Royal Canadian Mint.

2. How many 1980 Canadian pennies were minted?

The mintage of 1980 Canadian penny was 1,254,239,174.

3. What are the uncommon varieties of the 1980 Canadian penny?

The rare variations of 1980 Canadian penny include the “Rotated Dies” variety and the “Double Date” variety.

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4. What is the value of a typical 1980 Canadian penny?

A typical 1980 Canadian penny in average condition is worth only a few cents, while a well-preserved coin could fetch up to $1 CAD.

5. Where can I sell my 1980 Canadian penny?

You can sell your 1980 Canadian penny at a reputable coin dealer or an online auction house.


All in all, the 1980 Canadian penny is a significant part of Canadian history and culture. While it may not be a rare coin, some variations are highly sought after by collectors, and their value can be considerable. We hope that this blog post provided you with valuable insights and information about the 1980 Canadian penny. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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