Angry Birds Coin Crash (Coin Pusher) – Strategy Guide

angry Birds Coin Crash can be quite confusing to know precisely how it works. There is a lot going on, with tons of blinking lights and numbers flashing. What does each color boo intend ? How can you win the Super Bonus ? How do you build the mint towers ?
I want to provide all the significant information, to not alone help you understand this new coin pusher, but besides give some utilitarian tips and tricks to give you the best shoot to win tickets .

angry birds coin crash arcade machine and tickets

How to Play

Settings can be slenderly different based on arcade placement. Check the angry Birds Coin Crash manual to know what the default settings are and what can be changed .
Angry Birds Coin Crash costs 10.8 chips per swipe at Dave and Buster’s. Each swipe gives you 10 plays, or 10 coins to shoot. It costs 5.4 chips per swipe on Half-off Wednesday .
This coin baby buggy is more expensive to play than the average arcade game at Dave and Buster ’ s .

You hit the clitoris and a mint drop from the top of the machine. An arm end run from left and right which aims the mint you drop in whatever management it points .
Though, it is distillery difficult to aim precisely where you want because there are metallic stoppers that bounce your mint in random directions, kind of comparable plinko .
Coins drop off the ledge on the penetrate like a normal coin pusher. In angry Birds Coin Crash, only the coins that drop in the center, “ win zone ”, will give you tickets. If the coins drop on either the far entrust or far right side, you will not get anything .
You win 2 tickets for each coin that drops in the middle win zone. 

There are 7 slots that the coin can go in before it lands on the coin shelf below. Starting from the left ; the 1st slot gives nothing, the 2nd is the yellow bird coin bonus, the 3rd slot adds one extra coin, the middle slot is the red bird loom bonus, the 5th slot adds an extra mint, the 6th slot is the amobarbital sodium bird ticket bonus, and the slot on the far right gives nothing .
See the picture below to help visualize these slots .

angry birds coin crash yellow, blue, and red birds
Let me explain what happens if you make it in one of the color bird bonus slots .
A alight bicycle spins for each color boo. It will stop right when you drop a coin in its slot. The yellow bird gives extra coins, the blue bird gives tickets, the red bird gives a desegregate. The values are shown below .

angry birds coin crash bird wheels for coins and tickets
If you get the bicycle to stop at the very peak, you will get to light up one time slot of the loom above the shuttlecock and get even more tickets/coins .
You win 100 coins if you light up the top of the yellow bird tower. 
You win 150 tickets if you light up the top of the blue bird tower.

Lighting up the crimson shuttlecock loom does something special ; the plot goes into rapid mode for 30 seconds. In this mode, you need to shoot coins as fast as you can ( there are plays that you pay for ). If you get a mint in any of the three colored bird slots during rapid modality, you will get a whirl added to the tower builder .
once you are done with the 30 seconds, you will spin the tugboat builder for however many times you scored into a biased boo slot .
The loom builder wheel has 6 slots. 5 of the slots have a count which adds coins to the coin tower that you will build .
One of the slots in the tower builder is for the testis. If you get it there, it adds an egg to the ace bonus .
Get 5 eggs and you win the super bonus.

angry birds arcade tower builder
The super bonus jackpot starts at 500 tickets. It increases by 2 tickets every swipe until person wins the bonus. If person wins then it goes back down to 500 .
I am not sure what the utmost total that the bonus can go to. The highest I have seen is in the amphetamine 1000 ticket compass. I am surely it can get in the 2000 tag range. It is rare to see it higher because the more people that play, the more likely they will win the super bonus, which then resets it back to 500 .

The coin towers will be built after the rapid manner from the red dame bonus. They are pushed down the center of the coin ledge .
One of the most satisfy things about angry Birds Coin Crash is watching a massive coin column fall over the edge .
Winning big amounts of tickets on this arcade coin baby buggy can cost you a bunch of chips. If you want to make the most out of your money and fourth dimension, follow the Angry Birds strategy guide below .

How to Win: Tips and Tricks

Play Only During the “Right” Times

If you want to maximize how many tickets you can win, while besides minimizing the amount of money you spend playing Angry Birds Coin Crash, it is best that you only play when the game has the highest potential for giving out the most tickets.
Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate play that day if it is not the “ right ” clock time. Come binding another day to check.

This way of “ sniping ” a game when it is ready is exchangeable to the strategy used for other mint pushers. The only difference is you do not collect cards in angry Birds Coin Crash like you do for Star Trek or SpongeBob coin pushers .

here are the two best times to play angry Birds Coin Crash :

  1. Play When The Coin Tower is Near the Edge

Each coin column should be around 700 coins. Of course it depends on how many spins you get on the loom builder and where the musket ball lands. The average player should get at least 500 coins added to the coin column .
then let ’ s say that you push a 700 mint tower off the border. With each mint giving 2 tickets, you should win around 1400 tickets ( possibly a little less as some coins will miss the win zone in the middle ) .
That is a short ton of tickets. But it takes a batch of plays to build the tower up. On acme of that, it will take even more plays to get the newly built tugboat to move all the room to the edge of the machine .
The coin towers take a deceptively large amount of coins to push off the edge. Because they are so big, coins will often move to the left or right of the column .
My advice is to merely play when a tugboat is very close to the edge of the ledge. This will save you money and you will win the most tickets .

  1. Play When The Super Bonus is High or When The Eggs are Close to The Super Bonus 

This scheme for angry Birds besides gives you the most total of tickets .
The super bonus starts at 500 tickets but can go up direction higher. If it is 2000 or more tickets, it may be worth it to play even when there are no eggs in the bonus so far .
In this case, you will want to go for the crimson bird so that you can spin the builder wheel in order to add 5 eggs to the super bonus .

Another one of the best times to play is when there are 4 out of the 5 eggs in the super bonus. even 3 out of 5 eggs is a great time to play. With a 1 out of 6 prospect for an testis on the column builder bicycle, you should get a copulate testis because it is truly easy to get over 12 spins with precisely one rapid mode .
Your goal in this situation is to go for the red shuttlecock to get into rapid mode deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as possible .
You should win the extremely bonus ( at least 500 tickets ) and it will not have cost as many chips as it normally would ( playing from 0 eggs ) .

Spend Just Enough Chips to Get The Goal

normally, you would have to spend a draw to move the loom or get the extremely bonus. You need to have the mentality that you will do enough plays until you get what you wanted and then stop .
Don ’ thymine be greedy to try and get more than one tugboat or get another super bonus. It will take a lot of money to build up enough coins or eggs to make it worth it .
besides, don ’ thyroxine go into it thinking that you will only play 1 swipe. You will most probable motivation at least 5 swipes to move the column far enough or get adequate eggs for the extremely bonus .

Control the Coin Drops 

If you ’ re going for the ace bonus, then you should aim the coins in the middle to try and land them into the crimson bird slot .
You want to push the red loom up to the top so that you get into rapid ardor manner. rapid burn modality will let you spin the tugboat builder roulette wheel, which will give you a luck to get an egg. once you get 5 eggs then you will win the superintendent bonus tag pot .
You can try to clock time your coin drops therefore that the loss wheel is facing up when the coin reaches the crimson slot. This can be slippery as the coin can bounce on a few stoppers on the way down. With enough commit you will get used to the timing you need to send the crimson tower up to the circus tent .

If you ’ re going for a coin tugboat, it is best to aim for the leave side to get the coins into the yellow bird slot .
This will drop more coins onto the tray, helping push the tower towards the edge .
Like the former topple, you can try to time the mint drop so that it reaches the scandalmongering slot when the yellow steering wheel is facing up. This sends the scandalmongering tugboat to the top which will give you the most bonus coins .

Practice and Play for Cheaper

It will take some fourth dimension to get used to the mechanics and time of angry Birds Coin Crash .
This game has a bantam bit of skill involved compared to other coin pushers as you can control the angle of the coin drop and time when it will stop on the boo wheels. Use this advantage to learn the best times to drop the coin as you play .
Play on Half-off Wednesday at Dave and Buster ’ second to exercise the game for a lot cheaper .
besides consumption Dave and Buster ’ sulfur coupons and deals to get the most sleep together for your buck when playing angry Birds at the arcade .
There is still a short ton of luck involved, though. With the plinko mint drop organization and the randomness of where the coins get pushed on the shelves .
hopefully the cognition provided here will help push that luck in your favor .

This angry Bird coin baby buggy should be found at most Dave and Buster ’ second locations. Though, it will not be at every arcade localization.

These instructions and tips should help you better understand angry Birds Coin Crash so that, when you find it at your local arcade, you can have the best shot of winning the most tickets .

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