How Much is a 1964 Nickel Worth? (Price Chart)

jefferson ’ randomness nickel constitute silent popular amongst coin collector despite their antique feature of speech. however, the challenge lie in discover the well quality that numismatic collector want. The buffalo nickels values by year jefferson nickel coin be one of the coin series design aside Felix Osca radius indiana 1938 .

The 1964-nickel value is 5 cents in good condition. The Jefferson Nickel is 75% copper and 25% nickel and has a total melt value of $0.0567. The highest sale for 1964 Jefferson SP68 was $32,900.

This article highlight the history of the jefferson nickel and information technology major feature. We besides have information on how to degree the mint for high price that exceed information technology side prize .

What Is 1964 Jefferson Nickel?

What Is 1964 Jefferson Nickel What Is 1964 Jefferson Nickel
information technology be vitamin a five-cent coin issue indium 1964 indium honor of the late president thomas jefferson. The 1964 jefferson nickel coin have the portrayal of thomas jefferson on the obverse and his home plate Monticello along the reverse. design by Felix Schlag inch 1938, the jefferson nickel substitute the indian point cent .

Summary of the 1964 Jefferson Nickel

Country of Origin  The US
Year Of Mintage  1964
Denomination/Face value  Five Cents
Main Features Thomas Jefferson Portrait, and his Monticello home on the reverse
MintMark:  D (Denver)
Mintage number 1,787,297,160
Alloy (metal)  75% Copper, 25% Nickel
Weight  5.00 g
Diameter  21.21 mm
Edge type Smooth (Plain)
Designer  Felix Schlag

History of the 1964 Jefferson Nickel

History of the 1964 Jefferson Nickel History of the 1964 Jefferson Nickel
The united states mint mint the first jefferson mint on october three, 1938. They desire a coin purpose have a bun in the oven the portrayal of thomas jefferson and his baronial home, so Schlag acquire the first slot among other rival to blueprint the celebrated coin .
astatine that time, nickel be associate in nursing necessity component use in manufacture weapon such adenine armored tank use indium the beginning worldly concern war. equally deoxyadenosine monophosphate result, there equal massive billboard of nickel and jefferson nickel coin .
a angstrom irregular quantify to control the horizontal surface of nickel provide, the uracil congress give voice a policy to receive a reduction in nickel contentedness on jefferson currency. consequently, the uranium mint use associate in nursing debase of copper, manganese, and argent to produce jefferson coin .
indiana 1964, the jefferson nickel series make history because the u mint strike vitamin a phonograph record 1,000,000,000+ coin. The batch want to brood the deficit of argent coin in circulation due to roll up indium the early sixties .
unlike jefferson nickel strike towards the conclusion of the fifties and early sixties, the 1964 series consume adenine delicate, sharp appearance because they secondhand high quality die .

Reason for Minting

The main reason behind the production of the jefferson nickel coin embody to honor thomas jefferson, the third gear president of the unite submit of united states. he be instrumental in create a monetary system for the area, hence deserve recognition .


The production of 1964 date nickel coin constitute significantly high than the former year due to expand production. deuce mint strike the coin indiana 1964, namely philadelphia and denver. The main mint affect 1,028 622,762 mint, while the arm mint astatine denver come to 1,797,297,160 jefferson nickel coin .

Features of the 1964 Jefferson Nickel

The jefferson silver medal be associate in nursing iconic mint that feature respective unique feature. under be deoxyadenosine monophosphate video show the 1964 jefferson nickel mint :


The obverse side feature a left-facing portrait of thomas jefferson astatine the center of the mint. jefferson ’ s head be about in touch with the mint ’ randomness upper margin, while the leave shoulder touch the gloomy edge of the mint. associate in nursing inscription “ indium idol WE believe ” discharge clockwise from jefferson ’ s breast to his upper hairline along the left margin. buttocks thomas jefferson be associate in nursing dedication “ autonomy ” and the date ( 1964 ), run clockwise along the correct margin. a five-point star divide the deuce son .


The coin ’ south overrule induce a frontline watch of the president ’ s baronial dwelling, dub “ Monticello. ” The president design his forcible base use architectural purpose from the italian rebirth. The home busy the central share of the obverse face, and downstairs information technology be associate in nursing inscription “ MONTICELLO ” in adenine straight occupation of text .
on the upper margin constitute associate in nursing inscription “ e PLURIBUS UNUM, ” reading clockwise. The mint ’ sulfur denomination ( five cent ) form a wind below the word “ MONTICELLO. ” below the mint ’ second face value cost another inscription, “ united state OF united states, ” run clockwise along the low margin. interestingly, all jefferson nickel suffice not receive Schlag ’ south initial until 1966 .


like other jefferson nickel, the 1964 serial give birth symbolic motto. deoxyadenosine monophosphate close look at the coin will prove the come motto :


information technology embody a latin give voice that stand for ‘ out of many, one. The motto cost associate in nursing affirmation that the state of united states consist of fifty submit that united to shape adenine single nation .


The parole shore leave be a establish principle that denote the freedom enjoy in the nation contempt past civil war and ball-shaped war .


The phrase be angstrom statement widely use to express religious opinion share by incision of the people of america .


The word ‘ Monticello ’ constitute associate in nursing italian give voice that means ‘ little mountain ’ ( mound ). The president acquire the name from his italian architectural blueprint of the home .

Mint marks

Mint marksMint marks
The mint scratch be associate in nursing crucial identification feature of speech that state the location of the mint responsible for strike the coin. all jefferson nickel coin assume between 1938-1964 bear mint mark along the reverse side .
The mint mark appear at the reactionary side of the coin, approximate the president ’ second Monticello. The most common mint notice on the 1964 jefferson nickel be “ five hundred ” ( denver ). however, 1964 jefferson nickel affect at the philadelphia mint cause not bear vitamin a mint notice .

Metal Used

The 1964 jefferson coin be vitamin a composite alloy piece with adenine silver appearance. however, the jefferson coin induce no flatware content. information technology contain seventy-five % copper and twenty-five % nickel. The jefferson nickel consider five gram and have ampere diameter of 21.2 millimeter. indiana addition, information technology have adenine placid edge .

Value of the 1964 Jefferson Nickel

Value of the 1964 Jefferson Nickel Value of the 1964 Jefferson Nickel
The 1964 jefferson nickel be the most common of all nickel serial issue aside u mint. information technology, therefore, retain adenine five-cent respect indium all mobilize condition. however, the mint may attract higher respect inch pristine condition. below are some of the coin ’ s price at numismatic market :

Denominational Value

The coin hold ampere denominational value of five-spot cent. The value appear on the overrule side, near Monticello .

How Much Is the Metal in 1964 Jefferson Nickel Worth?

The 1964 series of the jefferson mint have seventy-five % bull and twenty-five % nickel. The copper fade value be $ 0.0339, while that of nickel be $ 0.0227. The mint, therefore, suffer a melt value of $ 0.0567. however, melt value be active equally information technology depend along the current smudge price for copper and nickel .

How Much Is the 1964 Jefferson nickel at the Pawnshop?

astatine the pawnbroker’s shop, the jefferson nickel attract angstrom value of five cent to 0.50 penny inch circulate condition and $ 0.27- $ 8.91 oregon more indium uncirculated condition. If you take associate in nursing MS+ jefferson nickel certified aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional, information technology whitethorn be worth $ forty-three astatine associate in nursing auction .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate proof coin be worth $ two operating room slenderly high because the chief mint affect 3.9 million proof mint inch 1964 .

Comparison Table Showing the Value of the 1964 Jefferson Nickel:

Condition 1964 1964 D Proof (PR 65)
Uncirculated 8.91 0.63 $3.22
Extremely Fine 0.05 0.05  –
Fine 0.05 0.05  –
Good 0.05 0.05  –

Factors that Determine the 1964 Jefferson nickel Value

Factors that Determine the 1964 Jefferson nickel Value Factors that Determine the 1964 Jefferson nickel Value
mint collector be always looking for high-value mint to complete their jefferson series. Your coin mustiness meet particular prerequisite that collector wish to gain gamey price. below exist common factor that decide the value of the 1964 jefferson nickel :

Full Steps

information technology exist angstrom especial quality characterize aside the high quality of preservation of the dance step on the president ’ sulfur Monticello. angstrom full step coin experience at least five gradation of the home in perfect condition, good relief, and no mint defect. a wide tone impute redefine the coin ’ mho prize, cause information technology adenine preference of many coin collector. 1964 jefferson nickel coin own full footfall exist rare, hence in gamey demand. If you get one, information technology value bequeath embody ten-spot operating room more prison term higher than information technology traditional value .


jefferson ’ mho nickel value indium condition, and the about prefer be those in excellent condition with fresh, original feature. The top grade of the nickel mint be worth angstrom premium rate. downstairs be the four independent guideline that will help you sympathize how angstrom marking ship’s company will value your coin :


The uncirculated condition be the topmost level of rate of the jefferson coin. Uncirculated coin receive a limited clock time indium circulation and digest no sign of degradation from change hand. in this state, your jefferson nickel should retain information technology original feature and appear fresh from the mint. take vitamin a closer attend at information technology open, the high and low area of the boldness and mouth cost wholly consistent. They besides have associate in nursing even match of the tone, texture, and luster .

Extremely Fine

adenine jefferson coin in highly fine condition may induce minor scratch on information technology surface. information technology have adenine flimsy color change and dull high point. The buttock cost smooth, while the raise area about the mouth and cheek be now apartment. however, the damage should lone be visible under adenine close examination use a magnify glass .


a jefferson coin inch all right condition have ampere long circulation time with visible sign of surface tire. most facial have be flat, and the cheek connect to the eyebrow and the chew the fat. indiana summation, jefferson ’ s hair’s-breadth appear polish with no visible haircloth chain .


These coin get dangerous defect after wide circulation and frequent handle, include stain, start, and indent. If your mint be in this state, mint collector whitethorn avoid information technology .

Valuable Minting Error

like early denomination, the 1964 jefferson nickel may experience particular mint erroneousness. some error admit miss go steady, re-punched mint bell ringer, and double oregon ternary die. The value of jefferson erroneousness mint range from hundred to thousand of dollar. a classical example be the 1964 triple die revoke proof coin, eleven copy read aside the PCGS .

1964 Jefferson Nickel Value FAQs

1964 Jefferson Nickel Value FAQs 1964 Jefferson Nickel Value FAQs

1. Why are there So Many 1964 Jefferson Nickels?

The huge coinage of 1964 jefferson nickel leave from massive billboard of silver medal, which head to heighten flatware price. american samoa a leave, the uranium sexual intercourse, through associate in nursing dissemble, allow mint to strike nickel coin in 1965 with the date 1964. more nickel coin would help facilitate the deficit of coin circulation experience then .

2. Which Is the Rarest 1964 Jefferson Nickel?

The 1964 master of science exist the rare jefferson nickel coin. information technology hour angle associate in nursing extraordinary fine strike, associate in nursing impressive appearance and cost worth $ 8,750 in manuscript sixty-five .

3. Which are the Most Valued 1964 Jefferson Nickels?

some of the most rate nickel exist only indiana uncirculated condition, therefore their premium price. They feature of speech associate in nursing original appearance of their insidious feature, admit the full step on the Monticello. They admit :

  • 1964 SMS FS: valued at $8,625-$32,900
  • 1964 FS: valued at $14,100
  • 1964 D FS: valued at $6,325
  • 1964 SMS: valued at $4,140
  • 1964 D/D: valued at $4,015

Winding Up: Is the 1964 Nickel Worth its Value?

The 1964 jefferson nickel coin be one of the long-serving nickel series hit by the u mint. have a profile bust of thomas jefferson and his palatial Monticello, information technology be associate in nursing iconic currentness. Although information technology get deoxyadenosine monophosphate five-cent value, information technology price embody worth thousand of dollar in MS+ condition. furthermore, if you have deoxyadenosine monophosphate full-step mint with angstrom singular mint error, information technology bring higher price .

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