AstroSwap Launched Today – Will ASTRO Do Another 200x?

AstroSwap, an interoperable and wonderfully designed DEX fair launched today, January 28, 2022. In a bid acquittance on January 20, the highly predict activation precedes a period of unprecedented performance of its native currentness, ASTRO .

ASTRO Roared 210X in Early November 2021

According to trackers, ASTRO has been defying graveness since list, outperforming BTC and ETH by respective folds. After completing its initial decentralized exchange offer ( IDO ) on ADApad, the token soared 210X within the first few days of trade .
ASTRO maintains an up trajectory, outperforming other digital assets despite a suppressed cryptocurrency market. By the close up of the first week of January, the ASTRO token was up 20 percentage, skyrocketing as the broader crypto marketplace sank approximately four percentage. For its stellar performance, ASTRO received a bullish lookout from InvestorsObserver after analyzing its price bowel movement and trade volumes in the inaugural five days of the year.

AstroSwap Features

The exhilaration surrounding the AstroSwap establish on the mainnet is palpable. Most importantly, investors and the wide DeFi community are cook to tap on the goodies presented on the mesa. The interoperable DEX is set to take DeFi by storm, offering irresistible trade opportunities to global users at the best rates potential .
The DEX would allow for the fast, low-fee trade of subscribe tokens on the launching chopine as traders draw utmost benefit from a engineering expertly developed by the WagyuSwap team. On the table, AstroSwap will offer ultrahigh APYs for participants. The DEX developers have subsequently allocated 45 percentage of the 10 billion ASTRO to staking reserves. early luminary features besides succumb farm in the AstroSwap DEX include :

  • Interoperability bridges. From these links, users can send tokens cheaply and instantaneously.
  • The exchange plans to integrate MetaMask. The web browser wallet is adaptable and blockchain-agnostic. It can link to most EVM-compatible blockchains like the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Harmony, and more. By August 2021, MetaMask had over 10 million active users making it the world’s largest non-custodial wallet.
  • AstroSwap supports Cardano (ADA) and Velas (VLX). These will be base tokens required for paying on-chain fees.
  • Auto-liquidity locking and a lottery system set for launch in Q1 2022.

AstroSwap’s Host Partnership with Ferrari

These features are alone possible because AstroSwap is launching from the highly scalable and low-fee Velas blockchain. The network boasts of transaction processing speeds exceeding 75k, making it one of the fastest in the sphere .
particularly with technical support from BlueZilla, AstroSwap has a symbiotic partnership with Velas and WagyuSwap, which makes the DEX outstanding, and would easily grow to be the largest in the sphere.

Velas, which hosts AstroSwap, has already partnered with SpaceChain and sent a light node to space on SpaceX ’ s Falcon 9 skyrocket. The finish is to boost the chain ’ s security and increase quality standards .
At the lapp time, they partnered with Ferrari to see its mark plastered on Formula 1 giant race cars. This will significantly increase their sword exposure, benefiting their ecosystem and, by extension, ASTRO holders .

Branching out to Cardano

Given the interoperability of the Velas blockchain from where AstroSwap deploys, the DEX plans to branch out to Cardano to provide up-to-date DeFi products. The DEX will launch on Cardano using the Swapz bridge allowing the exchange to operate as a layer-2 without losing its EVM compatibility and multi-coin support.

Cardano has made a name for itself as the most advanced blockchain globally. Despite Cardano ’ second propose, the launch of what was billed as the beginning DEX was messy and characterized by stay transactions stretching hours. AstroSwap ’ s plunge solves these issues .
later, AstroSwap will besides launch on Solana, opening up more opportunities for traders and ASTRO holders, and in the meanwhile, AstroSwap will refund all transaction fees users incur in VLX, sent straight back to holders. Neat .

Why AstroSwap is a Cut Above the Rest

For what AstroSwap plans to offer, it is authorize why its mainnet plunge is dominating DeFi. AstroSwap has a vibrant residential district, is supported by BlueZilla, and its developers are capable, constantly engaging the community through AMAs. They besides hold regular competitions where users stand to win ASTRO prizes. All this makes ASTRO a strong buy, explaining the confidence amongst holders .

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