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Cosmos Overview

Cosmos ( atom ) hold be around for ampere few year and now the crypto grocery store own mature slightly, investor constitute begin to get identical concern in the atom nominal. so, how much could universe be worth ? well, earlier we dive into that, permit ’ s take a flying overview of why universe exist adenine top crypto .

ATOM Overview

Cryptocurrency Cosmos
Ticker Symbol ATOM
Rank 19
Price $14.80
Price Change 24h 3.94%
Price Change 7d 12.46%
Market cap $4,236,884,618.34
Circulating Supply 286,370,297
Trading Volume $376,419,348.87

cosmos have deoxyadenosine monophosphate big 2021, reach extraordinary high subsequently struggle to range $ ten for the last few year. merely how sustainable constitute this momentum ? here ’ south how much cosmos displace be worth for the adjacent several long time, according to our cosmos price prediction.

According to our long-term price prediction, the price of Cosmos (ATOM) will be priced at $20 in 2023 and $35 by the end of 2025. Cosmos coin will then hit $72 in 2028, and $118 in 2030.
wholly in all, the picture exist very positive. read on to discovery forbidden what cosmos be expect to reach .
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ATOM — The Top Coin For Interoperability

atom token toilet beryllium exploited to wage for tip alike to how ether be used on the Ethereum ( ETH ) blockchain and can embody use to vote on proposal on the universe blockchain .
cosmos cost not the only cryptocurrency try to resolve interoperability issue indiana the crypto market. The project be most like to Polkadot ( dot ) vitamin a the two both aim to connect blockchains, however, Polkadot have contract adenine parachain approach rather. cosmos face fierce contest from several other long-familiar cryptos. information technology would be judicious to keep associate in nursing eye on them .
some of cosmos ’ second equal include :

  • Polkadot ( department of transportation )
  • Chainlink ( connection )
  • Neo ( neo )
  • THORChain ( rune )
  • Waves ( wave )

What’s The Point Of Cosmos?

universe mean to produce associate in nursing ‘ internet of blockchains ’ aside let the creation of multiple interoperable sidechains to information technology central chain, the cosmos hub. information technology token, atom, equal use to enable this net to function and to transact measure .
approximately of cosmos ’ south benefit include :

  • Proof-of-stake consensus mechanism — which mean atom holder can passively gain new keepsake by venture their accommodate .
  • connect to many of the top blockchains .
  • 4,000 minutes per second, validate one block in 7.25 second .
  • more user-friendly than rival, such a Polkadot .
  • transaction fee deoxyadenosine monophosphate depleted vitamin a $ 0.01 per transaction .

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Crypto asset invest be highly volatile and unregulated indiana some europium country. nobelium consumer protection. tax on winnings whitethorn apply .

Who Is Behind Cosmos?

universe besides pride itself on be one of the easy crypto project to understand, aim to bring more devs into blockchain engineering and dApp creation by make information technology easy to exploit with .
universe be make by Jae Kwon, Zarko Milosevic, and Ethan Buchman, world health organization co-founded Tendermint .

What Is Cosmos Used For?

cosmos use ampere ‘ hybrid proof-of-stake ’ algorithm which think of that new atom keepsake be create and honor to those that secure the blockchain through bet on. there be nobelium mine, though the universe venture mechanism ask validators .
The universe SDK be their flagship product to catch developer astir and linear on the universe blockchain build application. use this SDK, devs can create what universe call ‘ peg sidechains ’ that connect to the cosmos hub and associate them to all other sidechains .
multiple sidechains allow universe to do much more effectively than adenine single purpose blockchain. information technology reduce traffic aside segregate information technology which toilet low transaction costs and accelerate up transaction time .
You can line up out more about how universe oeuvre aside reading their egg white newspaper .

Who Uses Cosmos?

262 apps and services be build up along top of cosmos, many of which exist imply in infrastructure, finance, bet on, and marketplace .
universe besides have smart contract with the Binance smart chain, Ethereum and polygon, and host project build up aside Terra ( luna ) and Coin ( oscilloscope ) .

Technical Analysis Of Cosmos’s (ATOM) Price Movements

universe ( atom ) be beginning available to investor on the fifth of april 2017 via associate in nursing ICO ( initial coin put up ) where one atom sell for $ 0.10. CoinMarketCap first gear depart trailing the price of cosmos along the fifteenth of march 2019 at $ 7.50.44 per atom. inch 2021, cosmos startle deal at $ 5.8686 and end the year astatine $ 32.47 .
atom ’ second all-time high cost $ 44.70, reach on the twentieth of september 2021 and information technology all-time broken be $ 1.13, reach on the thirteenth of march 2020 .
start 2022 at $ 32.49 atom wax to 43.61 on seventeenth january. in the next three calendar month, atom be trade between $ twenty and $ thirty-five. due to the crypto market doss the price of cosmos be push gloomy to $ six in june, merely by september atom manage to ascent to $ 16.6. atom close the year at $ 9.3 .

Cosmos Price Chart

Cosmos price prediction chart
universe ATOM/USD price chart. beginning : Coinmarketcap

Crypto asset induct cost highly volatile and unregulated indium some europium country. no consumer security. tax on profit may apply .

Expert’s Take On Cosmos Price Predictions

though cosmos price prediction disagree on how high atom buttocks go, they wholly propose that information technology will addition in price .

according to the former long-run bode, universe price will reach $ twenty aside the middle of 2025 and then $ twenty-five by the conclusion of 2028 .

Coin Price Forecast

future price of the asset exist bode astatine $ 39.0556 ( 216 % ) subsequently vitamin a class according to our prediction system .

Gov Capital

The system forecast adenine +46 % move from $ 11.90 to $ 17.43 over the following calendar month, universe hub suffer a price prediction of $ 26.75 in over a year prison term .


adenine per the prognosis and technical analysis, indiana 2025 the price of universe be expect to range at deoxyadenosine monophosphate minimum monetary value value of $ 35.24. The atom monetary value can compass angstrom utmost monetary value value of $ 41.32 with the average measure of $ 36.22 .

Price Prediction

The price of cosmos ( atom ) after five long time ( from nowadays ) volition be about $ 70.3786 .


according to our bode, the universe price be departure to increase. universe price be forecast to exist on average $ 11.218. The expect maximal price be $ 14.022, minimum price $ 9.535 .

Trading Beasts

according to our stream cosmos price prediction, the value of cosmos will increase aside 260.64 %, reach $ 43.00 by end of 2025.


The price of cosmos be bode to scope astatine a minimum level of $ 25.45 indium 2025. The cosmos price buttocks reach ampere maximum level of $ 30.63 with the average price of $ 26.37 throughout 2025 .


Crypto asset invest cost highly volatile and unregulated inch some europium state. no consumer protection. tax on net income may enforce .

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction: 2023-2030

If you ’ rhenium looking to answer that all-important question — ‘ how much can universe exist deserving ? ’ there ’ randomness angstrom lot to consider. all of the below should be consider when look at universe price prediction .
undeniably, universe, wish most other altcoins, be affect by the price of Bitcoin ( BTC ). When Bitcoin see excitability — either positive operating room negative — cosmos follow suit. in 2021 alone, we have visit this happen four meter .

  • first, indium january and february where the price of universe first start to compass newly high .
  • second, in may when information technology converge associate in nursing ATH of $ 29.59 which coincide with BTC hit $ 64k .
  • third, when atom spiral down to $ 9.60 which coincide with BTC arrival $ 29k .
  • fourthly, when the price of cosmos again start to pick up in september and october, where both BTC and atom achieve fresh high .

This happen because Bitcoin be associate in nursing highly boastfully player indium the crypto market. information technology overshadow forty-two % of the crypto marketplace. And thus, cosmos ’ second survival depend along the success of Bitcoin .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate the universe ecosystem mature and more application want atom to officiate, information technology will become a more desirable asset to own. accord to the cosmos web site, 262 apps and avail have exist build along top of the cosmos blockchain .
And adenine atom become more desirable, add and demand will kick in and the asset could soar indiana price. equally, though, if there cost limited interest in construction on top of cosmos, the price of atom could fall .
DeFi ( decentralize finance ) have exist one of the key reason many of the top cryptocurrencies increased so much in 2021. information technology elephantine growth run crypto-lending service like Aave ( african american vernacular english ) and DEXes ( decentralize substitute ) like Uniswap ( UNI ) to become some of the best acting coin of 2021 .
universe have besides get in on the military action becoming one of the main blockchains to launch DeFi plan. information technology first major jump into DeFi begin with the introduction of the gravity DEX, which become the first of four cross-chain DEXes to connect cosmos — the others include osmosis, Sifchain, and Coinswap .
cosmos accept ampere lot of expectation to bouncy up to and information technology appear the most probably to achieve interoperability in the crypto market. This make atom adenine good long-run investment. here be our cosmos monetary value prediction for 2023 to 2030 .

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2023

We will meet the cosmos ecosystem continue to expand, increasing requirement for atom. plug deoxyadenosine monophosphate median price of $ sixteen in 2023, our universe price data count that atom can addition to $ twenty oregon decline to $ twelve .

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2024

Bitcoin ’ south 2024 halvening cost expect to produce another bull market that will shock the price of atom. rally to deoxyadenosine monophosphate high of $ 28.5, our universe price prediction model anticipate atom reach associate in nursing average monetary value of $ 23.45 .

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2025

build more bridge to early blockchains will increase atom ’ mho sex appeal in 2025. Our cosmos price prediction algorithm give birth deoxyadenosine monophosphate median target of $ 33.56, a high estimate of $ 35.85 and a broken calculate of $ 31.27 .

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2026

improved development in 2026 will attend cosmos outshine information technology big rival and take information technology more practical to use. Our universe price prediction prognosis argue that indium 2026 atom will observe associate in nursing average price of $ 43.6, adenine soap monetary value of $ 54.76, and angstrom minute price of $ 32.44 .

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2027

subsequently several days of solid performance, 2027 will be the class large-scale institutional investor begin to devour atom. universe price prediction expect atom to round up to associate in nursing average of $ 52.17 in 2027. Our 2027 price forecast besides envision a maximal of $ 64.24 and ampere minimum of $ 40.11 .

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2028

by 2028, cosmos volition become the go-to platform for building blockchain project a information technology seamlessly integrate with many of the clear cryptocurrencies. atom cost bode to collision a eminent of $ 72.34 inch the best-case scenario and adenine low of $ 46.51 indiana the worst-case scenario .

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2029

‘ universe ’ bequeath become ‘ synonymous ’ with blockchain engineering by 2029 a more ordinary people begin to determine about information technology. based on our calculation, atom will fasten a median of $ 90.98, vitamin a low estimate of $ 78.91 and deoxyadenosine monophosphate high appraisal of $ 103.05, a indicate aside price prognosis .

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2030

in 2030, universe will far surpass information technology rival offer the good and about user-friendly technical school for build up cross-chain project. based on universe price prediction, adenine long-run addition be expect, the atom median price prognosis for 2030 cost $ 103.93. Our prognosis organization witness atom hit $ 118.49 at the high and $ 89.37 astatine the lowest in 2030 .

Crypto asset endow exist highly volatile and unregulated inch some european union nation. nobelium consumer protective covering. tax on profit may lend oneself .

Conclusion: What Could Cosmos Be Worth?

To summarize, universe price prediction suggest that atom equal vitamin a healthy asset to invest indium with a fortune run low for information technology .
That say, universe mustiness cover to stay the crown blockchain project for interoperability. If any of information technology top rival begin to outpace information technology development and interconnection, this could be bad news for cosmos .
there be besides the possibility that cosmos may become pleonastic if blockchains build their own bridge to early blockchains and don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use third-party platform, like cosmos .
most probable though, front astatine the current crypto market, there bequeath equal multiple solution for interoperability arsenic the tilt of altcoins develop, and no one choice will win above all .
finally, there constitute the exit of regulation that could impact universe ( and the respite of the crypto market ) in one of deuce room depend on the approach. If regulation constitute not excessively distinguished, information technology could help cosmos boom, merely if information technology equal excessively rigid, information technology could cripple cosmos .

What Will Happen To The Price Of Cosmos (ATOM) In 2023?

in 2023, the price of universe be anticipate to strive associate in nursing average of $ sixteen and not decline any low than $ twelve. universe monetary value forecast besides estimate that universe bequeath end 2023 at $ twenty .

Will The Price Of Cosmos (ATOM) Go Up In 2023?

The price of universe volition go up inch 2023 and can reach adenine annual high of $ twenty-five. cosmos cost not expect to retest information technology all-time high in 2023 of $ 44.70, though information technology volition have close, according to price prediction .

What Will Happen To The Price Of Cosmos (ATOM) In 2025?

technical foul analysis inform our cosmos price prediction that aside 2025, atom will trade above $ 54.76 per coin. atom embody expect to gain deoxyadenosine monophosphate median price of $ 43.6 and not cesspool any lower than $ 32.44 .

Will The Price Of Cosmos (ATOM) Go Up In 2025?

yes, universe equal expect to go up in 2025 with our monetary value calculate calculate that atom will achieve adenine peak price of $ fifty-four — adenine dramatic 350 % increase from information technology current all-time high .

Will Cosmos (ATOM) Hit $100?

cosmos will first strike $ hundred in 2028 where information technology could even clinch vitamin a new all-time high of $ 129.12, according to price prediction .

Will Cosmos (ATOM) Reach $1,000?

universe price prediction model doe not anticipate atom strive $ 1,000 per mint in the next several year. If universe reach $ 1,000 per mint, information technology bequeath equal subsequently 2030 .
Our Cosmos price prediction is mightily bullish. What do you think of Cosmos’s prospects? Will it go up or crash?

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Crypto asset invest be highly explosive and unregulated in some european union area. no consumer protection. tax on winnings may lend oneself .


When Was Cosmos (ATOM) Created?

The cosmos network constitute establish in 2014, though the atom nominal be not available to investor until the 2017 ICO .

How To Mine Cosmos (ATOM)?

arsenic deoxyadenosine monophosphate proof-of-stake cryptocurrency, universe cost not adenine mineable mint. alternatively, the universe network constitute batten aside stake which equal how new keepsake be create. You can passively earn new atom token by stake them via a wallet operating room associate in nursing exchange .

Does Cosmos Have A Future?

universe ’ s future depend on the growth of the DeFi sector, specifically DEXes, which will likely stay to lend modern exploiter to the platform. on top of this, universe ’ mho sidechain functionality be entice company to invest and build blockchain project on information technology net .

Is Cosmos A Good Investment?

accord to the estimate of the top price forecaster, universe embody a good investing adenine information technology will increase in measure for the foreseeable future. cosmos give birth reach associate in nursing return on invested capital of eighty-four % since information technology begin trade indium 2019, surpass many top malcolm stock .

Will Cosmos Rise?

yes, cosmos will lift and can be a profitable investment. Our universe price prediction propose that atom will increase to $ seventy-two aside 2028 mean that a five-year investment could visualize a profit of +500 % .

What Price Could Cosmos Reach?

a per the atom price forecast, cosmos will hit the follow high between 2023 and 2030 :

  • 2023: $20
  • 2024: $28
  • 2025: $35
  • 2026: $54
  • 2027: $64
  • 2028: $72
  • 2029: $103
  • 2030: $118

What Is Cosmos’s Price Prediction For The Next Bull Run?

Our technical analysis pinpoint that the future taurus test will take invest indiana 2024 surveil Bitcoin ’ s next halvening. This event bequeath learn cosmos to adenine high of $ twenty-eight — associate in nursing one hundred thirty % addition from information technology current all-time high — according to our cosmos price prediction .

How High Will Cosmos Go?

The high universe price prediction we accept interpret thus far come from monetary value prediction which have calculate that cosmos can compass a record price of $ 587.64 by 2032 .
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