Ben Affleck Says Quotes About Jennifer Garner and His Drinking Were Taken Out of Context

Ben Affleck says he knows media scrutiny comes with being a high-profile actor, but that recent headlines about his comments on his disassociate from Jennifer Garner, his alcoholism and their co-parenting are “ ill-timed. ”
The Tender Bar headliner spoke about the recent newsworthiness bicycle dedicated to his personal life while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live ! Wednesday night. There to promote the fresh film directed by George Clooney, Affleck was speaking about how the film ’ sulfur themes around class profoundly resonate with him .

That ’ mho when the actor broached the coverage around a late interview, where he talked about his split from Garner, the function alcohol played in it and how he approaches co-parenting. Affleck noted that he first began to see some things, including what he calls “ clickbait ” headlines, on Twitter before looking into what the stories were saying .

“ They had literally taken the conversation that I had had for two hours and made it seem as if I was doing the claim opposition of what I said, ” Affleck told Kimmel about the interview on Howard Stern ’ s SiriusXM picture. “ I had gone on and said how a lot we respect each early and cared about each early, and cared about our kids and put them first and went through our gorge. And they said that I had blamed my ex-wife for my alcoholism and that I was trapped. ”

During his drawn-out interview on Tuesday, Affleck told Stern, “ We had a marriage that didn ’ thyroxine exercise, this happens, ” before calling Garner person ” I love and respect, but to whom I shouldn ’ thyroxine be married any longer. And we said, ’ You know what ? We don ’ thyroxine want that. ’ ”
Affleck went on to say, “ ultimately, we tried, we tried, we tried because we had kids. And both of us felt like we don ’ triiodothyronine want this to be the model that our kids see of marriage, ” noting that they would credibly be “ at each other ’ second throats. ”

He then added, “ I probably [ would ] still be drinking. You know, like, it was barely part of why I started drinking alcohol was I was trapped. You know, I was like, I can ’ t leave because of my kids, but I ’ meter not felicitous. What do I do ? And what I did was like drink a bottle of scotch and fall asleep on the frame, which turned out not to be the solution. ”
Affleck charged on the late night show that the nibble he was referring to had made him out to be “ the worst, most insensitive, unintelligent, atrocious guy, ” which ultimately hurt his feelings, but not barely because it was about him. The last Duel headliner and co-writer acknowledged that as a celebrity, he understands he ’ south in the populace eye, even pointing to how he ’ five hundred become a meme as “ sad Batman. ”
The offspring, the actor told Kimmel, was how the report focused on his kids. “ Really, [ if ] it ’ second about my kids, I got to just draw a production line, ” Affleck said, stating that the way the headlines framed him is “ not true ” and that he doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate believe what had been insinuated about his feelings toward Garner .

“ It ’ s the demand opposite of who I am, what I believe. And I would never want my kids to think I would ever say a bad give voice about their ma, ” Affleck explained. “ even being the subject of that is screen of the price of doing business a little bite as an actor, but like, not with my kids. Don ’ thyroxine do that. It ’ second amiss. It hurts me and my class. ”

Despite his issues with the report around the interview, Affleck said that he was “ truly happy ” with how his conversation with Stern went, and the general experience of sitting down to discuss these issues in a “ longform, in-depth, two-hour interview. ”
“ Because the movie is about syndicate and all this stuff that ’ sulfur meaningful to me, we talked a distribute about my syndicate, divorce, alcoholism and struggling with actual things, ” Affleck told Kimmel. “ How you have to be accountable and love, and how I work with my ex-wife and how I ’ m sol proud of the way that we work together for our kids to the best that we can for them. ”
He concluded, “ I was very felicitous with it. I thought I should do more honest, exploratory, self-evaluating things. ”

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