Ben Simmons breaks silence, speaks for first time since trade to Brooklyn Nets from 76ers

In his foremost public appearance since June, Ben Simmons fielded questions from the Brooklyn media as an initiation to his newly team. There were respective questions surrounding his relationship with Philadelphia and the 76ers, along with the speculation around his mental health battle, and least important his suit with the Nets and how he sees their future .

Simmons and Philadelphia

The questions about his fracture relationship with the 76ers flooded in, and while Simmons by and large deflected, there were some interesting comments throughout the media handiness. According to Simmons, he did not blame any singular player, passenger car, or the fans but he decided that he needed to leave this team due to how he felt personally. He didn ’ triiodothyronine feel like himself when playing for the 76ers, and he was feeling that way well before the Hawks serial and the ill-famed Game 7 passing .
Simmons mentioned that the comments made by Doc Rivers were not a factor in his decision to not play this season. His reason was entirely based on himself and how he did not feel mentally equipped to play yet this class.

The relationships that appeared to be visibly broken was the one with Joel Embiid and Daryl Morey. He mentioned that he spoke with Elton Brand, Doc Rivers, Tobias Harris after the deal deadline and that they were supportive of him, and felicitous that he was able to go somewhere new. When asked if he spoke to Joel Embiid, he simply responded with :
“ No, I did not. ”
An underestimate part of the presser was that he explicitly mentioned the 76ers playoff series against the Miami Heat in 2018, as the way he preferred to play. For those that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate recall, Joel Embiid missed a significant region of that series due to an orbital bone fracture, and Simmons name-dropped JJ Redick, Marco Bellinelli, and a few others to credit them with spreading the shock and play “ team basketball ” .

Mental Health Speculations

There were enough of questions regarding his mental health, and how he has been dealing with it. When asked if he knew when he would be coming back to the court, he said he had no timetable but he has been ramping it up. He took the moral high ground when asking if he was angry at those questioning the robustness of his struggles, said “ he can ’ t distinguish people how to feel ” .
Simmons was asked about the people hating on him and discrediting the genial health, in reply he said “ They should be felicitous I ’ thousand smile. I ’ ve had some dark times over the end 6 months…People are going to say what they want. ”
He discussed how he fair wanted to feel like himself again, and play basketball the means that he knew how. This trade to Brooklyn was a way for him to have a raw depart, and will ultimately help him get back on the floor .

Simmons’ Future

When asked is he was going to play on March 10th in Philadelphia, he decidedly answered by saying, “ I hope so ”. That may come as a storm to some fans, but he seemed tidal bore to come spinal column to the Wells Fargo Center.

A reporter asked about the match in Brooklyn, in which he responded by saying “ It ’ s going to be chilling ”, when referring to the combination of himself, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. He hopes to get back to a defensive bearing and be a playmaker for the umbrage. He besides noted that he expects there to be a competition between Brooklyn and Philadelphia, but he likes it that way .
overall, Simmons seemed to be in good spirits. After months of reports and sources from unlike places this was the first time we have heard from Ben himself, and for that we can be grateful to last hear about the site from the knight ’ randomness mouth. His prison term here has ended, and he has moved on to a fresh team, but this was a firm reminder that there will constantly be some bad blood between the two sides .

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