4 Best Colors to Wear to an Interview (and Avoid)

Because beginning impressions are everything, take note of these best colors to wear to a job interview. Congratulations on securing a problem interview ; that ‘s a large step toward securing the job itself !
once you sort out the logistics of the actual interview and practiced, it ‘s time to figure out what you ‘re going to wear. You probably have a dim theme in thinker. But did you know that the color you choose to wear to your interview matters, besides ?
It ‘s not fair about making a decision between blazer or no blazer, marry or no draw, chunky necklace or no chunky necklace. The semblance you choose to wear can have a brawny effect on an interviewer ‘s first impression of you.

For exemplar, some colors might convey professionalism, dependability, or a sense of authoritativeness. other colors might convey something more negative, like immaturity or sloth .
additionally, some colors work well for certain career types, according to Cornell University ‘s career center. For model, if you ‘re interviewing for a more traditional subcontract in law, commercial enterprise, or banking, stand by to achromatic colors. If you ‘re interviewing in a more creative airfield, express yourself with a pop of green, imperial, or yellow .
Each semblance can elicit a different feel or impression, which we know thanks to color psychology. The human brain is crazy, right ? Without further bustle, here are the four best colors to wear to a subcontract interview — and the four to avoid .

1. Wear: Blue

many experts agree that amobarbital sodium is one of the best colors to wear for an interview. In fact, job-search web site CareerBuilder hosted a study of 2,099 rent managers and HR professionals, and blue was the most commend interview equip color. Respondents reported associating the color with person who ‘s a team player. Cornell University ‘s career center besides says the color “ implies that you are trustworthy, honest, and credible. ”
nowadays the question becomes : What shade of blue ? That does n’t in truth matter — equally long as it ‘s not blindingly bright. Navy is a classical, of course, and a light, muted blue sky can be nice when paired with blacken or navy slacks. But be careful : sometimes muted colors can cause you to come off as passive, according to Cornell ‘s career center .

2. Wear: Black

Black is a classical color, and it ranked moment on CareerBuilder ‘s review. Interviewers and recruiters most frequently associate it with leadership, while Cornell ‘s career center says it alludes to military capability, authority, having leadership abilities, and opportuneness. however, because black is such a potent color, wear it to interviews merely when allow .
“ As a high-octane semblance, save it for high-octane interviews, ” reports fashion mark Who What Wear. “ Because black can come off as brawny and aloof, it ‘s ideal for top jobs and managerial positions, but it ‘s not great if you ‘re applying for something in customer service, retail, or anything entry-level. ”

3. Wear: Gray

once again, grey is a great neutral color to wear for job interviews. It can portray you as a coherent and analytic master .
fair one agile tip : If you have a tendency to sweat when you get nervous ( no sagacity ), grey might not be the best color to wear on your big sidereal day. certain, you can wear charcoal pants or blazer, but avoid wearing a gray blouse or button-down since it ‘ll show sweat .

4. Wear: White

honestly, interviewees ca n’t go ill-timed with white. Pair a white shirt or blouse with some navy or grey slacks, and you ‘re good to go. The brain sees white as a saturated coloring material and indicative of person who ‘s organized, detail oriented, and clean.

Plus, it ‘s easy to match — and even accessorize with a dad of semblance. “ basically, go for the classics and add a moment of personality by throwing on playfulness and colored accessories such as socks, necklaces, and ties, ” suggests Cornell ‘s career center .

5. Avoid: Orange

Orange topped CareerBuilder ‘s list of worst consultation colors. Why ? survey respondents said they much associate it with person who ‘s unprofessional .
sure, respondents besides said they associate orange with person who ‘s more creative, but it ‘s better to avoid orange and come off as more professional and dependable, no count your career way .

6. Avoid: Brown

Brown does n’t give off the best vibration when it comes to job interviews either. Fast Company interviewed image and vogue technical Carol Davidson who said the color does have some positive attributes ; it can come off as comfort and reliable. “ But in an industry that is fast-paced and advanced, it may give the impression you ‘re sedate and passive, ” she said .
Cornell ‘s career site besides says brown implies you are “ boring, elementary, and slow to change. ”

7. Avoid: Multi-colors

think : Patterns. Bold patterns are playfulness, yes, but they tend to be distracting. purple paisley does n’t precisely scream “ Look at me ! Look how professional I am ! ” After all, the interviewer should be focused on you — not your bluff sense of fashion .
There ‘s nothing incorrectly with a black-and-white polka dot blouse paired with a blazer or a blue pinstripe dress shirt. just be careful with besides many colors and patterns ; if they get out of hand, these can distract the interviewer .

8. Avoid: Red

In some cases, bolshevik works for interviews — but you have to be careful. Wearing bolshevik can portray you as mighty, according to the CareerBuilder survey. however, because it is such a high-octane and high-octane color, it can become a bite clash and overtake a room .
“ Red can send less friendly messages about the candidate — that he or she is domineering, rebellious, and obstinate, for exemplar, ” Davidson told Fast Company. “ There is a fine line between assertive and aggressive, and red is a bad option for an consultation. ”
rather than going all out with a bolshevik crown, attire or blouse, consider using red as an dialect color. There ‘s nothing wrong with a bolshevik necktie or a crimson handkerchief for a pop of discolor.

Final thoughts: When in doubt, play it safe

Like it or not, the colors you choose to wear to your consultation will reflect who you are and the qualities you bring to the mesa. therefore, when you ‘re left wondering what color to wear to an interview, it ‘s best to play it safe. No, you do n’t have to wear the most boring outfit in the world. You can still express your personality, good do thus more subtly with accessories .
Cornell ‘s career center concludes its analysis with this message : “ Have your wardrobe reiterate the qualities you ‘re trying to showcase in your interview … not only will you have a leg up on the contest, but your assurance will go through the roof. ”
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