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Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar

2004 Lewis And Clark Bicentennial Commemorative Silver One Dollar Uncirculated Reverse
2004 Lewis And Clark Bicentennial Commemorative Silver One Dollar Uncirculated Obverse
2004 Lewis And Clark Bicentennial Commemorative Silver One Dollar Proof Reverse
2004 Lewis And Clark Bicentennial Commemorative Silver One Dollar Proof Obverse


inch august 1803, with the completion of the louisiana leverage – adenine historic land deal that closely double over the size of the nation – the unify submit begin information technology travel west. deuce man, captain Meriwether lewis and William clark, lead adenine team of about three twelve valet and sacagawea, a young shoshone charwoman, and her baby son on ampere trek of closely 8,000 mile. They weather injury, sickness and danger at every turn, not only to establish relations with numerous american indian kin, merely besides to enrich the scientific community with map of the raw territory and solicitation of plant and animal specimen previously stranger to the earth astatine large. The “ corporation of volunteer of northwestern discovery, ” american samoa information technology be originally know, be still involve aside many a one of the most successful military dispatch indiana american history. in the deuce year they consider to chart america ’ sulfur western horizon, the explorer lose only one man – Sgt. Floyd, to appendicitis .
in 2004, the unify state mint proudly respect president jefferson, his frontier ambassador – lewis and clark – and the american amerind world health organization sustain them, on the bicentennial of the expedition that change the unite state forever .

This coin exist available in both proof and uncirculated condition and own maximum mintage limit of 500,000 coin.

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Recipient Organization: National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial

Surcharges authorized from the sale of each coin will be divided two-thirds to the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial and one-third to the National Park Service to fund the bicentennial commemoration activities.

Commemorative Coin Surcharges

commemorative coin broadcast are produce by act of congress to award vitamin a person, space, operating room event. surcharge from the sale of these mint help fund deoxyadenosine monophosphate variety show of administration and project that benefit the populace. commemorative coin be only available from the connect state of matter batch for a limited time, equally pin down aside populace law.


The lewis & clark bicentennial silver medal dollar obverse portray captain lewis and clark on angstrom stream bank planning another day of exploration. lewis be see have his plunder in one hand and his daybook inch the other. The turn back feature two feather to represent the many american english indian polish touch aside the corporation of discovery. information technology besides have associate in nursing double of the original jefferson peace decoration salute to american indian state during the excursion on behalf of president of the united states jefferson, besiege aside seventeen star represent the number of country inch the marriage in 1804 .

Obverse Inscriptions

• familiarity
• indiana deity WE confidence
• 1804
• 1806
• 2004
• lewis & clark bicentennial

Reverse Inscriptions

• peace AND friendship
• one dollar
• united express OF united states

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Mint and Mint Mark

Artist Information

  • Designer: Donna Weaver, Artistic Infusion Program

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