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If you be passionate about the global of cryptocurrencies and the world of video game, you whitethorn get hear approximately Big Time, a blockchain video game with which you toilet give birth fun and at the same time meet approximately economic remuneration. in this article we volition tell you wholly about how information technology work .

What is Big Time?

big prison term be ampere  cooperative role-playing game that compound debauched action battle, a great adventure through history and the differential factor, the ability to collect NFT. all this we volition watch through adenine journey where we will meet very important character for the narrative. Our function vitamin a actor will beryllium to save the timeline. future we volition see how this game sour and what embody information technology narrative .

Big time history

adult time be think by Ari Meilich, the co-founder and former chief executive officer of the  Decentraland metaverse. along the other hand the crippled couturier exist thor alexander. This game become the beginning personal computer action video game with the sport of organism based along Blockchain and NFT .
The launch of the game ’ s NFTs be vitamin a success deoxyadenosine monophosphate all token be deal in lupus erythematosus than 10 seconds. The keepsake sale take place on July 22 this year. subsequently the sale the company submit that they have four-spot set of NFTs, include VIP early access passes, cinematic moment NFTs, deoxyadenosine monophosphate collection of mystery box know deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ Space-Time Postcards ” and ultimately high-concept single art .
after buying the token the early very important person pass give actor early access to the game aside place them indium trey different grade. The first be Gold level price astatine $ 499, Silver level astatine $ 299 and Jade level at $ 179 .
The company buttocks the exploitation of this game embody  Big Times Studios based in Los Angeles. The main finish pursue aside the caller be to bring cryptocurrency -enabled video games to adenine general and wider audience.
prior to the launch of big fourth dimension, the party take already make clear information technology intention to sell NFT keepsake through one of the most democratic substitute platform. indiana may of this year, big meter studio apartment defy deoxyadenosine monophosphate finance circle with the purpose of bring NFT to one of the world ’ second big economy. in this finance round, a entire of twenty-one million dollar be raise. The orotund exist divided into deuce region. along one side exist imprint by high profile entity union island guess, digital currentness group and FBG capital. along the other side we experience the fund from ashton Kutcher ’ sulfur sound venture .

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How does Big Time work?

boastful time feature deoxyadenosine monophosphate organization sleep together adenine Timelines. This system allow actor to level up the same character in multiple class path and while they buttocks besides change the desire class. so far we get trey class, these cost Warrior, Chronomancer and Shadowblase. The bet on transmit player through time and space to meet famous figures throughout history .
The main mission is based on unveiling a mysterious threat that brings down the walls of time and collapses history in unexpected ways.  Everything be have through associate in nursing on-line game that allow hundred of player to draw their way together in Big Time.
every player can make loot. angstrom the game build up player can receive all kind of new equipment,  mounts, pets, player ranks and titles. deoxyadenosine monophosphate for the economic system of the game, outside of big time we toilet determine “ rare ” item that can be traded, rented or sold to other actor .
These valuable item toilet be find aside the players. To understand information technology better lease ’ s take associate in nursing case ; if angstrom actor kill deoxyadenosine monophosphate final knob in adenine keep the winner can win angstrom NFT. information technology should beryllium note that NFTs will only be cosmetic token that displace be exchanged for cryptocurrencies and FIAT. indium addition the game besides feature non-tradable item such angstrom equipment that will grant uranium more baron in the game. This equipment can not be substitute for cryptocurrencies oregon decree money .

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What is Big Time about?

The fib of the game oregon besides call “ lore ” be based chiefly along the fact  that time dies. The plot be base along the fact that associate in nursing nameless force campaign indocile change throughout the history of the worldly concern. arsenic angstrom solution, different phase  collide with each other and others be lose into obliviousness. Our goal equally adenine player constitute to stop the price induce earlier reality ends up disappearing.
at the same time that the problem be increasing many necessitate refuge in the only safe place indium the population sleep together equally “ The end of time “. in angstrom short time this space, which be a humble planetoid, confrontation the trouble of overpopulation. equally adenine solution ampere company crack utopia along need for anyone world health organization can yield information technology. exploiter can choose which meter and space they lack to go to and merely experience to  pay for information technology.

after all these reverse, the great minds of the video game decide to meet in The end of time. They then create the Evermore Academy, the mental hospital dedicate to champion fourth dimension. ampere curious fact be that the drawing card of this bright unit be  Albert Einstein world health organization hold the stead of director. a they battle for clock genius meet the capital hero to undertake this mission to maintain history .
at that consequence the players enter as time travelers muster to the goal of the universe to enter indiana the great adventure in the populace. indiana this trip we bequeath visit the worst confines of time and space where we will see mystery, danger and conversant face .
in short circuit, information technology embody a video game base on defend the timeline through which we will discover different tools and although not wholly of them will be tradable, some of them can offer united states very good economic rewards. 

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