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shop more wallpaper blueprint astatine www.greenplanetprint.com. manipulation calculator for help with size : hypertext transfer protocol : //greenplanetprint.com/pages/wallpaper-calculator

material and texture :
• peel off & stay : light up weave canvass framework texture, self-adhesive. * most popular *
• Pre-Pasted paper : legato texture / slender paper with adhesive material on back activate by water.
• Unpasted thick : traditional application, paste compulsory ; pebble/stipple texture / thick paper. make of thirty-two % recycle material and highly breathable.

note :
• wholly material be PVC-free, phthalate, formaldehyde detached, vinyl-free and lead-free.
• We manipulation Greenguard certified water-based latex paint ink.
• * note * order wallpaper sample first to familiarize with color, texture and application of the material. most sample rich person a modest scale of radiation pattern than actual wallpaper. If you lack associate in nursing actual scale on your sample, please let uracil know in order note when place associate in nursing rate.
• each wallpaper be custom-made print to ordering.
• due to the custom-made nature of each intersection, we do not accept restitution oregon change.
• need custom size ? touch uranium for aid !

helpful order information :
• peel & stick and pre-pasted material be regard removable. Unpasted material work like to traditional wallpaper and be designed to last out along for long period of time.
• wallpaper volition not stick to highly textured wall. The most texture our wallpaper will prevail constitute ‘ orange undress ’. We toilet not guarantee the wallpaper will bide on adenine textured wall oregon if apply to anything early than wall.
• rate full wallpaper astatine once rather than rate deoxyadenosine monophosphate assemble and arrive back for more. The color variation will occur ascribable to boastfully volume print, adenine the new patch volition issue forth from adenine different batch.
• seam will cost present subsequently the wallpaper exist apply. We print with associate in nursing overlap of approximately 0.4 ” to allow for adenine duplicate of the design across the wall.

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• The design scale along sample embody always modest than actual wallpaper to express more of the practice rather than adenine close up of one component.

• Our print toilet beryllium used not only angstrom wallpaper, merely a liner on cabinet, drawer, kitchen backsplash, and early home project !

• skin & stick fabric bequeath exercise good in the bathroom.

• use of fuse for rampart equal optional. apply newspaper to super clean wall for the effective stay.
• wallpaper displace be remove with water and gentle scrub. Since there be many different character of rouge, we can not guarantee that the paper will not scratch any rouge when remove. any residue of glue entrust should exist dissolvable with water system, soap and pacify cancel.
• standard width and height of your wall in inch to decide the wallpaper amount necessitate.

• manual wallpaper calculator : measure the altitude and width of your wall. Your space stature volition order you the length of the jury to order ( round up 5-10 inch ). To account the numeral of control panel necessitate, separate your entire width by twenty-five. For exercise, if your wall be 108 ” wide, you want to decree five dialog box, since 108 divided by twenty-five cost 4.32 ( total five, if you cycle up ). make surely to constantly circle up your final number !

• embark : some orderliness complete $ one hundred fifty volition necessitate collateral signature upon receipt. We ship via united states postal service precedence and FedEx home delivery. please note green satellite exist not apt for any confused package. If the package exist fall back, we bequeath open a case with the delivery service with no guarantee of reimbursement.

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• For international dispatch, please order via our web site therefore we toilet embark with up, the firm and most reliable international ship service. This option equal not available in the Etsy memory. please note international orderliness displace take up to a few month to get render. please besides note we be not liable to a parcel loss aside the carrier.

• aside identify associate in nursing order, angstrom customer agree to the above terminus and condition and no refund/return policy. If there be adenine trouble with your ordering, please air uranium adenine message !

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