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Coin98 be a DeFi chopine and a one-stop solution for cross-chain barter, venture, borrowing, lend, investment, yield agrarian, and more .
C98 constitute the platform ‘s native token with several use casing .

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What Is Coin98

Coin98 equal a crypto platform design vitamin a associate in nursing all-in-one solution for DeFi exploiter. The ecosystem be concentrate on cross-chain interoperability and user-friendliness, drive to increase DeFi adoption and make information technology DeFi product easily accessible to drug user. The assorted merchandise that Coin98 offer include :

Coin98 Super App securely get in touch crypto user to the crypto industry. information technology documentation multiple network and put up serve wish non-custodial multi-chain NFT and crypto wallet, built-in DEXs, cross-chain bridge, etc .

Coin98 Exchange mean to be adenine gateway from traditional finance to decentralized finance. information technology provide user liquidity from many source across versatile blockchains, and let user make fast and batten barter, post, lend, borrow, gain crypto, and receive absorb in multiple DeFi service from one place .

Coin98 Portfolio allow drug user to wield crypto asset by connect their wallet. The portfolio support blockchains wish Solana, Ethereum, Binance smart chain, HECO, Tron, near, Algorand, Tezos, etc .

Coin98 Markets give up exploiter to see real-time price update and horizon token prosody of respective project .

Coin98 Terminals make traditional finance servicing available indium the DeFi sector. information technology offer DeFi tool like nominal issuer, multi-send, blockchain explorer, wallet approval, and more .

Coin98 Staking and Earning allow drug user to receive passive income done the ecosystem .

What Is Coin98 Token

C98, the Coin98 chopine ‘s administration and utility keepsake, might the Coin98 ecosystem. The keepsake exist available on Ethereum, Binance ache range ( BSC ), Solana, and other blockchains. drug user displace yield service fee and access several benefit through C98, admit :

  • Staking

user can put up liquid by bet on their assets in decentralized market-making pool. deoxyadenosine monophosphate ampere return, they ‘re honor with C98 token .

  • Governance

C98 allow token holder to make marriage proposal and vote on the protocol ‘s administration to decide on the Coin98 intersection ‘ feature and specification, network update, etc .

  • Unique rights

C98 token holder toilet access special event and benefit such arsenic priority for launching pad participation, marketing event with strategic partner, etc .

How Does Coin98 Coin Work

Coin98 let trade and transplant cryptos across different network through information technology cross-chain bridge SpaceGate. The platform have build partnership with polygon, PancakeSwap, avalanche, and so forth, to increase information technology cross-chain liquidity and service .

The platform aim to take crypto and DeFi more available. Coin98 finance consist three central division :

Coin98 speculation : information technology help to empower new DeFi project across several blockchain platform by induct in decentralize application ( DApps ) and DeFi protocol build up on Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and Polkadot .

Coin98 lab : information technology ‘s associate in nursing open infrastructure fiscal serve developer focus along DeFi protocol, apps, and non-fungible token ( NFTs ) on multiple blockchains. information technology propose several solution, admit associate in nursing central, a native wallet, multiple market solution and deoxyadenosine monophosphate portfolio .

Coin98 network : information technology put up angstrom rate of medium resource and eruditeness cock, such deoxyadenosine monophosphate ocular content, technical analysis, news, and so forth, to help the blockchain community benefit from DeFi .

Coin98 Founders

Thanh lupus erythematosus, a vietnamese software mastermind, cost the Coin98 laminitis .

Coin98 begin adenine adenine inquiry team indiana 2017 and train into ampere blockchain ship’s company. in july 2021, the Coin98 chopine be introduce to the community, and the native utility keepsake C98 be launch via Binance launching pad. more than 73,000 enter in the mint ‘s public sale, and more than five million BNB token exist promote .

astatine the time of the public sale, the C98 price be $ 0.075. C98 have a soap provision of one billion token. The Coin98 price be fickle and suffer see many up and down since information technology plunge. The C98 price reach information technology all-time high gear of $ 6.42 along august twenty-five, 2022, and the Coin98 monetary value all-time low be record on whitethorn twelve, 2022, when the coin trade at $ 0.35 .

How to Buy Coin98

coin ninety-eight be available along several crypto exchange, include Binance, Fmfw, hitBTC, FTX, Bithumb, KuCoin, HuobiGlobal, Bibox, Whitebit, LBank, Mexc, Bitmart, CoinEx, LaToken, etc .

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