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Among those in Michigan on Lake Ontario and on Lake Manitoba east of Mackinac, are Petoskey stones, which cannot be found in the surrounding Petoskey area.

What States Have Petoskey Stones?

Additionally, they are found in several other states including Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Canada, Germany, England, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Canada, Germany, England, and even Asia. Northern Michigan and surrounding areas were dominated by stone from the ancient era, when Pleistocene glaciers plucked Petoskey stones from the bedrock.

Where Is The Best Place To Find A Petoskey Stone?

It is an excellent shot to hunt Petoskey Stones at a Lake Michigan beach, though this is mostly incorrect. Although the beaches are well known for their fossil shoreline, prehistoric minerals also find their way around the landscape as rockhounds hunt cut roadbeds, gravel pits, and even farmer’s fields from Lake County on foot.

Are Petoskey Stones Illegal To Take?

Rock hunters are still permitted to haul up to 25 pounds of stone per year on state-owned lands, though it is strictly forbidden to collect in Petoskey or in areas that are federal designated parks. The stone ernational Lakeshore. Petoskeys are the official state stone and very abundant.

Where Can Petoskey Stones Be Found?

In Michigan, Petoskey stones are found in many popular locations along beaches and inland. Stone beaches range from Boyne City Beach in northern Michigan to Oldsmar Beach outside Detroit.

What Lakes Can You Find Petoskey Stones?

Besides Harbor Springs, Petoskey, Charlevoix, Northport, Glen Arbor, and Empire, Petoskey stones can be found on the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan as well as the eastern side of lake Michigan on Lake Erie.

Can You Only Find Petoskey Stones In Michigan?

As one of Michigan’s two state stones, the Petoskey stone can be seen along a portion of the lowest peninsulas on the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Remarkably, these stones possess unique characteristics to the Great Lakes.

How Far North Can You Find Petoskey Stones?

Pet-O-Sega is the name given to this stones by Pet-O-Sega, whose hometown of Petoskey shares the same name with much of northern Michigan. There is a good bet to find the stones in a section of the lake shoreline from Manistee along the 45th parallel up to the shores of Traverse City.

Are Petoskey Stones Only Found In Michigan?

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Where Can I Find Large Petoskey Stones?

  • I travel to Boyne Mountain, Mount McSauba in Charlevoix, and Lake Michigan in Michigan.
  • Bay Front & Sunset Park in Bay County; the Petoskey State Park with its fishing. Magnus City State Park with its beach.
  • Here at Bestie Lighthouse Point in Frankfort, we offer scenic views of the hills.
  • The county of Leelanau includes Empire Beach. The park of the same name.
  • The Grandby Point State Park in Manistee.
  • Can You Find Petoskey Stones At Petoskey State Park?

    Park 2: The Petoskey State Park has a gorgeous shoreline, a nice beach area and many stones to find. At the corner of M-119 and M-134 is the village.

    Can You Sell Petoskey Stones?

    Most polished stones are sold online for around 1 1/2-2 inches in height. Some sellers consider this gem to be a treasure chest, and others buy them as jewelry or as a gift.

    How Many Petoskey Stones Can You Have?

    According to state laws, the state prohibits shoreline collecting more than 25 pounds of stones, minerals, or fossils in a calendar year. It is a state-wide law that governs most beaches and state parks across the state. However, some state parks have different policies as well.

    Where Is It Illegal To Collect Rocks In Michigan?

    If you collect anything on federal land occupied by the National Park Service, it is illegal. In Michigan, you can find Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Isle Royale National Park here.

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