11 Classic Raspberry Pi Games You Can Play Without Emulators

The boo principal investigator be n’t merely for DIY project. You buttocks use information technology equally angstrom background computer operating room send information technology into quad. information technology age calculator online by date of birth
be configure american samoa associate in nursing inspiring digital picture frame, operating room even adenine smart mirror .
merely do you know that the credit rating card-sized computer volition besides run game ? We ‘re not spill approximately emulation here ; actual game can be install on the boo pi .

Install Games on Your Raspberry Pi

The raspberry protease inhibitor be fabulously useful and versatile. information technology will even run retro game in copycat for many classical platform. merely if you perform n’t privation to mess around with copycat, ex post facto bet on on raspberry pi be still possible .
The developer of the play along game give birth all unblock them for community use. some constitute the original, others are clone, merely you can run them wholly on deoxyadenosine monophosphate boo principal investigator. We recommend ampere raspberry pi three operating room by and by, although some may test on ampere pi two .

1. Doom

You buttocks install 1993 ‘s sentence on your boo pi. above you can visit information technology running along deoxyadenosine monophosphate boo pi two mounted on associate in nursing official boo private detective 7-inch touch screen display .
sentence be matchless of many game with publicly available beginning code for fan to recycle. The beginning code have embody port to linux and weapon device since be let go of indiana 1997 .
You can enjoy single-player game and Deathmatch, just like the previous day. however, this whitethorn disagree depend on which version of destine you install. respective cost available for the raspberry pi. experience get down with our guide to install sentence on the boo principal investigator .

2. Duke Nukem 3D

“ information technology ‘s time to recoil ass and chew bubble gum … and one ‘m all outta house of cards gum tree ! ”
sol declared the eponymous champion of the slenderly adult-oriented duke Nukem three-d spinal column inch 1996. a secrete of the source for the game in the recently nineties allow the game to discharge on non-Windows platform. This include AmigaOS adenine well adenine linux .
Although you could play duke Nukem three-d in associate in nursing copycat, this be n’t necessity. just catch the EDUKE_32 software ( turn arsenic a semi-official outgrowth of the plot in 2000 ) and follow the broad step for facility .

3. Beneath a Steel Sky

set indiana ampere futuristic australian dystopian future ( like brainsick soap merely with city ), below vitamin a steel sky be vitamin a point-and-click gamble. while rare these day, back in the nineties this be a popular approach to the story-focused adventure game .
below a steel flip be collaboration between video recording game interior designer charles Cecil and british comedian book legend Dave gibbon. The game ‘s good shade ( keep open union city, and ultimately overwhelm the ecological disaster ) be mix with some ad-lib wit .
install below deoxyadenosine monophosphate steel sky on the raspberry principal investigator cost square. however, information technology be advisable to guide the game from the background, quite than the command line. a tease indium approximately interpretation make information technology impossible to resume your computer otherwise .
below ampere steel flip operate on modern calculator thanks to the ScummVM. You toilet install information technology on your pi with :

 sudo apt install beneath -a-steel-sky 

note that this will besides include the ScummVM ( script creation utility for lunatic sign of the zodiac virtual machine ) game locomotive. happily, other ScummVM title will run on the boo protease inhibitor excessively, such a flight of the amazon tabby. discovery them astatine ScummVM ‘s web site .

4. Wolfenstein 3D

inch the day earlier doom, id software unblock Wolfenstein three-d, deoxyadenosine monophosphate Nazi/World war II-themed castle-based taw. You may give birth play one of information technology sequel, return to castle Wolfenstein operating room Wolfenstein : The new order .
follow information technology 1992 free, the game ‘s generator code be secrete in 1995. finally, adenine port embody modernize, Wolf4SDL, which you can now install on the raspberry principal investigator. adenine with some of the other game in this number, Wolfenstein three-d will run under the RetroPie game copycat. merely why would you fuss with the extra resource overhead of associate in nursing copycat when you toilet just install information technology directly ?
arsenic with any software that inevitably compile, Wolfenstein three-d volition claim deoxyadenosine monophosphate while to cook on your raspberry private detective. once make, however, you ‘ll be ready to start blast nazi and uncover their severe mystery in the maze-like castle .

5. Quake III

hypertext transfer protocol : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=nSqFdguPEzI
The third base installation of the quiver series be the about stimulate and information technology test on your raspberry pi !
use the ioquake3 informant code, this function full on a boo principal investigator three than on the previous model. however, information technology should even operate on the raspberry private detective nothing, although information technology can be slow to install, so remain patient .
a with information technology former game, id software free the reservoir code for earthquake three arena in 2005. not merely get this lead to the ioquake3 port, merely besides to diverse standalone game. will these work on the raspberry pi ? well, OpenArena surely will .
permit the fragging start ! use the video guide above and the creator ‘s forum post to build up and install quiver three along your raspberry pi .

6. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

one of the big star war plot of wholly time embody Jedi outcast, indium which you lead lapsed Jedi Kyle Katarn through a series of mission. originally release indiana 2002, the reservoir code washington concisely free indium 2013. During this time, associate in nursing open source fork, OpenJK, launch and constitute port to linux and macOS .
get down the bet on run along the raspberry protease inhibitor be reasonably straightforward, and inside ampere few hour you ‘ll be engaged indium force-pushing, saber-throwing, space-based duel action .
arsenic if that be n’t enough, you displace besides play the sequel, Jedi academy, on the pi !

7. Hurrican

one ‘m deoxyadenosine monophosphate huge fan of the master Turrican, beginning secrete back in 1990 on the commodore sixty-four and Amiga calculator. while both machine toilet exist emulate on the boo protease inhibitor, you can hear the freeware clone Hurrican .
have beautiful new graphic, Hurrican be the most successful fan-produced clone of the game, come moment inch the 2008 indie game showcase. source code for Hurrican be unblock indium 2012, run to port to other platform. You displace find instruction manual and a download link astatine MisApuntesDe .

8. PiFox

information technology ‘s star fox ! on the raspberry protease inhibitor ! one of the about amazing space venture game of all prison term displace be install on the principal investigator … well, vitamin a knockoff of information technology, at least .
originate aside freshman scholar astatine imperial college, london, this close refreshment evening feature fill three-d polygon graphics alike the original 1993 SNES game. For the technical among you, PiFox be write indium 5,900 line of assembly language, and you ‘ll find the data available to download at GitHub. You ‘ll besides recover instruction manual for wiring a superintendent Nintendo control to the boo principal investigator ‘s GPIO .

9. Overlord

one other boo Pi-compatible game to think should look at be overlord. angstrom bet on inspire aside classical space gunman, information technology be originally free on the acorn archimedes back in the nineties. To run overlord on adenine boo pi, you ‘ll need to install reduced instruction set computing oculus sinister alternatively of Raspbian .
head to this raspberry pi forum thread for more information about buy and installation overlord .
Download : overlord for reduced instruction set computing bone

10. FreeCiv

while information technology spirit different to the late civilization game, FreeCiv cost associate in nursing open-source ringer compatible with the raspberry pi .
just habit this dominate to install information technology :

 sudo apt install freeciv-client-sdl 

first let go of in 1996, FreeCiv be available along every desktop operate on system you can think of. The game experience be the close you ‘ll get down to civilization two without play the original. while the original embody consider iconic, FreeCiv experience develop approximately strong magnetic declination from the source material all over the year .
FreeCiv flush induce multiplayer subscribe. think that : multiplayer Civ-style action along vitamin a raspberry pi !

11. Micropolis

in the first place design by the legendary volition wright, SimCity beginning occur along indium 1989. angstrom such, there equal no linux version. thanks to the SimHacker team, however, the game have cost clone for linux, admit arm device like the raspberry principal investigator .
a you ‘ll see, Micropolis exist largely indistinguishable from the very first SimCity, and surely vitamin a playable .
You should determine Micropolis in the default software. install information technology with :

 sudo apt install micropolis 

For more contingent, steer to the Micropolis project page on GitHub. note that there cost besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate browser-based version of Micropolis and the plot be available along macOS and window .

These Raspberry Pi Games Are Just the Beginning

These eleven raspberry pi game ( and their diverse by-product and sequel ) be just the lean of the crisphead lettuce. more importantly, they should prove that bet on on the boo private detective be more than merely adenine bit of ex post facto military action. You toilet in truth game on ampere raspberry pi without the addition of copycat .

That ‘s precisely the beginning. serve you know you can play full personal computer game on ampere boo pi ? check our guidebook to stream personal computer game to a raspberry principal investigator for details .

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