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Keep an eye out for any colorful coins that land in your wallet .
The Royal Canadian Mint dropped a new canadian dollar last week to celebrate scientific invention, and it features the celebrated inventor of the telephone .
“ On the hundred-and-seventy-fifth anniversary of his parturition, Alexander Graham Bell is being recognized for his numerous breakthrough inventions, and the bequest of invention he fostered over the many years he spent working and living in Canada, ” stated the Royal Canadian Mint in a news release .
The Mint says the fabled inventor is being remembered for his groundbreaking innovations in the world of communications on a newly one-dollar commemorative coin which began circulating on October 20.

The modern commemorative mint was designed by canadian artist Christopher Gorey, and it ’ s stunning, to say the least .
Embossed in the coin is a detail portrait of Bell on a vibrant bluing backdrop with two of his iconic inventions : the HD-4 Hydrofoil and the Silver Dart .
It besides includes an engraving of Bell ’ south signature, arsenic well as the inscription “ 175 YEARS/ANS ” to recognize the anniversary of his birth .
There is both a coloured and uncolored adaptation of this coin .
“ From conceptualizing the telephone in Brantford, Ontario, to pioneering fresh air travel and marine craft later in animation from Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canadians can take bang-up pride in their connection to one of history ’ sulfur greatest inventors, ” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland .
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A brief history of Bell’s time in Canada

Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1847, and settled with his family in Brantford, Ontario .
There, he developed a mania for problem-solving and science, building a workshop to conduct phone experiments, where the estimate for an “ electric call ” first took form .
In 1871, he accepted a teaching side in Boston, dividing his time between his new home and the family homestead in Brantford .
He invented arguably one of the most significant creations in history in 1876 — the call.

And he didn ’ t stop there .
Bell besides invented the Silver Dart, Canada ’ s beginning manned aircraft, and futuristic hydrofoil marine craft that blazed the waters of Bras D ’ Or Lake .
“ His bequest is still relevant through his many inventions, many of which we take for granted. From the telephone, to the photophone, to aviation research, to checkup devices like the gasmask, the iron lung, the alloy detector and the audiometer, ” said Alexander Graham Bell descendant Sara Grosvenor .
“ All these impacted people ’ sulfur lives and I think that ’ s what a bequest is – how person impacts other people ’ south lives in a positive way. ”

How you can collect the coin

According to the Mint, Bell ’ s circulation coin is limited to three million coins, of which two million feature the color enhancement .
There are two ways you can collect the mint .
The beginning is the organic way — waiting for it to appear in your change as bank branches and businesses replenish their inventories of one-dollar circulation coins .
Can ’ triiodothyronine wait for it to circulate into your hands ?
You can buy both the coloured and uncolored versions of the coin as part of a seven-piece Collector Keepsake mint rig, according to the Mint.

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They are packaged in a high illustrated collector calling card that contains one of each presently circulating mint, from five cents to two dollars .
The Mint has besides issued coloured and uncolored Special Wrap Rolls of the circulation coin and a $ 200 Pure Gold Coin that is a 1 oz gold adaptation of the circulation mint invention .
You can order the collectible by contacting the mint at 1-800-267-1871, or on-line on the Mint ’ s web site .

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