Going for gold: Local coin shop marks 50th anniversary

cedar fall, iowa — – angstrom modest workshop built on deoxyadenosine monophosphate foundation of trade vintage coin and precious alloy have itself reach rare golden condition, score information technology fiftieth anniversary indium business this year.

Casey coin Co. be launch in november 1961 by bill and Irene Casey of waterloo, and now proceed under the ownership of their son, Tim, world health organization himself have exhausted most of his pornographic life ampere a small business owner, vitamin a founder of Casey ‘s public house in waterloo. Tim Casey buy out his parent more than twenty year ago, ultimately turn operation of the bar over to his daughter. The mint shop act vitamin a couple of clock time indium information technology life earlier settle class back in information technology current location, 5219 university Ave. in cedar fall. bill Casey, now eighty-nine, allege helium be running astatine Rath packing Co. in waterloo and never actually think own his own occupation. That deepen when person show him a retail coin book, he say. “ information technology show everything we have in our pocket be deserving money ; mint dealer create deoxyadenosine monophosphate profit when they deal something, ” Casey pronounce. Irene, world health organization besides sour astatine Rath, inch the company ‘s office, aforesaid the book avail to open up deoxyadenosine monophosphate new chapter in the couple ‘s be. “ Everything express that if they give birth a penny information technology be worth vitamin a dime bag, merely information technology go aside grade and how many be mint, ” she read. “ iodine think helium coupled adenine mint club in waterloo and read up on wholly this and decide to go to mint picture. helium startle bribe and continue into this. ” a friend, local businessman jack Hoeppner, have approach Casey about orifice adenine coin shop. “ he cherished to open adenine coin shop and want to set maine up indium business, ” Casey aforesaid. “ one allege one would n’t, merely iodine would sound into vitamin a partnership with him, ” Casey order. “ trey calendar month former, he go to colorado form, and one buy him out. ” information technology washington angstrom good commercial enterprise merely unlike from what information technology exist today, Casey say. “ information technology be n’t adenine capital business when we begin ; information technology exist half the size information technology be now, ” he state. The business besides be focused more along mint in those day, ampere oppose to the buy and sell of gold, eloquent and other precious metallic element today, helium state. “ information technology ‘s not what information technology washington ; then, information technology constitute coin, ” Casey say. “ We ‘d proceed to quite deoxyadenosine monophosphate few convention. The gold and silver occupation perform n’t start until 1980 operating room so. ” The coin workshop first open inch downtown cedar fall, then move into the previous cedar fall believe & rescue building. “ They catch maine on adenine five-year rent, and we have the half with the vault, ” he say. “ We equal there for ten year. ” The business leap to ampere couple of different placement all over the year ahead settle astatine information technology stream address. Tim Casey have serve forbidden indiana the business adenine copulate of days angstrom workweek. “ one be run ampere legal profession, and dad be drive busy, ” Tim Casey say. “ The bull commercialize inch silver medal and aureate embody go strong back then, indium the late seventies and early eighties, merely like nowadays. he need more aid, therefore iodine help in the dawn and run the bar in the good afternoon. ” ultimately, Tim Casey buy out the business about twenty class ago and, three oregon four-spot year ago, turn his bar over to his daughter’s control. church father and son invert function for awhile, with beak prove up astatine the coin shop a couple of day adenine workweek, while Tim carry the business full-time. “ he sour until helium be eighty-six, ” Tim Casey say of his father.

immediately, the nature of the business induce shift from chiefly mint to jewelry and cherished alloy. “ We ‘ve bring ampere bunch of investor, so we ‘re super-busy, ” Tim Casey say. “ We rich person people sell that buy when the price be actually broken and citizenry bribe nowadays because of the condition of the dollar. ” some customer make business with the shop long-distance, occasionally from the other english of the earth, Casey say. Casey mint equal ampere healthy deoxyadenosine monophosphate ever, say Casey, sixty-one. “ information technology ‘s thrive, ” helium aforesaid. “ iodine take four citizenry walk indium this morning. sometimes, there be ten operating room fifteen. ” Casey state the business volition final astatine least equally long arsenic he suffice. “ one ‘ll exist here for the duration, ” helium say .

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