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Chaos Legion is gearing up to be the biggest and best expansion to Splinterlands yet. Players raw and old have been asking for the next determine to be released for months, everyone is scrambling to get angstrom much SPS staked as potential, and the development team is heavily at work scaling up all of our infrastructure and systems to make certain things run smoothly with the massive inflow of new players we ’ rhenium determine .
today we want to give you the scoop on how the presale is going to work, how Splintershards ( SPS ) plays into it, pack details, and most importantly we ’ ll answer the question burning in everyone ’ s mind :
“When Chaos Legion?”
We appreciate everyone ’ mho interest and solitaire while we ’ ve been preparing to share all of this agitate information with you and we ’ re besides everlastingly grateful for all of the patronize from this amazing community. We do it all for you guys. Buckle up summoners, we ’ re coming at you hard and fast !

The presale will start Monday, October 18th, 2021 and it will run for 30 days.
This presale will work a bit differently than how they ’ ve worked in the past. To make things bonny and give everyone adequate access to the first base race of cards with the most bonus rewards, we ’ ve implemented a voucher system .
33,333 Vouchers will be airdropped per day for 30 days to SPS stakers proportional to their share of total staked SPS. The presale packs will only be able to be purchased with a voucher.

The benefits of SPS aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate going to stop there though. During the presale event, packs can be purchased with SPS at a 10 % dismiss. The base price of the packs is going to be $ 4.00 so purchasing with SPS during the presale is going to be the cheapest way to buy Chaos Legion packs.
long term, SPS will be used in similar ways for future releases. SPS is the official administration token of Splinterlands, so it will besides give players a say in future decisions on the steering of the game .
now, let ’ s take a moment to discuss the packs themselves. Each compact will contain 5 cards, one of which is guaranteed to be of rare timbre or higher. There will however be the lapp find of rare, epic poem, fabled, and gold hydrofoil cards like our former packs, and yes potions can be used to increase the fell rate of legendary and amber foil cards. The full issue of Chaos Legion packs is besides going to be higher than former packs to accommodate the recent massive increase in players .
There will be a grand total of 15 million Chaos Legion packs ever minted.

now that we ’ ve answered some of your most combustion questions, let ’ s talk about what to expect after the presale. After the initial 30 sidereal day presale period there will be a 1 workweek grace period to allow players to finish using up their vouchers on the presale Chaos legion packs. At that sharpen, you ’ ll want to stay tuned to find out when the packs will be released and when the public sale will officially begin .
Until future time, we ’ ll see you on the battlefield summoners !

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