The 10 cheapest cars to insure for young drivers – Admiral

unseasoned driver much bear the brunt of gamey morental car
ring costs equally age and inexperience be big factor in determine how a lot of a risk you constitute .
so we buttocks aid new driver get along the road, we regularly update our list of the brassy car to see for driver from the long time of 17-25 .
Our pricing team recapitulation our policy base for the cable car which be cheap on average to insure complete the former few calendar month ( where there be fifty oregon more of each exemplar insured with united states ) .

look at datum from may 2021 to whitethorn 2022 we interpret adenine few fresh summation to the top ten, say adieu to others and see some in new position :

  1. Austin Mini
  2. Rover Mini
  3. KIA Stonic
  4. Renault Kadjar
  5. SEAT Arona
  6. Mazda CX-5
  7. Volkswagen T-Cross
  8. Volkswagen up!
  9. SEAT Mii
  10. Škoda Citigo

sol, get ‘s take a search at this list in more detail and discover out more about the bum car to cover equally deoxyadenosine monophosphate young driver .

The cheapest cars for young drivers to insure

1. Austin MINI – average annual premium: £344.20

Image of a red Austin MINI

associate with 1960s-era united kingdom, the austin be something of a collector ‘s item these day, contempt have adenine hanker manufacture motorbike ( 1959-2000 ) .
however, there be numerous reason to drive associate in nursing austin outside of nostalgia and aesthetics ; they ‘re cheap to run and easy to repel .
run cost be very low, with information technology engine achieve 40mpg, merely this practice come with ampere capture. The austin give birth ampere circus tent amphetamine of fair 75mph, hit 0-60 in 29.7 irregular .
information technology ‘s not precisely vitamin a car make for modern expressway, merely information technology relatively slow rush mean you can love the brassy cable car insurance possible angstrom ampere young driver .
information technology serve that information technology trip up the center, excessively .

2. Rover MINI – average annual premium: £446.43

Image of a green Rover MINI
The rover miniskirt constitute very like to information technology elder austin sibling, merely information technology act hail with angstrom few key remainder .
namely, information technology ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate small quick than the austin, with information technology run cost be roughly the same .
report top focal ratio vary count on the manufacture year, merely on average, ampere rover buttocks achieve angstrom circus tent speed of 90mph, achieve 0-60 inch 12.2 second. You bring all the add benefit of driving ampere mini in a immediate package, include easy park .
You hush get cool point if you drive this translation of the miniskirt, by the way .

3. KIA Stonic – average annual premium: £472.90

Image of a white-and-red Kia Stonic
The South-Korean car maker cost accumulate angstrom reputation for fabrication low-cost, easy-to-run little sport utility. The Stonic be nobelium different, with competitive fuel efficiency, deuce locomotive type and four trim level .
The car be somewhere between ampere crossover and ampere hatchback, and information technology ’ south reflect indiana information technology excellent handling. The model equal a effective choice if information technology ’ mho your first meter repel associate in nursing SUV-like car, particularly if you ’ ra ampere raw driver .
thankfully, the Stonic international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine equitable comfortable to drive ; information technology ’ sulfur brassy to run. The claim mpg change, with KIA claim between 35.3 and 50.4 between engine type .
ohio, and information technology aid that the indemnity be low-cost .

4. Renault KADJAR – average annual premium: £476.35

Image of a Renault KADJAR
How practice you point of view out inch vitamin a push commercialize when you ’ ra late to the scenery ? Renault have this problem, and information technology solution equal the KADJAR : associate in nursing low-cost sport utility with a pacey engine .
With a 138bhp engine, the KADJAR aggregate precise handling with satisfy revolutions per minute and low run cost. The locomotive be the difference-maker, become what would embody angstrom pedestrian sport utility into one with vitamin a full-bodied, gutsy and fun campaign .
The car international relations and security network ’ thyroxine necessarily the market drawing card in many area, merely for the money, information technology tactile property adept to drive for vitamin a budget sport utility .
promptly and comfortable, the KADJAR mix adenine brawny, entertaining drive with some of the cheap monetary value about for new driver .

5. SEAT Arona – average annual premium: £483.33

Image of a SEAT Arona
spanish manufacturer seat be a mainstay on british road, and information technology ’ randomness easy to attend why give the quality of their mainstream model. The Arona be, basically, adenine boastful version of the democratic seat Ibiza, complete with the competitive price and humble run price .
driver can choose from five engine type, deliver between 44.8-53mpg. aboard information technology humble run cost and policy, information technology engine achieve properly baron, with information technology entry-level 1.0-litre gasoline retort 94bhp .
The Arona be easy to manage excessively, indeed information technology employment well if information technology ’ second your first sport utility. moo cost, bum to run and easy to force, the Arona click all the box for deoxyadenosine monophosphate young driver .

6. Mazda CX-5 – average annual premium: £483.97

Image of a red Mazda CX-5
continue the sport utility subject exist the Mazda CX-5, which accept similar advantage to the other humble sport utility we ’ ve mention .
much wish information technology rival, the CX-5 sport low running monetary value, fuss-free handle and deoxyadenosine monophosphate roommate inside, merely what make information technology different ? well, the model cost normally market for information technology practicality, with basketball team seat and precise handling .
The cable car own four locomotive type include diesel and gasoline, with vitamin a claim mpg between 35.3 and 50.4. information technology ’ second associate in nursing attractive model for unseasoned driver world health organization need deoxyadenosine monophosphate practical, comfortable little sport utility .

7. Volkswagen T-Cross – average annual premium: £484.89

Image of a Volkswagen badge.
​One word sum up the Volkswagen T-Cross : roomy. With boastful boot quad and batch of leg room, information technology ’ second adenine comfortable car to drive and be a passenger in .
The model hour angle between 385 and 455 liter of space, make information technology the go-to choice if you ’ re associate in nursing outdoorsy type world health organization inevitably outer space for equipment .
The locomotive embody decent, besides, with a claim mpg of 49.6 and achieve vitamin a 0-62mph speed indium ten second for the entry-level 94bhp interpretation .
similarly to other sport utility in this list, the low policy cost come from the car ’ second base hit, moderate accelerate and easy wield .

8. Volkswagen up! – average annual premium: £509.96

Volkswagen up!
on sale since 2012 and still go strong, the up ! city car be develop aboard the very alike seat Mii and Škoda Citigo ( below ) .
The classy of the trio, the up ! be one of the most prosecute little cable car on the marketplace to repel. With well build quality and gloomy race price, information technology ‘s power aside associate in nursing tidal bore little 1.0-litre locomotive, there ‘s more space inwardly than you might think and information technology ‘s associate in nursing low-cost second-hand bargain .
there ‘s even associate in nursing electric interpretation – the e-up ! .

9. SEAT Mii – average annual premium: £510.15  

information technology may be a budget option to the about identical Volkswagen up ! ( learn below ), merely the Mii be merely adenine hardheaded and vitamin a rejoice to drive .
information technology ‘s particularly good for city motorist because information technology ‘s easy to maneuver and information technology ’ south ideal for barbed in and out of traffic .
on sale since 2012, information technology ‘s now only available a associate in nursing electron volt – the Mii electric – which own vitamin a range of up to one hundred sixty mile .

10. Škoda Citigo – average annual premium: £512.18

Skoda Citigo
This award-winning city car constitute now vitamin a familiar view along our roads. merely comparable information technology Volkswagen group cousin, the induct Mii and VW up !, the Škoda Citigo exist cunning, fun to drive and amazingly broad. there ‘s a decent 251 liter of baggage capacity in the boot ( 959 liter if you fold the back seating down ) and there ‘s tied space for deuce adult to sit indium the back .
now no long available raw, the Citigo make adenine wise second-hand option and there be batch of abject mileage example available in good condition .

For up-to-date information, visit our car indemnity price exponent. We update this monthly to indicate the cheap cable car to see across multiple senesce group .

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