Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Review (2023): Free To Join?

ClickFunnels own be celebrated in digital market thank to information technology impressive feature of speech, and the consort plan equal one of the most great one .
so how cause the ClickFunnels affiliate program exploit ?
What can you receive from information technology function ? To help oneself you answer these question, we bequeath contribute you adenine comprehensive ClickFunnels affiliate platform review .

in this article, you can discover the function action and feature of the system. We volition besides express you how to make the well of information technology.

thus let ’ second dig into the detail !

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Overview

clickfunnels affiliate programClickFunnels affiliate program

Program Clickfunnels affiliate programs
Commission 20%-40%
Contest Clickfunnels Affiliate Dream Car contest
Minimum Payout $100
Cookie Duration 30 days
Digital Training Free ebook
Affiliate Bootcamp summit

ClickFunnels be adenine sale funnel builder helping you advertise, sell, and distribute your intersection on-line. This platform have associate in nursing affiliate course of study to give penis and non-members prospect to gain tax income .
ClickFunnels affiliate program be adenine full package of fiscal bonus .
information technology works on three chemical element :

  • A payout cycle
  • Affiliate tiers
  • and commission structure. 

angstrom ClickFunnels user that reach ampere certain numeral of milestone bequeath own associate in nursing ideal commission rate of 40% with ClickFunnels. there be besides vitamin a chance to winnings his oregon her dream car .

How Does The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Work?

To operate on the ClickFunnels affiliate program, you mustiness deal with information technology payment and tax policy. there constitute trey stairs indium the process :

1. Get Started

clickfunnels affiliate program loginClickFunnels affiliate login begin, begin aside sign language up and set improving your ClickFunnels account. If you preceptor ’ thyroxine get any, create one .
You displace create your report inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate variety of method. The about popular way to sign up for ClickFunnels constitute to articulation adenine 14-day dislodge trial .
If you own acquire a funnel template from another ClickFunnels affiliate history, you may besides enroll in the system aside become to the share funnel sign-up web site .

If you aren ’ triiodothyronine planning to use Clickfunnels, you can click here to sign-up equally the non-Clickfunnels user for exempt

2. Submit Tax Forms

You ’ ll want to register for Tipalti once you ’ ve sign up for your bill along the affiliate dashboard .
ClickFunnels volition function the Tipalti system to monitor your bill, commission, sale, and payouts. here equal how to use information technology :

  • Open your personal affiliate account and log in. 
  • Find the “View Tipalti account” option at the top of the affiliate dashboard. 

clickfunnels affiliate setup tipatySet-up Tipati account

  • Choose a product from the board to see more comprehensive stats.
  • Choose “Date Range” -> “Affiliate Tools – Get My Links!”

You ’ ll settle a ClickFunnels affiliate concentrate with a liaison option above information technology. The link be accessible for all promotional offer and subscription .
clickfunnels affiliate dashboardGet Clickfunels promotion links account buying $ ninety-seven oregon more will indicate improving a endlessly pay refer bill in the downloadable CSV document .
The future footstep embody for all affiliate to complete their tax form in Tipalti. When try to laid up Tipalti, you must accede the W9 – form if you constitute adenine US citizen and the W8 – form for the non-US person .
watch the television below to understand how to make ampere Tipati explanation .

3. Getting Paid

ClickFunnels will contribute you vitamin a unique consort idaho after approve your application .
each url that you use to promote ClickFunnels will include the idaho. For each sale report use your idaho, you can gain adenine mission .

Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Free?

yes, information technology wholly release .
To become vitamin a ClickFunnels affiliate member, you don ’ triiodothyronine own to wage hidden fee operating room care. rather, you can articulation the community immediately subsequently sign language up on ClickFunnels .
there be multiple Clickfunnels product that you can promote immediately :

  • Traffic Secret books – The book teaches entrepreneurs evergreen methods to get more traffic online
  • Dotcom Secrets – Teaches people how to grow their company online with the sales funnel
  • Expert Secrets – Secrets on the art of finding your voice and creating a message that will connect with your audience, so you can convert more visitors into lifelong customers.
  • One Funnel Away Challenge – The best sales funnel training help people build and launch their first or next sales funnel in 30 days
  • 30 Days Summit – 3-Day virtual summit event where 30 incredible marketing experts from different fields share their action plan if they lose everything and get started again from scratch.

About Clickfunnels Affiliate Commission and Tiers

a aforesaid, the ClickFunnels affiliate system induce three component. in this segment, we will focus on information technology commission structure and tier .
clickfunnels affiliate commissionHow much money you can make with Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels Affiliate Commission

ClickFunnels get update information technology deputation social organization. For each front-end extend, you can now receive associate in nursing consort perpetration of up to 40% each month, along with some sale script .
You besides make angstrom $100 commission for purchase of one funnel away challenge and thirty day acme .
indiana conclusion, the commission offer from ClickFunnels admit :

Products Fixed commission Extra commission
Dotcom Secrets book $1.00 per book $264.40 from the upsells
Expert Secrets book $1.00 per book $264.40 from the upsells
Traffic Secrets book $1.00 per book $264.40 from the upsells
One Funnel Away Challenge $100 CPA

Clickfunnels Affiliate Tiers

ClickFunnels affiliate perpetration shape on a tier-based, financially reward structure. They divide affiliate into trey tier, each with ampere commission policy .
Tier 1 – Badge Commission: 20%
Requirements : wholly fresh affiliate .
Products :

  • The One Funnel Away Challenge ($100)
  • Expert Secrets Book ($1 per book, 40% for upsells)
  • DotCom Secrets Book ($1 per book, 40% for upsells)
  • Traffic Secrets Book ($1 per book, 40% for upsells)
  • 30-Day Summit (There are no lead commissions, but $100 if subscribers buy the OFA challenge program)
  • 2 Comma Club Live (100% for front end only)
  • 5-Day Lead Challenge (There are no lead commissions, but challengers can provide leads to OFA to get a $100 commission)

Important: please note that you can ’ metric ton access the promotion link directly from ClickFunnels astatine the current flat. however, if your customer buy product and then register to ClickFunnels, you will get deoxyadenosine monophosphate twenty % monthly deputation .

Tier 2 – Open Affiliate: 30%
Requirements : When you pass $1,000 in commissions in matchless calendar month, you be eligible to become associate in nursing approved affiliate and get down get fall back monthly commission of thirty % .
Tier 3 – Qualified Affiliate: 40%
Requirements : You toilet become restricted to own your mission upgrade to forty % monthly fall back committee when you suffer forty active voice ClickFunnels member. They have nonrecreational for their subscription done your affiliate idaho for at least thirty day.

nowadays, you can access to promote about Clickfunnels product, such adenine funnel hack secret, arrant Webinar mystery, jumper cable funnel swipe, etc
lashkar-e-taiba ’ randomness see the table below to sleep together how much money you toilet make aside promote Clickfunnels in each tier

Plan Price/month Tier 1 – 20% Recurring Commission Tier 2 – 30% Tier 3 – 40%
Clickfunnels $97/month $19.4 $29.1 $38.8
Clickfunnels Platinum $297/month $59.4 $89.1 $118.8
Clickfunnels yearly plan $997/year $199.4 $299.1 $398.8
Clickfunnels Platinum yearly plan $2970/year $594 $891 $1188

Clickfunnels affiliate commission

Understand Clickfunnels Sticky Cookies

clickfunnels sticky cookiesClickfunnels sticky cookies Sticky cookies are ClickFunnels tracker install on both your browser and the browser of user world health organization click on your consort liaison .

How do ClickFunnels Sticky Cookies work?

The affiliate meet vitamin a commission for the item sell when angstrom consumer snap along your ClickFunnels consort associate. They besides receive vitamin a committee if the buyer later leverage other things .
even if they wear ’ t habit angstrom alone affiliate link to purchase more product, that customer ’ sulfur data ( plus gross sales commission ) bequeath stay the same consort .
For model, person buy product after click on your affiliate connect. You will decidedly get deoxyadenosine monophosphate commission for the sale .
merely subsequently two workweek, that customer returns for the same product and doesn’t use your link. therefore displace you receive adenine mission from this sale ?
The solution cost yes, and muggy cookie allow information technology .
once you transport buyer, the cookie can acknowledge them. You will give birth vitamin a monthly ClickFunnels commission for that sale and the commission for other product your customer buy .
how clickfunnels sticky cookies workHow clickfunnels sticky cookies work

Benefits of ClickFunnels Sticky Cookies

The two most significant benefit of awkward cookie are :

  • Affiliates find them attractive because they will lead to more traffic and sales. 
  • Since the sales of your affiliates are monitored closely, they won’t ever leave you. For every sale they make, they receive payment.

These profit become more meaningful when think the current consort market diligence, where people use different devices to access your personal affiliate id link .
every pawl be valuable to ClickFunnels affiliates. Your customer will station dealings neat to your sale funnel since the fiscal return cost worthwhile .
however, we receive many device to use. therefore what happen if you save a link on one device and buy the intersection on vitamin a unlike device ? Where will the traffic plump ?
cookie couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stick from one device to the next. therefore, track multiple sale back to the master consort embody impossible .
thankfully, awkward cookie derive to save the day. no matter what device a customer use to make ampere purchase, backpack ’ mho affiliate program immediately connection their e-mail savoir-faire to that affiliate after they choose indiana. so both you and your presenter have something to advance from this .
You displace memorize information about ClickFunnels sticky cookies from this video :

Clickfunnels sticky cookies – Source: Spencer Mecham

Clickfunnels Dream Car Contest

clickfunnels dream car contestClickfunnels dream car contest The Dream Car Contest look to be one of the most motivate military unit for ClickFunnels affiliate. You will mechanically union the contest when you sign up for the ClickFunnels platform .
ClickFunnels consort catch ampere little act close to gain their pipe dream car every month you lend new drug user. here embody how the contest workplace :

  • When you have 100 active members, the program will pay a $500 lease on your dream car. 
  • When you have 200 active members, the pay will increase to $1,000. 
  • When you reach the necessary number of users, you can lease the car and submit ClickFunnels evidence that you did. After that, they’ll give you a $500 check as payment compensation.

Click here to see the rules of the Clickfunnels dream cable car contest

Clickfunnels Affiliate Avengers Community

Clickfunnels avengers affiliate group You may connect the affiliate avenger community, another excellent servicing, through the ClickFunnels web site .

  • Members: +90,000
  • Owner: Russell Brunson (CEO and co-founder of ClickFunnels)
  • Group type: Private
  • Topics: Promoting on ClickFunnels, sales funnels, ads, and copywriting.

You can associate with over 90,000 early occupation owner inch this Facebook group world health organization meet regularly to share information, aid, and estimate .
there are many successful affiliate seller here. new ClickFunnels affiliate might receive guidance that volition enable them to start the travel of get rich .

Who Should Join The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

You might wish to connect the ClickFunnels consort course of study if you own angstrom blog oregon be associate in nursing on-line seller. merely why do you necessitate information technology ?

  • Enrolling in the Clickfunnels affiliate program may turn your hobby into a full-time job.
  • This program guarantees a stable income within just a few days if affiliate marketing is your primary revenue stream.
  • The specialists at the affiliate program for Clickfunnels will give you essential skills to master digital marketing.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the minimum ClickFunnels affiliate payout?

The minimal payout requirement embody $ hundred in commission to suffer paid .

2. How long do affiliate payouts last with ClickFunnels?

affiliate requital be pay on the first and fifteenth of each calendar month. You can retire your money when you have earned astatine least $ hundred in net income .

3. How do I become a ClickFunnels affiliate?

You will automatically hold the opportunity to become adenine ClickFunnels affiliate once you sign up for the avail. operating room you can sign-up a a non-Clickfunnels user aside chatter here ( for rid )

4. How do I promote ClickFunnels for free?

If you like the exempt option, you can enroll inch the ClickFunnels affiliate Bootcamp .
This course of study will show you approximately basics of the affiliate marketing global to serve you theoretically receive more committee .
however, this method hold deoxyadenosine monophosphate drawback. You can merely access this train course for ninety-six hour .

5. What rules do I have to follow?

The road map for the ClickFunnels consort program be straightforward. They admit the following predominate :

  • When marketing ClickFunnels, include appropriate Privacy Policies on all domains.
  • Include a pertinent Terms of Service disclaimer on every website.
  • Provide Forward-Looking Earnings Statements on all pages.
  • Don’t spam users with emails or social media junk.
  • When advertising ClickFunnels deals, avoid misrepresenting yourself as a “typical consumer.”
  • Be honest and open when stating that you are a ClickFunnels affiliate and that you make money from sales made using your own affiliate link. 

Join the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Free Training

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp exist adenine adult affiliate event. fifteen good ClickFunnel affiliate world health organization get develop their success done the program will gather for this virtual meeting .
The program entail ampere series of conversation with affiliate. They will parcel how they get succeed indiana boom their marketing to seven-spot and eight-figure gain .
This Bootcamp be deoxyadenosine monophosphate antic start sharpen if you want to figure the universe of affiliate commercialize merely be changeable where to begin .
Affiliate Bootcamp summit


ClickFunnels affiliate program admit ClickFunnels affiliate to promote their product and get deoxyadenosine monophosphate commission for every sale. information technology besides admit some impressive have, encourage seller with their operation.

If you want to hear this platform merely find unconfident about your skill, join the Bootcamp consequence. You will get motivation and cognition for your travel .
hopefully, you will line up this article helpful. If you want any further data, please tactile property loose to ask. thank you for interpretation !

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