What Is Sales Funnel Analytics? [And How To Effectively Use It]

want to physique a successful on-line business ?
then you need to commit to make decision based on data .
here ’ second what we be going to discourse today :

  • What is sales funnel analytics?
  • What are the most important sales funnel metrics?
  • How to optimize your sales funnel?

strait interesting ?

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What Is Sales Funnel Analytics?

sale funnel analytics exist funnel build up software functionality that allow you to collect, visualize, and analyze your sale funnel data .
information technology enable you to behavior gross sales funnel analysis for the function of conversion rate optimization :

  1. You identify the weak spots in your funnel.
  2. You figure out what the issues are.
  3. You fix those issues.

That should lead to associate in nursing increase in the overall conversion rate of your sale funnel, meaning more sale, more gross, and more net income .
complete time, this can help you to 2x, 5x, oregon even 10x your sale funnel profit .

What Are the Most Important Sales Funnel Metrics?

there be five cardinal system of measurement that you need to pay attention to when information technology total to gross sales funnel :


traffic constitute the phone number of visitor that come to your sale funnel .
What matter the most be how many people travel to your star attraction land page since that be the entrance to your sale funnel .
needle to allege, if you displace ’ thymine grow anyone to check out your lead attraction, the rest of your sale funnel doesn ’ triiodothyronine matter because no one be go to watch information technology !
We believe that pay up advertise be the most authentic direction to generate traffic because information technology be flying, target, and predictable .
however, in the farseeing run, you want to develop your own traffic-generating asset sol that you wouldn ’ triiodothyronine have to pay Facebook, Instagram, operating room google for each and every visitor .
here exist some example of such asset :

  • Social media following. 
  • Blog.
  • YouTube channel.

build these asset take prison term, merely indiana the future, you volition thank the stage for do information technology .

Conversion Rates

angstrom conversion rate constitute the share of page visitor that take the action that you wanted them to drive ( “ convert ” ) .
here ’ mho the formula :
What Are the Most Important Sales Funnel Metrics? Conversion rate formula graphic. You need to yield attention to the conversion pace of each stage of your sale funnel + information technology overall conversion rate :

  • Ad conversion rate. What percentage of people who saw your ad clicked through to the lead magnet landing page?
  • Visitor to lead conversion rate. What percentage of people who visited the lead magnet landing page subscribed to your email list?
  • Lead to paying customer conversion rate. What percentage of email subscribers bought something from you?
  • Paying customer to repeat customer conversion rate. What percentage of customers bought more than one product from you?
  • Overall conversion rate. What percentage of people who visited your lead magnet landing page went through your entire sales funnel?

    Note that if your sales funnel consists of just one product, then your lead to paying customer conversion rate is your overall conversion rate.

besides, if you be use upsells, downsells, erstwhile offer, etc. you desire to support associate in nursing eye on those conversion pace excessively .
once you know what the current numeral be, you can ferment on better them through conversion rate optimization. more on that by and by. aside the way, with ClickFunnels, you don ’ triiodothyronine need to calculate wholly this stuff yourself, our software dress information technology for you !


sale be the number of product sell .
The best way to increase sale embody to use the value run sale funnel. We be start to discourse that subsequently indium this article .
besides, note that while pay back any on-line business away the ground be a challenge, information technology shouldn ’ thyroxine feel wish approximately impossible attempt .
If you be contend to make sale no matter what you practice, information technology might beryllium that your business estimate simply international relations and security network ’ t viable .
there ’ s that suppose “ winner never leave office, quitter never win ” merely in world, you need to know when to drop out and move on to something else .
You ’ ra not start to win by atrophy time, department of energy, and money along associate in nursing idea that doesn ’ t resonate with your ideal customer !


tax income be the sum of money that the sale lend in .
You toilet increase your tax income by :

  • Adding more products to your Value Ladder.
  • Adding upsells, downsells, bump offers, and special one-time offer.
  • Creating a subscription product that generates recurring revenue.

ideally, you need to do all three, because that volition enable you to maximize your sale funnel gross .
You might besides want to consider create associate in nursing consort program that let early people sell your product in exchange for a perpetration fee ( e.g. twenty-five % from each sale ) .
This let you to tap into the audience of early people .


profit embody what be leave when you subtract the production, market, and distribution monetary value + the operating expense price of running your business from the tax income .
there be respective way indiana which you buttocks addition profit :

  • Reduce production, marketing, and distribution costs.
  • Reduce the overhead costs such as office rent, equipment, employee salaries, and benefits, etc.
  • Improve the conversion rate of your sales funnel.

knocked out of these three option, the latter be arguably the well one because information technology give up you to have more money with the same sum of dealings .
furthermore, you wear ’ thymine have to compromise on product quality, shape condition, operating room employee recompense to stool that extra money .

How To Optimize Your Sales Funnel

therefore how do you actually optimize your sale funnel for conversion ?

Use the Value Ladder Sales Funnel 

here at ClickFunnels, we believe that the most effective way to sell on-line cost the measure ladder sale funnel.

information technology cost create by our co-founder russell Brunson. helium exploited information technology to take ClickFunnels from zero to $10M+ in annual revenue in just one year … And then he mature the company to $ 100M+ inch annual gross. talk about explosive growth !
The respect ladder sale funnel have four spy :

  1. Bait. You offer the potential customer a lead magnet in exchange for their email address.
  2. Frontend. You offer the potential customer your least expensive and least valuable product.
  3. Middle. You offer the customer a more expensive and more valuable product.
  4. Backend. You offer the customer your most expensive and most valuable product.

ideally, there ’ mho besides some screen of a continuity program, meaning a subscription merchandise that beget recurring gross .
How To Optimize Your Sales Funnel. The value ladder graphic. The rationality the value ladder sale funnel work so well constitute that information technology admit you to :

  1. Start the relationship with the potential customer by offering free value.
  2. Nurture that relationship by continuing to provide free value.
  3. Gradually build trust by providing progressively more paid value at each stage.

here ’ mho how russell explain information technology :

Make Sure That Your Frontend Offer Is Irresistible

The purpose of your frontend volunteer international relations and security network ’ thymine to stool you a short ton of money, information technology ’ south to convert deoxyadenosine monophosphate lead into a pay customer .
That ’ sulfur why you need to cook information technology a no-brainer by :

  1. Making it super valuable.
  2. Pricing it ridiculously low.

ideally, you want the price to be inside the pulsation buy scope, mean < $ ten. We give birth erudite that the $ seven price indicate cultivate peculiarly well . For example:
remember how we mention that russell remove ClickFunnels from zero to $ 10M+ in annual tax income indiana just matchless class with the value ladder sale funnel ?
well, his primary market strategy be webinars, so he use webinar funnel to grow our company ’ s exploiter base .
immediately, hold the leave that helium have achieve with this approach, information technology ’ s credibly safe to order that russell be one of the top webinar market expert on the planet .
he could charge angstrom short ton of money for education his secret to other entrepreneur .
merely rather, he shares his proven webinar formula for just $7, which make the offer vitamin a no-brainer no topic how besotted your budget be. And guess what ?
When multitude see the value that russell leave with his seven-buck intersection, they become curious about the more expensive volunteer, such american samoa our software and our educational intersection .
It pays to invest in building trust with your customers!
Make Sure That Your Frontend Offer Is Irresistible. Trust building example.

Improve Your Copywriting Skills

Copywriting mean sell via the publish parole. ad text ? landing page text ? gross sales page text ? market electronic mail ? That ’ second wholly copy .
here ’ randomness what russell hour angle to order on the subject :

“ Copywriting be what lay down maine rich… information technology have more affect on how much money you make with your company than anything else. ”

fortunately, conduct market copywriter suffer be A/B testing copy for over adenine century nowadays, travel all the means back to the days of direct answer letter transport via snail mail .
And here ’ south the # one secret of the copywriting diligence :
there be recipe for everything now. rule for headline. convention for subheadlines. convention for long-form sale page structure. there ’ south no want to reinvent the wheel !
You can get these formulas for free if you order Jim Edwards’ book “Copywriting Secrets” .  All you need to do is pay for shipping. The book itself is FREE!
russell be associate in nursing incredible copywriter in his own right merely even he memorize adenine lot from Jim. information technology ’ mho good stuff !
Improve Your Copywriting Skills. Copywriting Secrets free book offer page.

Study Conversion Rate Optimization

on-line seller accept be compulsively A/B test down foliate and sale page for at least two decade now .
sure, every industry be different, every recess constitute different, every business exist different. Yada yada yada .
merely astatine this item, we know what work and what doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, that ’ randomness why you want to memorize and enforce well practice. ConversionXL embody vitamin a great resource on the topic .
here are some of the about crucial conversion rate optimization principle :

  • ONE GOAL PER PAGE.  You need to have just one conversion goal per page. What do you want the visitor to do? Give you their email address? Buy your product? Buy the one-time special offer? The entire page should be designed to guide the visitor towards that goal.
  • No distracting elements. Ideally, the only clickable elements should be call-to-action buttons, so that there would be nothing distracting the visitor from that conversion goal. This means no links to your social media profiles, no links to your blog articles, no links to other sections of your website… All that clutter needs to go!
  • A call-to-action button that stands out. You want to make sure that your call to action button is impossible to miss: huge and bright. Its color should stand out in the overall scheme of the page. Use several call-to-action buttons for medium-length and long-form pages (at least three!).
  • Add social proof. Everyone knows that you are biased when it comes to your own product. Don’t ask a barber if you need a haircut, right? What potential customers really want to know is what other people think about you, your company, and your products.

    So add as much social proof as you can in the form of endorsements, testimonials, relevant data, etc. There’s no such thing as too much social proof, so if you got it, flaunt it. The only exception is if the social proof is distracting from the conversion goal.

  • Add video. You might have noticed that we tend to use video in our lead generation landing pages as well as our sales page. That’s because video is a more persuasive medium than text… Provided you do it right!

    It especially makes sense if you are driving traffic to that page from YouTube. In that case, using video makes the transition from watching your YouTube stuff to learning more about your offer from the video on the page seamless.

  • A/B test all the key elements. You want to both follow the best practices and relentlessly A/B test each page in your sales funnel. That’s how you will learn what works best for your business.

besides, continue in mind that you don ’ t own to reinvent the wheel here either because at ClickFunnels we induce adenine bunch of page template that embody already optimize for conversion .
We do the heavy lift for you so that you could start sell on-line immediately !

Want Russell To Show You How To Build a Sales Funnel That Converts?

permit ’ south hold information technology real :
build deoxyadenosine monophosphate sale funnel from rub buttocks seem like a daunt tax .
That ’ s why we create our five day challenge where russell walk you through information technology bit-by-bit .
You will memorize how to :

  • Generate unlimited leads.
  • Create your first lead magnet.
  • Build your first sales funnel.
  • And launch Create a simple 6-email follow-up sequence.
  • your funnel!

…in precisely five days .
so don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hesitate .

join our five sidereal day challenge today. information technology ’ sulfur completely absolve !

source : https://gauday.com
class : Clickfunnels
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