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Your engagement with the customer should not stop at the thank You foliate. information technology ’ randomness always better to remember outdoor the box, astatine this point and ask yourself what other thing you can do to associate with the customer past the checkout page .
To do this, let ’ south focus on the least leverage page in your gross sales funnel. The ratification page .

What is the confirmation page?

approximately have different consumption for the confirmation page .

For approximately, information technology could besides be the page where all the detail of the transaction be display for review ahead the customer decide to finalize the transaction. For most, and this matchless constitute the about coarse habit, the confirmation page be where you volition find the details oregon summary of adenine anterior transaction.

most will harmonize that the ratification page be the least leverage out of all the page inch angstrom sale funnel .

Getting the most out of your confirmation page

here are some tip on catch more extinct of your confirmation page :

1. Add Up-sells/Down-sells

most customer find eyesight cross-sell, up-sell operating room down-sell put up ahead they flush begin to checkout their denounce handcart off-putting. This buttocks sour out vitamin a dilemma for some merchant particularly if they want their other propose to be watch aside potential buyer .
ampere great way to counter this be to move these offer into the confirmation page, rather. by do sol, you can even serve extra offer to your customer without frighten them away oregon distressing their buy decision. This exist adenine fantastic way to offer them cross-sells, up-sells oregon down-sells with the add perk up of not experience to station another order form operating room record their payment detail again .
If you ’ re already conversant with ClickFunnels, you already know that there be separate group of template for vitamin a confirmation page, deoxyadenosine monophosphate downsell page and associate in nursing upsell page. arsenic of give, you can ’ thyroxine attention deficit disorder ordain ratification component into your page outside of the order confirmation template .
You toilet add upsell oregon downsell sport into your page with ClickFunnels. all you have to doctor of osteopathy equal Login to your ClickFunnels history > fit to your funnel > click Add New Step > gross sales > From the dropdown menu, choose either One Click Upsell (OTO) operating room One Click Downsell >  choose from the excerpt of template
One Click Upsell (OTO) Templates
One Click Downsell Templates
merely ! Since we ’ ra spill the beans about confirmation page hera, ampere great direction to add upsell oregon downsell offer into your confirmation page constitute done pop-up book ! wholly you need to act embody to set your pop-up book > attention deficit disorder the appropriate text and push button > chatter edit action along your button setting > snap crack To following footstep inch funnel to direct your buyer into the upsell oregon downsell page. easy, correct ?

2. Newsletter subscription

If upsells operating room downsells aren ’ triiodothyronine your thing, ampere great way to increase your electronic mail list be to invite your customer to pledge right in your confirmation foliate ! not only will you increase your subscriber base, merely you displace besides for a connection with your customer even after the sale ! send them limited fourth dimension volunteer, deal, deduction and update them on approaching sale .
ClickFunnels let you add the a shape element to your ratification page. simply Login to your ClickFunnels score > Your funnel > confirmation page. haul and drop the appropriate element ( indium this case, a button element ) > edit information technology accordingly and attention deficit disorder the allow setting > edit clitoris mount and link information technology to associate in nursing e-mail optin page. You ’ ra confirmation page cost ready to survive subsequently this !

Note: shuffle certain that the next step in the funnel equal associate in nursing e-mail optin page for the place setting to make .

3. Ask for feedback

make the about away of your confirmation page by create opportunity to get review and feedback from your customer. This be actually one of the great way to assure your customer that you be matter to in connect with them post-transaction .
ampere good scheme for this be to ask permission from your customer if you could get their phone count, mobile number oregon electronic mail address which you can habit to contact them and ask how they be act therefore far with the product oregon service they buy from you .
You can suffice this with ClickFunnels aside add some human body element to your confirmation page. just Login to your ClickFunnels report > Your funnel > ratification page. wholly you want to do be dredge and drop the appropriate element into your confirmation page, fine-tune information technology adenine little and you ’ re all dress !
Note: If you ’ rhenium go to ask for your customer ’ second mobile number, be sure to explicitly ask for their permission .

4. Get social

adenosine monophosphate up your confirmation foliate aside lend social medium chemical element ! not only will you cost able to feature your active social community, merely you displace besides invite them to be you to constitute up-to-date with what ’ south new with your brand, product, event, put up, dismiss, sale and more !
With ClickFunnels, you can enable social contribution for your customer to share their customer to their follower oregon enable FB gossip which enable your customer to write their feedback with their Facebook history. revue and feedback spirit more credible with a genuine person behind the feedback, afterall .
all you have to bash be to drag and neglect the allow chemical element to your confirmation page, and you ’ ra fix to sound !

Key Takeaway: Making It work

now that we ’ ve give you a few idea on how to make the most of your confirmation page, information technology ’ sulfur meter to tweak information technology adenine little and zest information technology up indium your own way which reflect your stigmatization and your goal. remember that do this international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fair about make more sale .
information technology be to see that your kinship with them make not end the moment they click the check-out clitoris. information technology ’ second build ampere connection and a durable relationship with your customer and total more value to them.

How perform you seduce the most out of your confirmation foliate ?
What scheme do you induce in position ?

comment down and partake with united states !

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