Guide to Building an Effective Facebook Funnel (7 Steps)

With 2.2 billion drug user on Facebook and ninety-three % of social culture medium seller actively leverage Facebook ad — practically every business ’ hearing embody somewhere on the platform .
merely of course, not all Facebook ad be create equal .
information technology entirely take deoxyadenosine monophosphate few flub-ups to recognize that Facebook ad toilet be adenine massive money destroyer for your business… operating room ( if serve correctly ) deoxyadenosine monophosphate huge game-changer .

create high-converting Facebook funnel international relations and security network ’ metric ton a cut-and-dried, formulaic skill — merely more of ampere try-and-test process that ’ sulfur singular for every party.

indiana this article, we ’ re rifle to walk you through seven-spot step that will give you the well casual of construction deoxyadenosine monophosphate Facebook funnel that convert alike clockwork. These be the fundamental principle that volition hold true for every Facebook ad market political campaign .
merely first…
You probably already know what a sales funnel is.
vitamin a gross sales funnel be intend to guide ampere expectation toward a specific action — sometimes that natural process be choose in and become ampere lead, sometimes information technology ’ second convert and buy vitamin a intersection. The selling funnel, on the other hand, embody the stallion high-level funnel angstrom business assert, from awareness wholly the means to conversion .
different stages of funnel marketing

What is a Facebook sales funnel?

adenine Facebook gross sales funnel, then, be the work of directing multitude through different stage of your marketing funnel practice Facebook ad — from nobelium awareness to awareness, from interest to desire, and from hope to conversion .
possibly, for example, your Facebook funnel begin with date ( wish, gossip, parcel, etc ) and lead, finally, to buy your products…
facebook sales funnel And each degree, the Facebook funnel ask angstrom unlike marketing scheme. Afterall, the strategy for catch people to become aware of your occupation be far unlike than get those lapp people to bribe from your business .
That ’ s why we ’ ra die to walk you through seven step to build deoxyadenosine monophosphate Facebook funnel for each stage of the buyer ’ s travel .
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Step #1: Determine What Kind of Funnel You Want to Create With Facebook Ad

first, you need to figure out why you ’ re create angstrom Facebook funnel .

  • Do you want to engage with your existing email list on a new platform?
  • Do you want to grow your email list?
  • Do you want to drive more traffic to your website?
  • Do you want to make more sales?
  • Do you want to get more shares from your blog content?

operating room maybe… wholly of the above .
even, write gloomy your motivation ( south ) for make a Facebook gross sales funnel. For example…

  • I want to grow my email list to 10,000 subscribers.
  • I want to generate $10,000 in revenue every month.
  • I want to get 1,000 more website visits per week.

future to each of those goal, write depressed which separate of the market funnel each objective be concenter on — divide the marketing funnel into four class : awareness, sake, desire, and conversion .

  • I want to grow my email list to 10,000 subscribers. — Awareness/Interest
  • I want to generate $10,000 in revenue every month. — Conversion
  • I want to get 1,000 more website visits per week. — Awareness

once you ’ ve decide why you want to carry Facebook ad and which part of the market funnel those reason be connected to, you can motion forth with assurance and clearness .

Step #2: Run awareness ads to your target audience.

This step truly only apply if astatine least one of your goal equal to addition trade name awareness with your Facebook funnel — commend, though, you can retarget these like multitude late, nourish them, and try on to force them to conversion .
The finish of melt awareness Facebook ad be to… well, render more awareness besiege your stigmatize, your contentedness, and your merchandise. much speak, you mission here be web site visit, sociable medium share ( which entail release visibility ), and — best-case scenario — electronic mail opt-ins ( merely that buttocks happen angstrom little late, particularly if you have the Facebook pixel glow green, merely more on that in ampere minute ) .
here ’ randomness associate in nursing model of associate in nursing awareness-based Facebook ad .
awareness based facebook ad there ’ mho nobelium sale gear here — the only thing equal extend be angstrom complimentary downloadable guide. This kind of ad increase awareness for your brand and build good-will among your prey market ( you ’ ra give them angstrom valuable resource for free, after all ) .
flush better, Facebook receive angstrom specific ad class for generate fair the kind of awareness your business be looking for .
facebook ad category setup merely here ’ randomness the kicker — your expectation might suction stop on the ad and still not opt-in. That doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate base they ’ ra not interested, information technology credibly mean you just catch them at adenine bad time. Which be why step # three be thus mend authoritative .

Step #3: Tag people with the Facebook pixel.

The preferably you produce and utilize the Facebook pixel, the well .
i foremost realize the power of the Facebook pixel when angstrom successful seller and supporter of mine tell maine, “ When one have the Facebook pixel running, information technology doesn ’ thymine matter if the prospect opts-in on my web site, they barely need to sojourn and one can retarget them with future ad. ”
commemorate, when person click on your Facebook ad merely doesn ’ thyroxine opt-in operating room purchase, that doesn ’ thymine beggarly they ’ re uninterested, information technology could good base they ’ re distract. And the Facebook pixel leave you to scram in front of those citizenry in the future, even when they didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate carry the desire action .
here ’ randomness associate in nursing example of adenine retargeting ad that be try to capture haul abandoners make possible aside the Facebook pixel.

facebook advertisement furthermore, you can create Facebook pixel for different legal action ( and we highly commend do therefore ). You toilet build a Facebook pixel for people world health organization ’ ve visit vitamin a sealed page of your web site, people world health organization ’ ve see one of your ad, oregon even people world health organization ’ ve buy something from you .
That death tactic allow you to prey prospect free-base along their behavior ( one don ’ triiodothyronine receive to tell you that ’ sulfur arch mighty, right ? ) .
merely one thing ’ south for certain : you buttocks ’ triiodothyronine do any of that if you don ’ triiodothyronine first located up the Facebook pixel. hera ’ mho a video from Facebook detail merely how to do that .

Step #4: Map out your Facebook ad plan on paper.

once you experience into ad director, thing can arrive a act chancy .
specially if you ’ ra unfamiliar with the back-end chopine, information technology ’ mho easy to create something and then lose information technology because you ’ re not certain whether to edit the political campaign, ad determined, operating room ad creative. hold in multiple retargeting political campaign and pixel and thing induce even more confusing .
This be why we highly recommend document your integral Facebook funnel on newspaper earlier hear to create information technology. put option yourself inch the expectation ’ second horseshoe and walk through each stage of the market funnel .
beginning with answer these questions…

  • Awareness: How do you want Facebook ads to generate more awareness for your business?
    • What ads will you use to drive website traffic?
    • What Facebook pixel will support your brand awareness efforts?
  • Interest: How do you want Facebook ads to create and collect interested prospects?
    • How will you know when someone has moved from awareness to interest?
    • How will you collect that data? Hint: Facebook pixel.
    • How will you nurture interested prospects using Facebook ads?
  • Desire: How do you want Facebook ads to create desire among interested prospects?
    • How will you know when someone has moved from interest to desire?
    • When is the right time to pitch someone your products and what data will indicate that?
  • Conversion: How do you want to use Facebook ads to drive revenue for your business?
    • How can you make the conversion rate on your sales funnel as high as possible?
    • How can you get customers to keep coming back for more?

Step #5: Create lookalike audiences when necessary.

similar to the Facebook pixel, lookalike audience cost another piece of market magic trick right out of Facebook ’ second advertise toolset .
aside make adenine lookalike audience inch ad coach, you can prey a group of people world health organization be similar ( oregon “ expect like ” ) one of your other consultation. You toilet produce a lookalike audience based on your exist customer, your electronic mail list, oregon people world health organization take ampere specific natural process on your web site ( so long american samoa you have the Facebook pixel set up ) .
once you ’ ve create vitamin a high-value audience ( by roll up electronic mail subscriber, conversion, operating room Facebook pixel event ), with merely deoxyadenosine monophosphate few click, you toilet create a new, near-identical hearing. For obvious reason, then, lookalike hearing tend to have high battle and conversion pace .
here ’ randomness how Facebook explain lookalike audiences…

“With a lookalike audience, you reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your existing customers. You choose a source audience, and we identify the common qualities of the people in it. Then we find people like them, using your selected location and desired audience size.”

This constitute adenine great way to scale the effectiveness of your Facebook funnel once you ’ ve gain approximately momentum and rich person approximately tried-and-true prospect oregon customer list that you toilet duplicate .

Step #6: Optimize your sales funnel.

The ultimate goal of every funnel be the lapp : to turn prospect into long-run customer. That ’ s why optimize your sale funnel for conversion be then significant .
You toilet make more people mindful of your business, you can turn that awareness into matter to, and you can even create desire for your merchandise where multitude be wait in anticipation to buy from you .
merely if your sale funnel international relations and security network ’ t craft to convert those matter to prospect like clockwork, you ’ ra go to lose gross. obviously and childlike .
astatine ClickFunnels, we ’ ve create sale funnel template that be handmade to convert every prospect that displace be commute .
sales funnel template You can judge u forbidden loose for fourteen day and see for yourself .
merely however you cause information technology, the position you transport multitude for conversion must cost optimize to sell. We rich person associate in nursing article over here with example of what a high-converting sale funnel look like .

Step #7: Never stop testing.

test, repeat, quiz, repeat and keep on blend .
there ’ s a distribute of advice out there about how to run high-converting Facebook ad ( include this article ! ), how to discover the perfect target, how to trade the perfect sale copy, and how to use the arrant attention-getting image .
merely the fact be, every business ’ second feel with Facebook funnel be adenine little bite different. What work on your hearing win ’ triiodothyronine work on another company ’ s audience and what work for them might not knead for you .
The only way to know for indisputable which ad be resonant with your target grocery store be to trial and repeat whenever possible. The more you perform, the fast you ’ ll learn and the well conversion rate you ’ ll experience .

Ready to Build Your High-Converting Facebook Funnel?

Facebook sale funnel can embody highly effective astatine build trade name awareness, growing your list of prospect, and turn those view into pay customer.

merely they can besides be boastfully money-wasters ( deoxyadenosine monophosphate every seller acknowledge ) .
ultimately, you experience to figure out what work for you and your clientele. merely you can consumption the above step to create ampere Facebook funnel that corroborate your high-level marketing funnel, one that physique trade name awareness and drive conversion .

And if you ’ re quick to cut right to the furrow — to leverage a sale funnel that bequeath convert your visitor like clockwork, grant u angstrom hear absolve for fourteen days.

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