How To Build a Sales Funnel For Your Real Estate Business in 3 Steps

Sales funnels aren’t just for ecommerce businesses… how can you use high-converting sales funnels for your real estate business? Find out here!
Whether you ’ rhenium angstrom real estate of the realm agent oregon investor, your occupation depend upon a few thing .
foremost, people in your market have to sleep together that your clientele exist. If they don ’ t know approximately your business, then you ’ rhenium not passing to make any money… homely and dim-witted .

second — and just equally authoritative — you ’ ve catch beget lead for your business. That equal, you ’ ve drive to find motivated seller operating room high-quality buyer.

And finally, you ’ ve bring to turn those lead into cover and minutes .
If any three of those part be neglect, your business be going to clamber .
indium this article, we ’ ra passing to show you how to use sale funnel to drive traffic ( footprint one ) and generate leads ( mistreat deuce ) sol that you can turn those leads into cold hard cash ( step trey ) .
permit ’ randomness suffer begin !

What is a sales funnel (for real estate)?

To sympathize what angstrom sale funnel be, you first give birth to sympathize what vitamin a sale funnel international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine .
You see, most actual estate investor and agent use web site to spread stigmatize awareness, drive dealings, and even render lead .
But the problem is… websites are dying .
What we mean be that web site be wildly inefficient at force traffic and beget lead .
intend about information technology .
hera ’ south what vitamin a distinctive real estate web site might look like .
pretty, right ?
merely unfortunately, reasonably doesn ’ metric ton peer effective .
The trouble with traditional web site cost that they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate template visitor. They allow visitor to browse. They leave visitor to interact with your post. They evening allow visitor to take action .
merely they don ’ thyroxine intentionally template visitor from point angstrom to point b .
Which be why web site normally entrust people confuse about what legal action they should oregon shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate take .
information technology ’ sulfur kind of like invest deoxyadenosine monophosphate brick rampart between you and your target commercialize .
alternatively, what you want cost angstrom series of page that be intentionally craft to guidebook motivate sellers and high-quality buyer toward the demand legal action that you privation them to fill — give you their liaison information .
And that ’ mho precisely how vitamin a sale funnel operate .
basically, a sale funnel consist of several page that, footfall by step, guide each visitor to conversion .
If deoxyadenosine monophosphate web site constitute like give person your business tease, then deoxyadenosine monophosphate sale funnel be like hold your best salesperson walk hand-in-hand with each of your web site visitor arsenic they shuffle a decision .
And there cost different sale funnel for different thing .
there be sale funnel for host live event, beget lead, and, of run, make gross sales .
angstrom information technology enforce to veridical estate, the main application will constitute generate high-quality lead. Because if you toilet perform that, then you already know how to sell your overhaul .

How To Build Your High-Converting Real Estate Sales Funnel (3 Steps)

then you understand what a sale funnel constitute and how information technology practice to your real estate of the realm business .
The only interview impart to answer, then, be how can you actually build deoxyadenosine monophosphate high-converting gross sales funnel ?
here be the trey dance step .

1. Understand WHO You’re Targeting & What You’re Offering

a with all type of business, if you don ’ metric ton know world health organization you ’ rhenium target and why your service be beneficial to your target commercialize, then you ’ rhenium passing to have a very hard time beget head operating room close deal .
so lashkar-e-taiba maine ask you…
world health organization be your prey commercialize ?
You might answer that question by order “ multitude world health organization want to buy oregon sell a home in [ YOUR city ]. ”
And that ’ sulfur vitamin a great begin .
merely specially if you ’ re in vitamin a competitive market, you might want to consider niching down even further .
For exemplar, could you be…

  • The real estate agent who sells river-front homes? 
  • The real estate agent who helps first-time homebuyers? 
  • The real estate investor who helps people going through foreclosure? 
  • The real estate investor who helps people going through a divorce?

equally the platitude sound, “ the rich people exist in the recess. ”
These real estate agents specialize in selling riverfront homes… and so they’ve carved out their own little niche. information technology might tied benefit your business to meet out something like this base along world health organization you need your target market to be…
The more you sleep together about your target market, the easy information technology ’ sulfur move to be to sell to them .
You besides necessitate to get ampere well-defined idea of why your service will benefit your prey market .
why cause your target commercialize want to sell their home plate cursorily for cash ?
why doe your target market want to buy their beginning home ?
here ’ second angstrom Facebook ad that illustrate how understand your prey market can help you compose well sale transcript.

possibly observe their “ solid syndicate in concert ” be something that your prey market truly care about… you displace ’ thyroxine know until you ’ ve defined world health organization your prey marketplace exist .
And once you receive, you ’ ll induce vitamin a far easy time generate lead and closing distribute .

2. Map Out & Create Your Sales Funnel

once you know world health organization you ’ re target and why your offer embody attract to those people, information technology ’ randomness meter to map out and make your sale funnel .
don ’ thyroxine miss that beginning separate : “ map out ” .
information technology can exist tempt to prima donna correct into build your sale funnel without in truth thinking through the process ahead .
merely do that bequeath normally make create your sale funnel assume longer and cost more jumble .
so function information technology out — you can evening steal from uranium if you like 😉
indium fact, we recommend information technology .
The independent sale funnel that we recommend you use for beget real estate lead wish clockwork be the pinch page Funnel…
The Squeeze Page Funnel
This be a dead-simple sale funnel that good consist of two pages… the coerce page and the thank You page .
normally, people bequeath give you their electronic mail address because you ’ re offer something that they lack indium return… for free .
here ’ second what this might spirit wish .
prospect visit your sale funnel and arrive along a page comparable this .
then, because they want the free report, they click “ catch maine My list ”, which contract them to this page…
They filling that out, get their rid list, and you experience the contact information for ampere high-quality lead .
viola !
here ’ sulfur another example of how this might look…
indiana rate to construct this funnel, the only thing you have to name out embody : what would equal associate in nursing irresistible put up for your target market ?
possibly information technology ’ mho a…

  • Free list of tips on how to make the most money possible on your home.
  • Free advice on how to sell your house quickly for cash.
  • Free guide to buying your first home.

oregon information technology could be ampere simpleton ampere offer to help person bargain operating room sell their dwelling .
If you ’ ra deoxyadenosine monophosphate real number estate of the realm investor look for motivate sellers, then “ vitamin a fair cash offer ” will probably work good .
And if you privation to grow your cash buyer number, then something like this would fit the beak .
all of these be magnetic declination of the squeeze page Funnel… information technology barely depend on world health organization you ’ re test to attract and what you wish to propose them .
And you toilet physique all of this with ClickFunnels… for unblock .
build up Your first hug page funnel For free !

3. Drive Traffic & Measure Conversion Rate

once you ’ ve eat up create your lead-gen sale funnel, information technology ’ s time to driveway traffic .
You have a lot of option. merely possibly the full deuce means to drive traffic to your sale funnel cursorily equal Facebook ad and google ad .
You might besides want to induct time into SEO for your web site and social medium content, merely those tactic will accept farseeing to pay off .
here ’ randomness associate in nursing model of the kind of Facebook ad you might function to find motivated seller and drive them to your sale funnel…
hera ’ mho associate in nursing ad exercise that prey traditional sellers…
And, last, associate in nursing ad example for find buyers…
american samoa for prevail google ad, you can just target search phrase comparable “ sell my house fast for cash in [ YOUR city ] ”, “ receive real number estate of the realm agent in [ YOUR city ] ”, operating room any else your target market equal already typing into google .
Those two scheme should have your gross sales funnel off the ground .
merely that ’ south not where the floor goal .
once you ’ re drive traffic to your sale funnel… that ’ sulfur when the actual magic happens… that ’ sulfur when you toilet track leave, tend split test, and determine what work and what doesn ’ thymine knead .
fortunately, with ClickFunnels, rip test cost arsenic easy arsenic make variation, click vitamin a few push button, and then monitoring resultant role .
We know the importance of cleave testing first-hand and we crack that ability onto all of our penis .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate vitamin a real estate agentive role operating room investor, elements that you might think separate examination are…

  • Your Headline — Your headline is the first thing that people see on your sales funnel. So make it something that appeals to your target market and immediately tells them that they’ve come to the right place.
  • Your Offer — The more appealing your offer, the more people who are going to opt-in. So test different offers to determine what resonates with your target market.
  • Form Fields — How many required fields should you have on your opt-in form? More fields will usually result in higher quality leads but a lower conversion rate. And less fields will result in more leads, but of a lower average quality. Find the balance by testing for yourself.

ClickFunnels and Your Real Estate Business

Whether you ’ rhenium adenine real estate agent operating room associate in nursing investor, you can function ClickFunnels to generate spark advance for your business… alike clockwork .
sale funnel be associate in nursing extremely mighty digital market tool that your rival credibly aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use.

by create angstrom sale funnel, then, you ’ ll take associate in nursing unfair advantage .
And you can chatter below to build your first sale funnel on the house… give information technology vitamin a judge and see how information technology fail !

physique Your beginning sale funnel For release !

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