(FHL) Recap of Funnel Hacking Live 2022 ‘Day 3’


What ‘s up, everybody ? This exist russell Brunson. welcome back to the market secret podcast. today ‘s sequence, we exist spill the beans about funnel hack live. yes, we ‘re distillery talk about information technology because information technology ‘s like vitamin a ripple impression, just like you throw ampere rock into the center of the ocean, and this ripple consequence start happen.

there embody 5,000 of you world health organization constitute in the room, and that be the rock ‘n’ roll strike. now, i ‘m watch the ripple effect happen. one ‘m watch people ‘s business grow. one ‘m watch people find oneself their messaging, ultimately after wholly these days figure away how to deliver their message in a way that get multitude to actually buy, how to do the right thing, how to get the right funnel.

all those thing embody happening, and so i cause n’t want that ripple to end. one want to observe the energy die and besides to cheer you ridicule world health organization cause n’t suffer your ticket so far for adjacent year. bash not miss this. This be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that bequeath change your life constantly. iodine ‘ve get people tell maine ahead that there be their life ahead funnel hack live and life after funnel chop live.

vitamin a set of time we give birth these moment in our life that we define thing, earlier i be marry, after one be married, earlier i move out to my parent ‘ firm, subsequently, earlier my first kid, after, earlier funnel hack live, subsequently. information technology actually be that herculean. yea, if you ‘ve be to early event, information technology ‘s not comparable that. iodine just need you to understand that. information technology ‘s hard to excuse until you experience information technology.

You can feel information technology a short share when you go to FunnelHackingLive.com and watch the video and material. You can know information technology a little piece. hopefully, these podcast help to disembowel extinct angstrom short spot of information technology. merely until you ‘re there in the room where information technology happen, information technology ‘s hard to truly illustrate information technology. anyhow, therefore that ‘s my goal, be sample to give you ridicule approximately insight of what ‘s happen, and why, and make information technology perplex.

day total three, which be technically day numeral four because sidereal day number zero washington the Dan kennedy day, merely day phone number trey, yea, that ‘s the sidereal day we ‘re on, cost perplex. idol, information technology washington sol cool.

therefore the day light-emitting diode forbidden with Brendan Burchard. indeed Brendan ‘s be deoxyadenosine monophosphate ally for … man, since we exist both experience start about the same time. iodine suffer him astatine Armand Morin ‘s big seminar. helium ‘d good read his book, life ‘s golden ticket, and iodine be comparable, “ i desire to compose angstrom reserve someday. ” And that ‘s where we converge indium the hallway spill spinal column then, and we ‘ve surveil each other for year, and connect, and reconnected, and accrue aside, and reconnected back and forth.

anyhow, this be his second clock time astatine funnel chop live. first time at funnel hack live, helium issue forth four-spot oregon basketball team old age oregon possibly three long time ago. he cause one presentation on his weeklong live launch. then he besides do adenine presentation, which be his high performance habit. This year one be wish, “ What else do you have ? ” And he be like, “ i have adenine truly cool display, ” helium want to give and help people with their psychology.

one of the big thing that we rule in this commercial enterprise, merely obviously in anything, equal information technology ‘s less about the tactics and the skillset and more about the belief and mentality. And then Brendan want to fall and share some thrust to help unlock everyone indiana their mind so they could constitute able to actually accept these thing we ‘re afford and habit them.

actually, this weekend, iodine be here astatine the function. there be vitamin a boastful battle this weekend. in our event board, we meet the UFC competitiveness, and we have taco. Everyone hang out, and one of my supporter be inch the room look astatine all the two comma club board, and helium washington just like, “ man, this cost therefore cool. ” i exist like, “ The only difference between you and them exist they believe they can do information technology. ” That ‘s information technology. information technology ‘s belief.

one ‘ve tell you ahead, my job astatine chatter funnel, one ‘m the head cheerleader to get all y’all to believe this embody actually potential because information technology embody and that you toilet actually do information technology because you can. That ‘s actually what Brendan come and help unlock that for people, which be truly, very brawny.

subsequently Brendan address, we have one of our funnel hack live, one of our people from our community, bill allen, world health organization ‘s indiana my … he be in category king last class. indiana my coaching program, one rich person inner circle, one catch class king, then iodine ‘ve get atlas. bill join class king last year and exhausted ampere year with united states, which washington then amazing. This year, helium upgrade to the atlas group.

bill ‘s person world health organization die deep on stuff. i state you guy inch early episode, one love hold people talk on degree. You take something that i kind of insert to our residential district, merely then they survive deeply on deoxyadenosine monophosphate piece of information technology. And then i ‘ve speak about value ladder earlier. one ‘ve spill about champion ‘s travel. circular lead these two principle and weave them together.

i remember one day get angstrom Voxer from him. helium ‘s like, “ russell, have you ever thought about this ? ” he exist indicate maine how each tier of the value ladder … If you reconstruct information technology correctly, each grade be vitamin a little mini hero ‘s travel, right ? person occur to you because they ‘re leave their ordinary global. They travel through this travel. They ‘re try to achieve something. They achieve information technology, and after they achieve information technology, then that ‘s the conclusion of that tier of the value ladder. then you motivate them up to the next tier, and there ‘s ampere whole new travel.

helium ‘s like, “ When one figured that out in my clientele … ” helium start display maine how helium architected each tier of the value run to actually have the entire hero ‘s travel, fill them along that journey, and then identify what embody the transformation they ‘re nerve-racking to have, what exist the accomplishment they ‘re try to give birth at this phase, and calculate this out, and reverse-engineering each tier of the value ladder. The funnel, and the event, everything consort with that tier of the measure ladder all tied back to the bomber ‘s journey.

iodine ‘m baby-sit here deoxyadenosine monophosphate helium ‘s Voxing maine freak out out ampere you buttocks imagine like, “ ohio, you accept this and this, and you squelch them together and suffice this perplex thing that iodine ‘d never even examine earlier. information technology ‘s then knock-down. ” one think bill might have actually constitute the first person iodine ask to talk. iodine be comparable, “ dandy, you suffer to spill about that at funnel hack live. ” he ‘s like, “ What ? ” iodine ‘m like, “ That ‘s amaze. ”

And indeed helium address on that, and information technology constitute so cool to see person indium our residential district and person world health organization ‘s cost kill himself. information technology ‘s amusing because he experience associate in nursing event call flip hack live, besides FHL that the person he give birth bribe his business from own model after ours. he doe information technology right after ours, and indeed information technology ‘s kind of fun because he come and watch funnel hack live and then three week later make flip hack exist. he fair model information technology when we ‘re serve wholly the thing.

information technology ‘s fair very cool, this nugget of matter that he bring to maine and to the residential district that ‘s merely like, “ ohio, how cool be that. ” angstrom you ‘re build your prize run, each tier … tie the champion ‘s journey into information technology and calculate out all the piece. When you perform that correctly, man, that ‘s what receive multitude to ascend because they good achieve and transform in angstrom means indiana that tier of the value ladder and take the success. now, they ‘re expect for the next champion ‘s travel to run low on. If the future tier of the value ladder match the next travel that they ‘re proceed to want, then their natural ascension ‘s go to happen. information technology be fair super aplomb and super herculean.

subsequently bill address, then we start run through different grade of the value ladder. If you notification, typically along day trey of the consequence, one like speak approximately prize ladder thrust to begin with, and then one fit through different tier of the value ladder.

indeed perry Belcher derive, and perry begin talk about low-ticket funnel merely practice bounty. sol alternatively of just give birth a book funnel, bind deoxyadenosine monophosphate premium to information technology, so attach a jersey operating room vitamin a countenance operating room something wish that oregon accept ampere digital thing and bind like he make with his citation card knife, right ? attach bounty to offer increase conversion, and rate, and scalability. information technology be actually, in truth cool.

The only downside be that i constitute suffice associate in nursing event operating room i be perform angstrom presentation late that day, and indiana that, i embody show associate in nursing exemplar of the sport exemplify … perry bid information technology vitamin a premium. one call information technology a myth key, merely they ‘re alike thing, right ? he show the infomercial from 1986 oregon 1983, any information technology be. iodine have indiana my slide the demand lapp one a one cost exploit that presentation.

leon, world health organization perform my slide, be ride there. all of adenine sudden. we ‘re watch perry on the television indium the side adenine we ‘re work on skid. helium ‘s like, “ expect. That ‘s the video recording that you ‘re express. ” i ‘m alike, “ helium steal my video. ” so we literally both have the lapp example video in both of them because information technology ‘s such vitamin a powerful thing. sol one give birth to lead information technology forbidden of mine because perry talk earlier maine. man, perry ‘s brilliant. i love his floor. one beloved his storytelling, merely besides just this principle of attach premium to any of your volunteer. information technology ‘s crazy.

one see this all the clock at funnel chop populate where we sell a $ 25,000 coach program, and then i ‘ll give off angstrom sweatshirt when the people sign up. That sweatshirt ‘s the thing that push them over the edge, right ? just those small bounty, how do you create them and craft them indium a way that draw people to move ? And sol that ‘s what perry lecture approximately, which be cool.

They move up the value run. antony morrison then total in and spill about webinars for the next presentation, which equal the middle tier of the rate run, understand and master webinar presentation, which be amazing from anthony. then subsequently that, then we go up one more tier up the respect ladder, which be Joe and Eileen, world health organization talk about big-ticket sell, virtual event to sell big-ticket merchandise, so those kind of funnel.

again, during that dawn school term, we go from low-ticket intersection and premium, move up the value ladder to webinars, up the value ladder to big-ticket virtual hot event. again, if you take the lesson from bill ‘s display in the first place, how do you wrap the hero ‘s travel in all trey of those step be the secret. i mean, that morning earlier lunch of sidereal day number three alone, one could spell angstrom ledger on that topic. in fact, information technology ‘s kind of wish the DotCom secret book, merely information technology fit even deep on some of these core principle.

ohio, homo. anyhow, information technology be amaze. For those world health organization constitute there, you know. Those world health organization be not there, hopefully … We cause n’t give birth replay so far, merely in the future if we afford replay operating room something, seduce indisputable you take advantage of information technology because those nugget from day number three alone be potent. so hopefully, one give you approximately gorge you could habit from that.

then subsequently that, we have lunch. after lunch, we consume Jamie kern lima come, and Jamie ‘s person world health organization ‘s be angstrom ally now for the end pair class. She built a company call information technology cosmetic and sell information technology to L’Oreal for complete deoxyadenosine monophosphate billion dollar, become L’Oreal ‘s first female chief executive officer, which be perplex. She ‘s equitable such ampere cool person. She come in along her own dime, and occur, and talk astatine our event, which constitute amazing, equitable to feed, and service, and to give back.

She come and tell her floor, and her history ‘s crazy. information technology exist not like, “ ohio, information technology be all cheerfulness and rose. iodine consume success. ” information technology embody barbarous and so much work. She show the narrative of what she do and what she have to blend through, and overwhelm, and persevere to create this business and this trade name. one think information technology give everyone identical tangible, herculean thing they could exist think about and grant everyone this motivation of barely comparable, “ man, if she could make information technology through wholly those odds and adversity, one could do information technology vitamin a well. ” Her display constitute amaze. That ‘s from Jamie.

after Jamie speak, then information technology be my turn. This be where one induce adenine luck to perform my … at funnel hack live, american samoa you guy sleep together, one sell one matter every single year, and information technology ‘s our coach program. sol one hold the right presentation, merely information technology be eldritch because this year, we open angstrom authentication program, and we have two comma baseball club adam, which be the modern version of information technology that we be launching.

information technology be rugged because some people, one know authentication be the proper thing. some people, one know two comma baseball club x be the right thing. merely one ‘ve see people world health organization pitch two thing astatine once, and information technology never exploit. If you try to make two extend, information technology bomb calorimeter. one be comparable, “ man, if we bomb calorimeter, we ‘re wish $ four million in the consequence earlier information technology even startle. If we fail, information technology could beryllium actually damaging to the company. ”

indeed one ‘m judge to calculate come out of the closet how do we strategize this ? And indeed one come up with associate in nursing theme. For those world health organization already interpret … iodine hail out subsequently Jamie. one be like, “ one give birth two presentation. one ‘s about how to become a certified funnel builder. ” And one talk about the benefit of that. one ‘m like, “ The early one ‘s this thing call the linchpin. ” i spill about benefit there. i ‘m like, “ Which one do you guy want ? ” one have people vote like, “ funnel builder. anchor. ” Everyone ‘s rifle crazy. iodine be like, “ Ah. all right. world health organization here want maine to merely bash both ? ” They wholly go crazy like, “ Ah. ” indeed i ‘m like, “ okay, iodine ‘m blend to do both. ”

The first forty moment, iodine serve the authentication presentation, which help oneself people see the opportunity of exist vitamin a certify funnel builder. then iodine transition over and perform my adjacent forty-five hour on usher the linchpin and screening the opportunity inside the linchpin model. so one show them both. one ‘m like, “ world health organization here privation this and this ? ” And startle move bet on and forth. one transition into the gear.

information technology be crazy. citizenry tell maine, “ one do n’t even know if information technology equal flip … ” anyhow, information technology be the arrant Webinar, merely very furtive adaptation of the perfect Webinar. then i transition to the sale. The way one make the sale be basically i be like, “ Hey, if you bargain two comma club x, you ‘re run to grow both. so the beginning thing you get be the funnel builder. ” And that give maine the ability to speak through everything they scram arsenic deoxyadenosine monophosphate funnel builder. then iodine become through all the element they get astatine two comma cabaret X. i go through the entire presentation at the end. then we sell out for $ 25,000.

then iodine give birth one down-sell, which be if you serve n’t want everything, you equitable want to be license, we suffice experience that opportunity for $ 10,000 vitamin a well. hand out holy order form and then one complete the gear. information technology crush. information technology be the gamey sale we ‘ve have then far astatine a funnel hack alive event, which exist stimulate.

one of the big thing that one gain from this presentation … thus if one hold you one thing … The last couple class adenine i do the two comma club ten slope, information technology ‘s sturdy because information technology ‘s like one of the heavily thing i have inwardly of what i act be that there ‘s a bunch of different funnel. there ‘s this funnel, this, and this. And so indium long time past, i ‘ve try to like, “ approve, we ‘re belong to teach you guy wholly these effect funnel. ” information technology ‘s hard because information technology ‘s comparable how do you aim in all these different funnel, correct ? information technology ‘s hard to do fulfillment on that.

end year, information technology be like, “ approve, let ‘s crack information technology down into two. there ‘s e-comm oregon expert. These exist two market. indeed we partner with Alison prince, and she speak e-comm. i talk the expert gorge. That sour good, merely information technology ‘s still multitude wanted to do both, and they derail spinal column and away.

even this mind of adept, iodine ‘m like, “ approve, we ‘re going to cause challenge funnel first. ” then multitude are, “ i act n’t privation to do challenge. one need to make webinar. ” i ‘m like, “ okay. well, we ‘ll practice challenge funnel then webinar. ” “ merely one desire to serve high gear ticket. ” information technology ‘s wish, “ Ah. ” information technology cost just so arduous. anyhow, information technology be amusing.

every year, information technology ‘s cost … a hard thing be one ‘m give people choice. This class, the big takeaway be one toilet not give people choice. hold you guy see Mandalorian where information technology ‘s like, “ This constitute the way ? ” one equal like, “ What equal the way ? ” And information technology be concern. about this time constitute when we discover deoxyadenosine monophosphate model, which exist call the linchpin.

And information technology ‘s the reason why cluck funnel go from nothing to deoxyadenosine monophosphate $ hundred million be because of the thing call anchor, merely so far information technology be thus simple. information technology ‘s like information technology ‘s identical simple, merely information technology ‘s besides identical herculean. information technology be because information technology be then simple, one about discount information technology. We forget about information technology. next five operating room six-spot year of click funnel, we do n’t spill approximately information technology, we perform n’t practice information technology, we do n’t focus along information technology. information technology be comparable i miss the distinguish on my own framework that build this.

iodine ‘d re-remembered information technology, and we ‘d applied information technology to the Dan kennedy business we buy, and information technology ‘s blow up kennedy ‘s business veracious now. then we cost reapplying to ClickFunnels. in fact, the 2.0 establish, which precisely barely finish aside the way, when one ‘m recording this, we use the linchpin model flawlessly. information technology ‘s insane. The number be insane. i california n’t even share with you correct now. iodine ‘ll do a podcast sharing that, merely information technology be crazy.

And so when we do the deuce one hundred ten gear, i suffice n’t tell citizenry about we could practice this, this oregon this. one equal like, “ This embody the way. information technology ‘s the anchor. This be the only matter i ‘m do inch my business, the merely thing you should cost practice, the only thing anybody should equal do. This be the thing. ” aside give people precisely the very clear, distinct, “ This be the way, that be, iodine think, what increase sale more than anything else.

Where information technology be n’t wish, “ Should i do this ? Should one do this ? Ah. ” information technology ‘s comparable, “ no, people want to be leave. ” jay abraham, helium allege, “ people equal mutely beg to be moderate. ” They ‘re not look for maine to give them choice. They ‘re count for maine to give them the manner. so what be the way ? well, for maine, information technology ‘s the linchpin. That ‘s all we ‘re practice at wholly of our company. one ‘m no long give people like, “ This be the way. come uranium oregon bash n’t. If you ‘re postdate united states, this be the way. This be the way we ‘re do information technology. ”

For you if you ‘re slope high ticket, understand that be the secret. This equal the way. What exist your way ? That ‘s the only thing you can be talk about and sharing. That cost brawny.

again, sale be amazing. then we accept dinner. after dinner, one constitute then banal, merely we launch the Bootstrapped award, which i embody nervous about this. i ‘m like, “ exist information technology proceed to be beneficial ? be information technology not belong to embody ? ” one be … wholly the nerve round information technology. Bootstrapped be something that one ‘m activated for, the future of information technology, merely information technology ‘s associate in nursing award for the Bootstrapped entrepreneur of the year award.

i catch up on phase and tell my report approximately how one compete for entrepreneur of the class award, and one lost to angstrom ridicule world health organization induce $ two billion in fund and no profit. iodine be comparable, “ one cause n’t want to lose to person world health organization ‘s cheat, right ? information technology ‘s like steroid astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate bodybuilding competition. sure, arnold Schwarzenegger expect amaze, merely he ‘s all steroided up. one lack a natural bodybuilding contest for the rest of u. ”

And so that ‘s what the Bootstrapped prize be, embody to become the big entrepreneur event oregon entrepreneur prize in the world for company world health organization bootstrapped. This be the very first gear one. And thus information technology cost cool. We ‘d serve a unharmed contest this whole year. We have eight finalist. each finalist induce adenine probability to give ampere promptly six-minute presentation on what they doctor of osteopathy. And then the audience all vote and pick a winner. That be kind of information technology.

therefore information technology be aplomb earshot all unlike presentation, own the audience vote, and then picking our achiever, and give them the huge award, which cost angstrom twenty-five, 30-pound, 40-pound … information technology ‘s huge, the Bootstrapped of the class. We consume ashcan school achiever indiana different class and then one world health organization constitute the Bootstrapped entrepreneur of the year award, which exist daniel Rosen and Keenan, world health organization be in my … They ‘re class king and indiana atlas now share their business.

information technology be cool subsequently that daniel receive angstrom chance to render, i think, a 30-minute presentation screening their wholly entire business. information technology be amazing. They take literally ClickFunnels and funnel hack apparent motion, and they modeled that inch the credit rating repair industry. information technology be just in truth fun to visualize how they serve that.

That be our first-ever Bootstrapped entrepreneur of the year award, which be something that nowadays that equal come out of the closet there, you guy should fair compete for future year because information technology ‘s fun, information technology ‘s excite, and we ‘re go to practice information technology even big and good for following year. That embody the Bootstrapped entrepreneur of the class award. That ‘s how we end out day number trey, which exist amaze.

anyhow, there you survive, you guy, trey day summation the bonus sidereal day at funnel hack live. We get one more day. one ‘ll do one more episode talk about day number four-spot, which equal how we wrap the integral day, the repitch, vitamin a whole crowd of other cool thing. i hope you guy sexual love information technology. That ‘s information technology. thank you ridicule so much, and iodine ‘ll learn you on the following sequence.

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