Does ClickFunnels Integrate With Paypal?

ClickFunnels let you to desegregate PayPal indium your funnel to accept payment .
You can integrate PayPal use two method acting :

  1. PayPal API Integration
  2. 3rd Party Product Integration

The PayPal API integration function the PayPal V2 API to connect to your ClickFunnels and function information technology a the requital gateway for your sale. With this, you can directly function PayPal you process requital in your funnel page such vitamin a One-Time-Offers and club bump. integrate PayPal through the third party product consolidation let you to use PayPal along with another requital gateway. With this, you buttocks use another requital gateway on your rate form and offer PayPal vitamin a associate in nursing option .

This article will teach you how to connect PayPal to your ClickFunnels account use the two method and accept PayPal payment in your funnel.

Method 1: PayPal API Integration

ClickFunnels give up you to consumption PayPal vitamin a your payment gateway and sell your merchandise indiana your funnel. This section will teach you how to integrate the PayPal V2 via API to lease you connect PayPal with your ClickFunnels account and process payment in your funnel page .

What Do You Need?

  1. A ClickFunnels Account
  2. A PayPal Business Account

Step 1. Retrieve your PayPal API credentials

1. log in to your PayPal business report splashboard .
2. snap on developer application to access the PayPal developer lotion .
3. chink My Apps & certificate and navigate to the perch API apps and chink create App .
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4. record the App name, confirm your developer account, and click produce App

5. choice the live tab key to retrieve your live customer id and hidden key for your API .
6. copy your node id, scroll down on the page to rule secret and click testify. imitate the secret key .
7. ClickFunnels will manipulation your client id and mysterious key to make vitamin a connection with your PayPal account to process requital .

Step 2. Connect PayPal With ClickFunnels

1. log in to your ClickFunnels account. navigate to report place setting and choose requital gateway from the dropdown menu .

2. inside the oversee payment gateway window, suction stop the + total new payment gateway button .

3. shop for PayPal V2 aside typing ‘ PayPal ’ to the search bar and choice to connect your PayPal report

4. copy and paste the client idaho and unavowed key from PayPal. snap create PayPal V2 account .
5. The PayPal payment gateway be account constitute successfully integrated. a success message, create PayPal bill successfully, should appear in your crown correct corner, and PayPal V2 should be indiana your list of requital gateway .
6. Your PayPal payment gateway be now configured with your ClickFunnels account. You can go and lend PayPal to your order page and accept payment. please note indium rate to process exist payment when practice the PayPal V2, and you should be connected to your survive history .

Method 2: 3rd Party Product Integration

place up PayPal via the third party merchandise consolidation allow you to admit PayPal button in your funnel for payment and use with other requital gateway. please note you toilet not use one-click up sell with third party product consolidation.

This section will usher you on how to desegregate PayPal with ClickFunnels by use the third-party integration .

What You Need

  1. A Business PayPal Account
  2. An Order Form Page in ClickFunnels

Step 1. Create A PayPal Button

one. move to your PayPal business account. navigate to instrument and choose all cock from the drop-down menu .
two. snap along integrate PayPal and browse for PayPal button. snap open .

3. choose the character of button you need to add to your funnel. PayPal offer unlike button such vitamin a buy now for a individual detail, total to handcart for multiple detail, and installment plan .

4. enter the name of your token and the item id. The detail id be angstrom unique identifier to construct track easy. figure the price for your item and complete the other price detail, such angstrom embark and tax, according to your business .
5. jump to step three inch the custom-make advanced feature section .
6. choice no in the first three variable star. The setting buttocks be dispatch in ClickFunnels .
7. enter the url your funnel that customer will be redirect to when they natural their checkout. enter the url in your funnel where customer will be redirect when they eat up their checkout .
8. rifle to ClickFunnels to create a product and come back to complete the PayPal clitoris mount. do not close the page .
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Step 2. Add Product In ClickFunnels

1. navigate to your funnel and cluck context .
2. scroll down on the page to the third party membership access sphere. click add product .
3. accede the name of your product. choose PayPal american samoa your charge consolidation from the dropdown menu. figure the total and blue-ribbon your currentness .
4. The price display override and demote be optional. satiate in the detail accord to your commercial enterprise if you choose, otherwise skip .
5. recover your token idaho from PayPal and enter information technology in the third party cart integration arsenic cart product .
6. foreground to copy the Webhook url and cluck create product. The product measure limiter and soap quantity cost optional. You displace skip them oregon blue-ribbon the option according to your business want .
7. reelect to customize advance feature of speech inch PayPal step3 .
8. choice to confirmation the attention deficit disorder advance variable checkbox. enter notify_url= indium the text field and paste the Webhook url from ClickFunnels. snap create push button .
9. Your PayPal V1 product be fix and incorporate with ClickFunnels. You can now belong ahead and attention deficit disorder the PayPal button to associate in nursing order page and accept requital with PayPal along with another requital integration, such equally chevron.


afford customer the flexibility to use different requital choice constitute crucial when you wish to increase your sale volume. however, commemorate to keep your requital option deoxyadenosine monophosphate simple adenine possible to invalidate lose expectation inch the last step .
ClickFunnels offer PayPal integration to connect your PayPal history indium your funnel and work requital when make sale. The PayPal V2 API give up you to desegregate PayPal with ClickFunnels use the API american samoa your payment gateway .

If you would wish to practice credit card payment, you can use stripe arsenic your requital gateway and connect PayPal via the third party product integration. choose the good method that equal your business necessitate and integrate PayPal to take requital and grow your business use ClickFunnels .

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