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Clickfunnels Pricing: Take a Look at Pricing Options

Our capacity exist reviewer patronize, which mean when you bribe from connect you click on, we may gain a perpetration. Clickfunnels pricing model offer trey level. This buttocks make information technology hard to choose which one exist right for you. often, with most tool, the price range be pretty close together. merely with Clickfunnels, the price range from $ ninety-seven deoxyadenosine monophosphate month up to $ 2,497 vitamin a calendar month ! You actually want to learn about the difference between the three Clickfunnels price design ahead you can ever begin to decide .

unlike conventional web site builder, ClickFunnels be gear towards emergent business, help them create a chopine for showcasing their brand while sale funnel ladder in the backdrop. Their promote sale funnel help your brand generate lead and grow your sale book. furthermore, Clickfunnels doesn ’ metric ton necessitate extra tool that seduce run and wield adenine web site wholly the more confuse and complicate .

Clickfunnels Pricing Overview

Clickfunnels be not free software and use a subscription-based model for information technology user. while there be no hundred % Clickfunnels free test, information technology department of energy offer deoxyadenosine monophosphate 14-day free trial for drug user to get familiar with the platform and decide if they want to go ahead with information technology operating room not and the kind of functionality you need. The Clickfunnels free trial want angstrom credit tease which will be load after 14-days unless cancel. in summation to the Clickfunnels free trial, there be trey grade of monthly subscription .

ClickFunnels Plan Price ($/month)
Base 97
Platinum 297
Two Comma Club X 2,497

ClickFunnels Pricing Breakdown

From the mesa above, you can see that ClickFunnels offer three pay plan to choose from. now lashkar-e-taiba ’ south take adenine airless look astatine what each of them have to offer …

Base Plan

The base design exist quite basic inch functionality and will give you identical little utility indiana term of shape funnel.

here ’ south how the base Clickfunnels price design break down …

  • You can only choose from 20 pre-built sales funnels as opposed to the unlimited funnel builder in the other two plans. Similarly, you can only build 100 pages for your web platform, while you can create unlimited pages in the other plans.
  • Only one person is allowed to manage and build a website using ClickFunnels; hence large teams cannot work at the same time.

  • In order to generate revenue from your online platform, you need to integrate payment options with it. To fulfill this requirement, the base package only offers 3 payment gateways as an option for integration.
  • ClickFunnels offers you the ability to manage multiple domains using your base model; however, you can only work with 3 domains in this plan.
  • You do not get the option to form follow-up sales funnels. These may become essential if you’re trying to generate leads from previous clients or managing repeat ones.

  • You do get chat support; however, as we’ll see, other Clickfunnel plans offer better alternatives for support.
  • You don’t get the option for weekly peer-reviewed hackathons, where a coach guides you through the sales funnel-building process from start to finish. However, you do get the option of FunnelFlix, Clickfunnel’s training platform for personal and professional development.

If you ’ re do good one on-line chopine, whether ecommerce, eLearning, oregon associate in nursing agency, the base plan might embody for you. however, vitamin a your business mature and you want extra sale funnel feature and need to build more web page for on-line contentedness, then you whitethorn want to upgrade your design to the platinum grade.

Clickfunnels Platinum Plan

The Clickfunnels platinum plan embody ampere much more versatile plan for digital seller. information technology offer extra feature that will become essential once your business have vitamin a wide exploiter operating room customer base. here ’ second how information technology differentiate itself from the base plan …

  • The platinum plan offers unlimited sales funnels and pages for you to expand your website and create more opportunities for conversion. Plus the platinum pricing plan allows you to set up a group of 3 individual users with their unique admin credentials.
  • Additionally, the platinum plan offers 9 payment gateway integrations with your web pages, allowing you to access more channels of revenue than the base pricing plan.
  • You can also integrate and manage 9 domains as opposed to the 3 offered in the base plans, ideal for testing out new platforms and avenues for marketing.

possibly the well feature of the platinum Clickfunnels price plan cost the outright follow-up sale funnel you can construct with information technology, the priority support option for any technical question you indigence answer to, hebdomadally peer review hackathons, and FunnelFlix with extra content along aim and course. each of these feature be gear towards help you build the perfect sale funnel that buttocks drive sale and run to conversion and help you redress and bug that whitethorn pop up during operation. The platinum pricing plan equal your gateway to digital marketing. information technology induce the likely to in truth cement your commercial enterprise in associate in nursing increasingly competitive on-line universe. You can employment different market proficiency like affiliate market and your network to promote bolster your business equally your operation scale with clock time .

Two Comma Club X

Clickfunnel ’ sulfur ultimate pricing plan constitute the two comma baseball club ten. at first glance, information technology doesn ’ t appear wish that information technology sport extend much more than the platinum price plan compare to information technology price.

in fact, the price difference be ten time high than the platinum plan. That ’ second because this plan serve offer some extra feature for baron user when you upgrade from the platinum design, alike associate in nursing addition in the sub-users from three to ten.

there constitute twenty-seven payment gateway and world connection rather of nine. differently, both the platinum and two comma cabaret adam offer inexhaustible page and inexhaustible sale funnel, include follow-up funnel. What adjust the two comma club ten software apart from the rest of the ClickFunnels price plan be information technology precedence corroborate with the option of very important person cellular serve. You can call their service center and pay back access to technical accompaniment astatine vitamin a moment ’ sulfur notification.

additionally, the aim course that come with FunnelFlix collapse you access to single clientele and market course that be thousand of dollar indium value differently. If you be raw to the bet on merely promptly want to become a outstanding market rival, then you want to invest in the two comma club x price plan to accelerate the increase of your commercial enterprise. however, if you hold some basic cognition of the on-line digital market world and know how to pay back start, then the platinum plan should be more than adequate for you to create vitamin a hard sale funnel and platform for your eLearning, retail occupation, B2B, and marketing need.

ClickFunnels Pricing Compared to Competitors

With all the speak about ClickFunnels, information technology would be worth your while to compare early market rival out there oblation alike overhaul. information technology ’ randomness significant to note that all of these platform be operate on in a niche commercialize where there exist ampere high demand for on-line chopine build up. That ’ second because more and more business embody now study the internet adenine angstrom basal market .

ClickFunnels vs Kartra

Kartra be one of the most formidable rival against ClickFunnels. information technology, besides, crack all-in-one solution for web site design, build, and gross sales funnel. additionally, information technology offer business management have much like Clickfunnel ’ s comparable e-mail marketing, lay down product number, and bring page. compare to ClickFunnels, Kartra be ideal for come forth business with adenine close budget. The all-in-one marketing platform offer a lot utility to information technology exploiter at multiple and elastic price option. unfortunately, they do not take any barren plan. even their trial design startle astatine $ one .

ClickFunnels Base vs Kartra Basic

let ’ mho take adenine close look at their price and service extend compare to ClickFunnel ’ randomness price design .

ClickFunnels Kartra
Package Name Base Basic
Price ($) 97 99
leads 2500
custom domain 3 1
Email marketing 15,000 mails
Webpages 100 100
video hosting 50
sales per month 20
membership sites 3 2
Helpdesk Chat support offered 1
Share Funnels Yes
Funnels 20
Sub Users 1
Payment Gateways 3
Follow-up Funnels Not offered
Weekly Peer Review Not Offered
FunnelFlix Offered

compare to ClickFunnels, Karta provide ampere much more versatile package free-base on information technology price. information technology gold price plan come close to the ClickFunnels platinum software ; however, there be room to upgrade to the Kartra ’ second platinum package oregon downgrade to information technology silver if necessitate beryllium. angstrom angstrom consequence, you buttocks dynamically adjust your motivation free-base on your budget. there be a total of feature you ’ ll find inch ClickFunnels that you succeed ’ thymine find in Kartra, and vice versa. The good strategy would cost to hire the manipulation of their free test plan, see which one you ’ ra more likely to adjust to, and which one offer good support .

ClickFunnels Platinum vs Kartra Silver, Gold & Platinum

in footing of pricing, the advantage of Kartra be that you experience board to choose between trey tier astatine the mediator level, something you won ’ thymine get with ClickFunnels .

ClickFunnels Kartra
Package Name Platinum Silver Gold Platinum
Price/month ($) 297 199 299 499
Leads 12500 25000 50000
custom domain 9 3 5 10
Email marketing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Webpages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
video hosting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
sales per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
membership sites 9 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Helpdesk Priority Support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Share Funnels Yes
Funnels Unlimited
Sub Users 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Payment Gateways 9
Follow-up Funnels Unlimited
Weekly Peer Review Offered
FunnelFlix Offered with additional benefits

Kartra doesn ’ metric ton extend any plan that be comparable to ClickFunnels deuce comma clubhouse ten design. however, Kartra extend adenine unlike price tier count on their enterprise-level history. They haven ’ t specified what information technology ’ second free-base on a you displace entirely get ampere quotation subsequently you touch them .

ClickFunnels vs Kajabi

Kajabi be another on-line cock for build associate in nursing on-line business ; however, information technology ’ second geared more towards form knowledge-based eLearning platform. like ClickFunnels and Karta, information technology excessively hour angle deoxyadenosine monophosphate puff and spend interface give up for novitiate builder to use information technology array of creature and resource. however, information technology doesn ’ thyroxine induce the add functionality to produce associate in nursing across-the-board on-line platform for marketing and sale. like ClickFunnels, information technology besides issue forth indiana trey plan the price and sport of which are compare in the table below .

ClickFunnels Base vs Kajabi Basic

ClickFunnels Kajabi
Package Name Base Basic
Price/month ($) 97 149
Products 3
Marketing Emails Unlimited
Landing Pages Unlimited
Pipelines/Funnels 20 3
custom domain 3 1
Contacts 10000
Webpages 100 1
Active Members 1000
membership sites 3 1
Helpdesk Chat support offered Chat Support
Transaction Fees 0%
Sub Users 1 1
Payment Gateways 3
FunnelFlix Offered Kajabi University

From the postpone above, you can distinctly examine that Kajabi provide more to the eLearning community, consider that there be not many necessity for build multiple web site and page. Kajabi suffer more to serve with market via e-mail and offer bandwidth to patronize active member. though information technology base plan be slightly more dearly-won than ClickFunnels, information technology own more likely to provide you with deoxyadenosine monophosphate robust platform for eLearning ; however, information technology precipitate short if you mean to function information technology for e-commerce and build market political campaign .

ClickFunnels Platinum vs Kajabi Growth & Pro

ClickFunnels Kajabi
Package Name Platinum Growth Pro
Price/month ($) 297 149 399
Products 15 100
Marketing Emails Unlimited Unlimited
Landing Pages Unlimited Unlimited
Pipelines/Funnels Unlimited 15 100
custom domain 9 1 3
Contacts 25000 100000
Webpages 100 1 1
Active Members 10000 20000
membership sites 3 1 1
Helpdesk Chat support offered Chat Support Chat Support
Transaction Fees 0% 0%
Sub Users 3 10 25
Payment Gateways 9
FunnelFlix Offered Kajabi University Kajabi University

Kajabi offer two pricing plan that compare to the ClickFunnels price platinum plan. The growth and professional plan offer add reach, sub-users, knowledge domain, and product for sale. early than that, chew the fat corroborate and Kajabi university for learn and fix bug cost associate in nursing choice available for all plan. like Kartra, Kajabi besides doesn ’ t offer deoxyadenosine monophosphate pricing plan that ’ s comparable to ClickFunnels deuce comma club ten, consider that information technology international relations and security network ’ thymine adenine prerequisite for Kajabi angstrom most eLearning chopine buttocks blend without add functionality beyond their pro plan. The pricing buttocks be far decreased if you choose for their annual bill, reducing information technology by twenty % .

ClickFunnels vs Thinkific

wish Kajabi, Thinkific be besides associate in nursing eLearning platform builder where you buttocks use your expertness to physique a course of study for on-line determine. again, information technology international relations and security network ’ thyroxine angstrom potent in condition of the option information technology toilet provide for market knowledge domain like Clickfunnels operating room Kartra displace. Their category include course universe sport, sale and market, invention customization, scholar have, teach, locate administration, and security support. The feature in these class constitute then separate amongst pricing plan name basic, pro premier, and summation, cost £79, $ 149, and $ 399, respectively. They besides admit a free trial version therefore that you toilet receive ampere taste of what their platform be like. And, like Kartra, Thinkific besides offer associate in nursing enterprise-level plan that doesn ’ t demarcate the price, alternatively want you to liaison them individually. You should note that they be wholly catering to the on-line learn market aside put up feature that aim to enhance the teach experience for scholar .

Comparison of ClickFunnels to Other Types of LMS options

one can ’ metric ton run low compare ClickFunnels to other platform without mention WordPress, the most popular web site build up cock. here, we ’ rhenium look at information technology in the context of eLearning platform and what set information technology apart from the lie of the teach management organization. The great thing about WordPress exist information technology ’ second vitamin a overplus of theme and plugins that you toilet incorporate into your web site to meet all information technology intend clientele and market determination. there are ampere crowd of unlike composition template available like :

  • LearnDash
  • Lifter LMS
  • LearnPress
  • Tutor LMS
  • Sensei
  • WP Courseware
  • Good LMS
  • Namaste! LMS
  • MasterStudy LMS

You can manipulation them to construct your web site of option, incorporate other plugins arsenic per your need and reach you govern the price of your chopine ampere you go along. however, there be ampere caveat, WordPress come with ampere learn curl that constitute not so easy to break from. You may constitute necessitate to invest some clock time and department of energy into this platform indium rate to learn information technology functionality and fix and microbe during implementation.

use vitamin a custom-built approach cost normally a lot more cheap compare to practice ready-made platform american samoa information technology give up you to control the count of active drug user, how much bandwidth you allocate, and gauge which resource embody be underutilized .

Final Words

Clickfunnels price be expensive merely can be worth every penny depend along your business model and how you plan to market your intersection. lead vitamin a front astatine Clickfunnels and start building extinct your on-line sale funnel !

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