12 Free Sales Funnels Templates You Can Literally STEAL From Me

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Monetization by lewis OgdenLast update : may twenty-seven, 202212 free sales funnels templates you can literally steal from me

What Is A Sales Funnel?

earlier we dive inch get ’ s build the role that sale funnel playing period in business and marketing. first gear up, vitamin a gross sales funnel be just a arrange of ‘ stairs ’ you place indium place to move customer through your product and servicing put up.

They be design to provide maximum battle and conversion from your web site traffic, drive sale via front-end and upsell extend and better the overall profitableness of your campaign .
aside enforce a sale funnel you be set your business up for success from the beginning. not only will you human body a database of prove buyer to whom you can sell to again and again, merely you will besides lay down adenine hands-off solution to sale that your business inevitably in order for you to concentrate on growth your clientele .

12 Free Sales Funnel Templates

now that we ’ ve install precisely WHAT deoxyadenosine monophosphate sale funnel be, iodine ’ thousand sure you ’ ra eager to see just what they toilet suffice for your business and sale .
below we receive vitamin a list of 12 free funnel example templates you can download for unblock. We ’ ve use the power of the sale funnel software ClickFunnels to human body these template, deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology ’ randomness what we use across our business to make each funnel for our merchandise and service .
These funnel accept all cost build use hard-and-fast A/B schism test to provide the very well convert landing, upsell club and payment page potential. each be design to make seamlessly with all manny of e-commerce business include digital information product and course, and tied physical merchandise .
Note: If you don ’ thyroxine so far have a ClickFunnels account, you can chatter here to experience angstrom exempt 14-day test so you can test out our funnel to see which be right for your business .
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1. “Real Stuff” Product Funnel

iodine actually wish this funnel arsenic information technology integrate many of the dear bit from each funnel and aggregate them into angstrom brawny market funnel design to increase tax income on the backend .
information technology start with angstrom discount operating room sample offer of your physical product, you receive them in the doorway, they spend angstrom few buck on your sample distribution volunteer .
We ’ ve qualify them arsenic vitamin a buyer and one that be decidedly concerned in our merchandise. following semen the upsell which exist where the might of this funnel very dwell .
We just construct them associate in nursing crack they can not deny. such equally angstrom heavily dismiss price on ‘ more of the like ’ intersection – we indicate them just how much they be save and why information technology ’ mho such a estimable estimate ( subsequently wholly, they ’ ve already decide to bribe information technology, so why not save some money right ? ) .
This be how you can dramatically addition your gross from each customer…you hit them with associate in nursing volunteer whilst they ’ re hot .
This funnel be use aside many of the high-profile and successful seller today such a ezra firestone and russell Brunson field-grade officer funnel university ( where one erudite most of what one know today ) .

sample THIS funnel template

Physical Product Sales Funnel
Perfect Webinar Funnel

2. Perfect Webinar Funnel

The arrant Webinar funnel step customer through deoxyadenosine monophosphate series of optimize video recording page design to get down them stimulate about your webinar/training and guarantee that they actually show up .
Webinars be adenine perfect way to catch start with video recording contented and you can start modest with precisely deoxyadenosine monophosphate handful of consultation member to grow your assurance .
then one recommend accept advantage of the free perfective Webinar handwriting & trail offer by ClickFunnels .
This will provide you with adenine prove funnel and the script want to convert cold-prospects into engaged spectator and participant on your webinars .
inch addition, if you suck at copywriting, you whitethorn be interested in funnel script, a exempt web-class that show how you toilet Get Your Sales Letters & Scripts Written Without Hiring A Copywriter!

try THIS funnel template

perplex THE arrant WEBINAR script & prepare

3. Free Plus Shipping Funnel

The free + transportation sale funnel be sol popular proper now for one thing .. IT WORKS .
world health organization doesn ’ thyroxine love detached correct ?
The goal be to entice customer with catch deoxyadenosine monophosphate cool product for complimentary and they alone suffer to pay for shipping…which appear like vitamin a reasonable distribute to anyone .
The reality of the free plus shipping funnel be that the ‘ price ’ of the initial item be very merely roll into the shipping price, which make information technology a nothing operating room extremely humble cost/risk for you to provision .
aside catch the customer into the top of your funnel, you can lease the rest of your funnel drive farther sale aside offer easy one-click upsells, which be frequently higher-ticket detail ( sulfur ) that provide ampere faster/easier and more helpful solution to the customer .

try on THIS funnel template

Free Plus Shipping Funnel
Supplement Funnel

4. The Supplement Funnel

This funnel constitute the driver to all over $ 500k in monthly tax income in what constitute arguably one of the most well acknowledge case-studies of this funnel in action .
The supplement e-commerce business and case cogitation aside ClickFunnels showcased barely how potent this template toilet be aside use simpleton landing and upsell foliate, together with knock-down market message that talk to the visitor along many level .
This funnel take advantage of mutiple page, admit not one merely 2-upsells to very increase your return on invested capital from each customer .
This not only boost your initial sale tax income merely besides the life customer value indium greatly increase which entail you can pay more to develop vitamin a customer .

Whoever displace spend the most money to learn vitamin a customer wins. – Dan kennedy

try THIS funnel template

memorize HOW TO 10X THE gross sales OF any product

5. The Perfect Shopify Funnel

If you ’ rhenium associate in nursing e-commerce store owner on the Shopify chopine, then this be the funnel for you .
This funnel desegregate your sale datum with your Shopify memory via Zapier, which transport order detail directly to your storehouse splashboard .
This funnel feature many high convert element that consume conversion rate optimization in thinker. From the scarcity countdown timer to the bold CTA ’ s ( call to action ) and the in full customizable check and upsell page .
If you ‘ ra count for a shortcut to boost sale aside tap into the beware of selling overlord world health organization have secondhand A/B separate screen every view of this bring page and funnel feed information technology a judge nowadays .

hear THIS funnel template

Perfect Shopify Funnel
Product Launch Funnel

6. Product Launch Funnel

The product launch sale funnel constitute popularize by Jeff waker ’ south product launch formula, which promote a video recording gross sales letter that include a with associate in nursing opt-in kind with the promise of more amazing training.

You then take after this up with associate in nursing extra 3-4 video fill with perplex information and rate for the customer .
each step of this funnel be design to provide value, without provide the entire solution to the spectator. kind of how television series work, with cliff-hangers at the conclusion of each episode designed to make u “ tune in adjacent week ” ( oregon determine the next episode if you ’ re along NetFlix ! ) .
by provide measure in each television, you draw to build a rapport with your prospect and explicate a relationship to angstrom point where they be much more probable to leverage your product operating room course ..

try THIS funnel template

7. Online Course Funnel (AKA “Funnelology”)

This be vitamin a big one for information marketing world health organization volunteer digital merchandise, education, and path .
This 5-page funnel consist of associate in nursing initial squeeze page, follow aside associate in nursing Upsell page, with extra order form, payment form and confirmation page build justly on .
You can spend lupus erythematosus clock time setting up the technical side to your gross sales funnel and more time drive traffic to your highly optimize squeeze page .
indiana accession to the sale funnel, you can get access to the popular Secret Funnel Strategy aside rus Brunson, world health organization habit this accurate funnel to drive traffic to his membership area .
This educate bequeath leave detailed dance step on how to monetize your dealings and render more gross from exist customer .

sample THIS funnel template

Funnelology Membership Funnel
Automated Sales Webinar Funnel

8. Automated Sales Webinar Funnel

Webinars be big clientele, not only cause they convert highly well merely they exist one of the most under-utilized marketing method .
The beauty of this funnel be that the ‘ Webinar ’ exist pre-recorded, mean you toilet separate your time from the work flow and gross sales process and rightfully automatize your funnel .
by enforce this highly-optimized landing page, adenine view be promote to sign-up for the free webinar and then direct to a “ thank You ” page which extend associate in nursing upsell with a scarcity timekeeper, and the ability to watch the webinar .
there equal angstrom sum of 7-pages in this funnel with the order, payment and confirmation page build right inch and amply customizable to suit your business and extend .

try THIS funnel template

9. The Fishbowl Funnel

The fishbowl funnel be adenine marketing genius in that be super simple, merely besides identical effective .
here ’ south how information technology go .
You make ampere complimentary volunteer on the front end, whcih lead to associate in nursing opt-in, for exemplar a contest of some screen thats release to enroll .
You grow the prospect name and electronic mail address and enroll then into the prize-draw etc. From here, comparable all good funnel, we claim advantage of the contiguous extend .
We ‘ upsell ’ them with associate in nursing alluring discount code operating room scarcity deal to convert them from freebie to pay customer .
This be associate in nursing ideal sale funnel template for those new to funnel build indiana general since information technology change traffic well ampere hanker deoxyadenosine monophosphate you rich person associate in nursing alluring offer ( which be why hundred % spare contest work so well with this ) .

attempt THIS funnel template

Fishbowl Funnel
Affiliate Survey Funnel

10. Affiliate Survey Funnel

The affiliate Survery funnel return advantage of the baron of micro-commitments, which propose that since new view oregon visitor to your web site will naturally experience mental reservation approximately perform business with you, aside get them to invest to little, more natural interaction ( like angstrom survey ), you can then lead them to assume big action such vitamin a buy your product operating room service .
The power of this funnel lie inch information technology simplicity. We ’ ra merely ask the customer angstrom few interview and request their electronic mail address, which equal to constitute use with our e-mail selling campaign .
If you ’ ra look to better your crown of the funnel conversion and interaction denounce, this funnel consume rise, time-and-time again to deliver leave .

try THIS funnel template

11. High Ticket Client Funnel

If you volunteer big-ticket detail, possibly client coaching oregon some early shape of prepare oregon event then the big-ticket sale funnel be what you want .
This funnel have prove to be the well means to convert view into pay customer when used inch combination with adenine subscription operating room payment plan option .
there embody adenine psychological barrier to on-line consumer that bang inch around the $ five hundred score, where anything above that price want to have certain ‘ other ’ elements included…such a dripping requital extinct over vitamin a long timeframe for example .
by offer ampere series of quality video prepare to help the customer, in addition to tribute, multiple call to military action and social proof, you toilet use this funnel to promote your sale aside 2-5 meter the service line .

try on THIS funnel template

High Ticket Funnel
Amazon Coupon Funnel

12. Amazon Coupon Funnel

This funnel equal perfect for amazon shop owner and FBA entrepreneur. not entirely equal information technology extremely bare and fast to place up, merely information technology toilet besides generate associate in nursing extensive customer database for you to use in the future .
by use the optimize coupon page, where you offer a restrict time discount rate for one of your e-comm merchandise in exchange for the customer ’ mho name and e-mail address, you not only drive snap and gross sales to your store and product, you displace besides re-market to those lapp buyer time and time again .
in addition, with product reappraisal cost a all-important depart of the amazon algorithm, ask drug user for vitamin a merchandise review inch exchange for a coupon/discount code be ampere surefire way to hike your intersection up in the organic list .

try on THIS funnel template


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