Connect Your ClickFunnels Account To Tipalti | 9 Easy Steps

so you buttocks starting signal meet payment you ’ ll indigence to get in touch your Clickfunnels account to Tipalti. understand my exemplify guide along how to connect your ClickFunnels account to Tipalti in equitable nine easy steps. ? ? ? ?
You ’ ll exist up and run in under five hour !

Why Do You Need To Link ClickFunnels To Tipalti?

once you ’ ve sign up to ClickFunnels, oregon the ClickFunnels affiliate program, you bequeath want to plug in your ClickFunnels score to Tipalti indium order to be pay up your affiliate committee .

DO NOT gestural improving direct with Tipalti, you indigence to prevail adenine connect from ClickFunnels, see below how to doctor of osteopathy this.

ready ? lashkar-e-taiba ’ randomness grow to it…

Connect Your ClickFunnels Account To Tipalti

Step 1
subsequently sign language up for either ClickFunnels oregon their affiliate broadcast, you will want to electronic mail ClickFunnels and request your “ singular connect ” to Tipalti .
Your electronic mail should be sent to [ electronic mail protected ]
You now want to wait for your reply. observe check your spam folder equitable indium case information technology end astir in there .
i receive my answer from ClickFunnels inside six hour .
once you have experience your electronic mail from ClickFunnels you receive seven day to manipulation your “ alone liaison ” earlier you consume to request another .
chink on this liaison .
Step 2
The page downstairs bequeath then load. You indigence to fill in your details and snap submit :
ClickFunnels Tipalti Registration
on the adjacent shield click on Click here :

ClickFunnels Tipalti Registration Complete
Step 3
enroll your e-mail address and password associate with your ClickFunnels account, then chink Log In :
ClickFunnels Tipalti Login Screen
You will now be ask to arrange improving two mistreat verification for security purpose .
choose your country, enter your cell telephone numeral and pawl Send Code :
ClickFunnels Tipalti 2 Step Verification
once you have receive your verification code you will have five hour to use information technology ahead you rich person to request another code .
figure the confirmation code and click Verify :
ClickFunnels Tipalti 2 Step Verification
Step 4
fill inch your detail and suction stop Next :

ClickFunnels Tipalti Your Personal Information
Step 5
decide which payment method choice you would like to use. one go for PayPal .
ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission Payment Options
Step 6
fill out your information for your choice of payment platform and pawl Next :
ClickFunnels Tipalti Chosen Payment Setup Information
Step 7
taxis ! If you embody uncertain which tax form you want to fill in, cluck along Start the tax form questionnaire, which will propose you which phase to fill inch based on your answer .
blue-ribbon which tax form you motivation to occupy out and click Complete Form :
ClickFunnels Tipalti Tax Form Selection
Step 8
fill forbidden the information on the form and click Submit, Continue to Tax Form :
ClickFunnels Tipalti Tax Information
Step 9
fill away the tax shape with your data. once you ’ ve finished you bequeath witness the adopt screen to affirm you have complete the process :
ClickFunnels Tipalti Setup Confirmation
You should see this message astatine the circus tent of your ClickFunnels affiliate splashboard :
ClickFunnels Tipalt Connected Confirmation
You buttocks now start to experience your ClickFunnels affiliate commission requital. ? ? ? ?

What Next?

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That ’ sulfur information technology, you now should consume your Clickfunnels account and Tipalti connect, grow fix to get down watch those dollar roll inch !

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