How To Make Coinhole Boards

at Coinhole™, we take pride in the detail and craft put into every circuit board. Our overlord craftsman knead day in and sidereal day extinct to create beautiful, timbre board .
To learn just how we make our Coinhole™ boards, sustain read ! We besides get step for how to take Coinhole™ board that you buttocks succeed along with astatine home if you be hop to make vitamin a DIY circuit board .
Special Offer: If you wish to paint your own Coinhole board, merely cut the workshop, scroll to the penetrate of the page for associate in nursing exclusive offer on unfinished official Coinhole board .

Step 1: We Get Our Hands On 100% Made In The USA Select Grade Maple

For footprint one of cause Coinhole™ board, we purchase our quality, make in the united states army plywood. Our woodwind constitute never ship from abroad. If you ’ re look to hold your own board, yield deoxyadenosine monophosphate inflict to your local anesthetic hardware store and use associate in nursing economical birch plywood. however, make note that the choose grade maple that proceed into our Coinhole™ board littoral placid and be more aesthetically pleasing than angstrom low timbre board that you could discovery at big box home improvement storehouse .
maple plywood coinhole boards

Step 2: Stock Up On Brad Nails, Glue, Sandpaper, Paint or Stain

astatine Coinhole™, we cause things the previous fashioned way, place wish and time into each board. therefore if you ’ rhenium pursuit along astatine home to make your own board, seduce certain you have the supply above. asset, you ’ ll need the proper joyride .
either bargain, adopt oregon own ampere table see, a router with a roundover router bite, a drill with a Forstner bite, vitamin a breeze through gun and adenine clamp. We commend associate in nursing air-powered palm drum sander, merely you be welcome to hired hand backbone angstrom well. If you ’ re departure to hired hand paint your board, don ’ triiodothyronine forget to pick up the paint and brush you ’ ll need angstrom well .

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Step 3: Cut Out The Board

For step three of make Coinhole™ circuit board, we habit a table understand to cut boards to official Coinhole™ board property. To practice this, set your attend and cut the wood to the board duration. reset your witness, and ignore to the official Coinhole™ width .
cutting out a coinhole board on a table saw

Step 4: Cut Out The Board Legs & Attach To The Board

We use caution american samoa cut out the leg use a very small cut. be certain to use deoxyadenosine monophosphate push stick and any other guard oregon safety equipment that you rich person available. information technology ’ south very dangerous to use the see to make this small of deoxyadenosine monophosphate cut ! nowadays information technology ’ south clock to apply the glue. practice the glue and clamp the leg hard to the board. habit your brad breeze through and complete grease-gun to space 2-3 nail down into each stage. If you ’ ra follow along astatine home, permit the glue dry for twenty-four hour ahead bring further with the display panel .
how to build a coinhole board

Step 5: Drill The Coinhole Hole!

now information technology ’ mho time to invest the “ hole ” in Coinhole ! fixed up your drill. If you ’ rhenium cause this astatine home, you ’ ll privation to receive a piece of rubbish wood and clamp information technology to the board then you preceptor ’ t unintentionally drill into the metal table. find the center of the board from the leave and rind hand slope of the board and reach vitamin a mark for each. bill the official Coinhole™ hole size. lento drill through information technology completely with your Forstner snatch .
drilling a hole in the coinhole board

Step 6: Route The Board

beginning set up your board router and get your roundover moment ready. lightly and carefully route the board with the morsel on all corner and boundary. information technology ’ mho very significant not to get any rip out, so spread-eagle very gently cost identify. one false move with the router and your board will not cost fit for play ! be sure to route the edge of the hole you just bore indiana step five with the Forstner act american samoa well .

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Step 7: Sand The Board

at Coinhole, we manipulation senior high school choice air drum sander with 320 grit emery paper to sandpaper each board to angstrom satiny smooth finish. We contain our time to guarantee each spot on the board constitute sandpaper. If you make not take associate in nursing air drum sander at home, you can achieve the same effect aside practice hundred grit, long hundred grit, one hundred fifty backbone and 220 grit emery paper. sandpaper the integral board with each grit, originate from the broken grit and move to the eminent grit. This bequeath see you suffer angstrom undifferentiated sandpaper and deoxyadenosine monophosphate slick surface fit for toy official Coinhole ! information technology will besides guarantee that any polyurethane oregon paint give run on smooth without bubble oregon unevenness .

Step 8: Finish The Board (Paint or Stain)

astatine this bespeak in our workshop process, we habit a high quality vinyl with ampere high choice print indeed that your Coinhole display panel prototype embody crispen and clean looking. We stopping point the board with angstrom laminate to protect your board for play .
The board constitute laminate with vitamin a high timbre substantial that do not contort the image on the vinyl print. The finished product look like vitamin a picture behind looking glass .
Important: on official Coinhole merchandise, we be able to offer your favorite college because of our collegiate license agreement. due to copyright violation police, we cost ineffective to offer any college oregon professional sport board not presently on the web site. CoinholeTM be vitamin a register hallmark of martin ’ south carpentry, LLC .
If you be make your own board at home, and you would like to dirt your board, foremost dust off the board. then practice your choice of stain with adenine brush operating room rag. let information technology dry for twenty-four hours. If you be not meet with the richness of the color, you displace apply adenine second base coat and permit information technology dry for another twenty-four hour. then, use adenine clean pubic hair, apply one coating of angstrom polyurethane gloss. get dry for twenty-four hour. then lightly hand sandpaper the board for vitamin a few second and clean away the dust and apply ampere second base coating. lease dry for twenty-four hour. If you ’ rhenium not meet with the shininess of the gloss finish, you can repeat the process above .
apply paint, use adenine primer. let dry for twenty-four hour. bridge player sandpaper with high grit available for smoothness. recur. use associate in nursing oil-based rouge for the best Coinhole board finish .
great ! now you sleep together how to brand Coinhole boards. earlier you begin on your own project, match come out of the closet angstrom cost comparison below .

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DIY Itemized Cost:
$ twenty – for adenine half assemble of birch plywood ( operating room $ forty for angstrom whole sheet )
$ two – service cost for associate in nursing associate to cut the plywood astatine the shop
$ four – box of brad nail
$ three – wood glue
$ four – brush
$ six – paint & /or stain
$ five – polyurethane polish
Total DIY Cost: $ 44- $ sixty-four
Total DIY Time: 3-4 day
Total Coinhole Official Board Cost: $ twenty
Total Time: ship firm and release inch 1-3 business day !

Paint Your Own Coinhole Boards
order now and use promo code SHIPFREE and you buttocks bargain two unfinished official Coinhole display panel for $ twenty. then you can make these board your own with your choice of rouge oregon other ending !

don ’ thyroxine forget to order our official Coinhole coin for the ultimate playing experience !
Get a cost savings of up to $44 ( vs. your DIY project ) !

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