Coin Hunt World FAQ

Coin Hunt World FAQ

Where is the game available at the moment? The game is presently available in the US and Canada. How do I install the game?

android users can find the app in the Play Store. Users on iOS need to install the TestFlight foremost : hypertext transfer protocol : // once TestFlight is installed you can download Coin Hunt World from the follow link : hypertext transfer protocol : // Can I login through my PC? No. once you create an account you will receive an electronic mail in rate to login. The login electronic mail should be opened through your earphone and will launch the game. note : If you are on iOS and the [ LOGIN ] yoke in the e-mail is not launching the game and you get redirected to your browser, hold press on the yoke in the browser and select the option ‘ Open in Coin Hunt ’, which will launch the crippled. Why are you creating this game? Our goal with is to help educate the world about crypto by getting it into their hands in a playfulness way & help alleviate some of the fiscal difficulties people and businesses are struggling with now, particularly in the time of covid. What’s the business model for this game? Our crippled makes gross in 3 ways : 1 ) we sell some exclusive cosmetic items for your embodiment ( crafting recipes ). 2 ) we will charge token teams who want to use our platform to educate users about their tokens. 3 ) market programs with businesses including brick and mortar ones that can take advantage of our foundation traffic. How do I unlock Uphold? If you go to the crypto yellow journalism in your inventory you will an UNLOCK UPHOLD choice. When you tap on it you will go to the unlock page. Drag 10.000 resin into the slot to unlock it ( you only need to do this once ). once unlock, you can tap again and enter your Uphold details ( electronic mail address associated with your Uphold report ). bill : If you enter the wrong email address your cryptocurrencies could be sent to the wrong address and you will lose access to them ! There is nothing we can do about this, there is no undo button ! ! ! For more information on Uphold export please visit this connection .

How do I get more resin?

You get resin as rewards by solving vaults. What are the reward values of each vault? How can I get more keys? You get keys by searching for keybooths in your area. You can forge keys by tapping on an empty keybooth .

Why don’t I see a lot of content in my area?

The answer is that we used deoxyadenosine monophosphate much existing function data as we could to initially populate the crippled world. We started with every bus break, then all the fast food chains we could think of, then we looked at the top down marks in every submit, etc. Please come to # 🌍map-issues on Discord and post your cosmopolitan area with a latitude and longitude. The live ops team will take a look and if there is in truth not enough, they will buff up your area !

Why am I getting speed locked?

On wifi, your GPS calibrates your position, but when recalibrating after getting off Wifi it sends off another placement, possibly 20 meters away, making you warp to that placement, and locking you for speeding. We recommend turning off Wifi before booting the game and hunting with it off. When can I build an HQ? You need to create an account and acquire a k key to build your HQ . What can I do with my HQ? You can claim a free green key once every 24 hours. Your HQ will besides unlock future game additions ( presently not enabled ) How can I add friends ingame? once ingame ( map ), wiretap on the cubie icon on the bottom left corner, then tap on [ FRIENDS ], followed by [ MANAGE FRIENDS ], and last [ ADD FRIEND ]. You will be prompted to enter your friends nickname. then tap on [ ADD FRIEND ] and they should be added once they accept the invitation. notice : The first choice once you tap on [ FRIENDS ] lets you [ INVITE FRIENDS ] through different methods ( SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Email… ). Using any of this method will not result in your acquaintance being added to your friends list, but you will be subject to receiving a reward through our referral System . How does the Referral reward system work?

You get rewarded for inviting new players when they install the crippled using your referral radio link. You have different methods to do so. You have quick access to your referral QR code on the options menu [ FRIENDS ]. early receive options are under Invite friends ( SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Email… ). Conditions that need to be met to receive rewards : disclaimer : While we are on beta new io users need to first install the game through TestFlight and then click on the referral links to get the rewards. Where can I get more cubies? Cubies can be printed at print shops, which you can find in your area ’ randomness hotspots. You will need blueprints and materials that you will earn by opening vaults and correctly answering questions . Cosmetics aside, is there any benefit to printing cubies? You earn Leaderboard Points by printing modern cubies. The rare the cubie, the more points you earn ( common < rare < epic poem ). When you print a cubie for the first time you get a large amount of leaderboard points. Printing cubies that you have already printed earlier does not give extra leaderboard points. The first musician globally to print a newly added cubie will receive 2x the leaderboard points normally awarded for that cubie. How do Buddy Quests work? occasionally, you may be paired-up with person from your friends tilt at random to complete a buddy quest. Each supporter will have a vault within a 3 sea mile radius of their respective HQ turn into the quest location. To complete them, you will have to coordinate with your buddy and be present at your respective Buddy Quest locations at the same time. Buddy quests remain active for a week before expiring. Be wary that since your buddy is randomly selected from your friends list, you might want to keep friends that you know or can speak with as getting paired with an nonoperational exploiter will lead you to not being able to complete the quest. Upon completion both players will be rewarded with a yellow key . How do Special Events work? especial Events take stead during limited occasions ( Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving… ). During the consequence there will be three especial ways to earn extra cryptocurrencies in Coin Hunt World : boosted vaults, the printing event and the floating vault ! The boost vaults : Boosted vaults are regular vaults that are boosted to a higher tier for a light period of clock time. During limited events boosted vaults will spawn in Coin Hunt World. There is a chance that a yellow or bolshevik boosted vault will spawn within a 25 nautical mile radius of you ! If you are within the 25 mile radius, you will receive a notification message inside the game. Boosted vaults are much found on celebrated landmarks, hotspots and well known locations. You will not find a boost vault on a random street corner. Basically, the boosted vault has the highest gamble to appear at an iconic location. Just remember, boosted vaults will appear randomly across the USA & Canada during special events and there is no guarantee that a boost vault will spawn near you. deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as the first musician finds AND solves the boost vault, the countdown begins. For the following 3 hours the promote vault remain at the boosted tier. then every 3 hours, the boosted vault will drop one tier until it is back at its normal state. If no player finds the boost vault it will disappear after 72 hours . The print event : During the event every vault you open has a 20 % gamble of dropping a Resource Box with alone blueprints and resources needed to print the limited Events newfangled Cubies ! Collect the ask resources, principal over to the nearest Printshop ( often found about big parks and malls ) and print your new Cubie ! How to win the print event ! 1. Gather the blueprint and enough resources to craft one of the newfangled Cubies 2. Print your new Cubie at a printshop, change your in-game Cubie to the newfangled one in settings 3. Take a screenshot of your Cubie in the game leaderboards 4. Post the screenshot in the # community-events duct of our Discord server. 5. The foremost post of each Cubie embodiment wins ! The users who craft these modern Cubies first get a yellow loot box ! ( containing $ 10 worth of crypto ). besides remember that the first base player out of all players to print a newly added cubie gets 2x the normal leaderboard points. The floating vault : During special Events players will see a floating vault in the flip. This vault will show a countdown. Once the vault is unlock, you need to enter one yellow identify to participate in the event ! When 100 players enter a scandalmongering samara, the vault will open and rewards will be distributed to participating players ! Spread the discussion and invite your friends and kin to play along ! If we do not get 100 players entering a scandalmongering key before the goal of the special Event, the vault will not open and will disappear until next year . What are User Vaults? Unlike ordinary vault, exploiter vaults are vaults that can be placed on the map by the players themselves. As the owner of this vault you will receive 5 % of all keys inserted into it. These keys will arrive in the mailroom of your HQ. To begin placing User Vaults you have to unlock a slot inside your HQ. Once the slot is unlock you can travel to the destination where you would like to place it and tap on the icon underneath the scoreboard ’ mho trophy. then you name your vault, take a movie to show us why it ’ s a adept plaza for a vault, add the decline tag ( minimum 1 ) and put in for blessing ! once approved you will need to feed the Cubie Dozer 10.000 to complete the User Vault. other players can fill in the Cubie Dozer excessively, and be rewarded with Leaderboard Points. For a more detail explanation please click here. What are Photo Quests? When you open a vault sometimes rather of triviality questions you will get a photograph quest. The goal is childlike : help us catalogue our vault locations by taking a clear mental picture of this localization. While you take the painting, you have to make sure one of your hands is in the ensnare. This allows us to promptly verify you are actually at that location and is one of our many anti-cheating systems. Upon blessing you will receive a green key. More details here . How can I report a bug?

You can nowadays chat with technical school support inside the game. In the options menu there is a button [ BUG REPORT ]. Use this to report bugs or issues with vaults and cardinal booths. You can besides post your issue in the # 🐞bug-hunting duct. What is on the horizon? Follow us on Twitter to learn more about modern features and contests added to the game !

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