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Laundromat Delivery Service In Irvine, CA

Enjoy launderette delivery service in Irvine, CA from Bolt Laundry. We are one of the only laundromats in Irvine, CA offering loose tone arm and rescue for each and every one of our customers. Our professional avail will give you peace of mind knowing your laundry is in good hands so you can spend clock time taking care of more authoritative things .

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Laundromat Delivery Service In Irvine, CA

Save Time & Money

No more waste clock driving to the laundromats, we pickup and deliver for free !

Pay Online

Book on-line in 60 seconds and schedule your pickup ampere early as today. Have your clothes returned in 24 hours .

Quality Guarantee

We work with the top rated laundromats in Irvine, CA to ensure you receive the best quality avail .

How It Works

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schedule pick up at your convenience from your call or computer through your on-line account, telephone visit, or the Bolt Laundry app. No subscriptions necessity !

Pickup Day

The nox before ( and good morning of ) cartridge day, we ’ ll send you a admonisher to load up your bags and leave them out for tone arm by 8:00 am. One of our drivers will swing by between 8:30 am – 12:30 prime minister .

Delivery Day

Breathe easy and know your clothes are in bang-up hands ! We ’ ll return your clothes clean in 1 clientele day between 2:30 pm – 6:30 promethium. We ’ ll even let you know when our driver is close to your delivery location .

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Why Choose Bolt Laundry Service?

Pickup and rescue laundry service from Bolt Laundry is a convenience you will not want to miss, peculiarly with all the excitement of Irvine, CA to enjoy. Let our service allow you to take advantage of everything that is not laundry related. While you are freed up to enjoy life or handle more authoritative matters in this fantastic residential district, your laundry will be taken caution of, right down to how you want it folded .

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Bolt Laundry Service

Our Process Is As Simple As 1-2-3!

You start by placing your laundry decree on our easy-to-use web site from your computer, mobile device or pill. When you place your wash and fold laundry service order on our web site, you will add items to your shopping handcart and you will select a cream up time and delivery time. When you complete your wash and fold laundry service order on our web site, you will receive confirmation by electronic mail or text message ; depending on your reach preferences .

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Sophisticated Order Processing System

Every customer ’ south laundry is looked after individually and diligently by our team of washing specialists, which take great care to preserve the choice of your laundry. Our sophisticate ordain march system besides alerts our team of any limited care or general instructions related to specific items and/or the way that you want your items to be washed or dried. Our system allows our customers to provide particular instructions for each and every token added to the denounce cart .

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The launderette in Irvine, CA wash and fold service has two goals : clean the clothes as fast as possible and american samoa brassy as possible. This means that the intangible discussion that you ’ vitamin d expect from a professional serve might be overlooked. Does the party volunteer customization to their treatment ? Can you select your detergent, softener, and bleach options ? In addition to additives, the promotion and presentation is a adult factor when deciding quality. At The launderette in Irvine, CA, we believe washout and congregation doesn ’ t mean wash it, fold it, and stuff it back into one large wrinkled mess. As a standard treatment, we return all collared shirts, blouses, and dresses on hangers after a complimentary steamer treatment to reduce wrinkles. This means your more formal garments are returned wrinkle-free – about as if you sent them off to the dry cleaners. Bolt Laundry besides offers drawer-ready packaging – meaning your clothes are returned in person drawer-ready bags aimed at getting your laundry organized and ready for the drawer. Saving two hours at a launderette in Irvine, CA doesn ’ thyroxine beggarly much if you have to spend hours hauling a big udder around between rooms to get the clothes sorted. You ’ ll find a across-the-board image of reversal times when scouting electric potential laundry services. The traditional launderette in Irvine, CA boast two-hour reversion times while a dry clean normally asks for three-days with wash & fold laundry. We ’ ve found that beneficial laundry services cover turnaround time like a pool clean or maid overhaul – not an Uber ride. Scheduling it out in advance is significant and you ’ ll find between one and two days is to be expected. Laundry is finespun. And, we take it seriously at Bolt Laundry. From our drawer-ready box, stain treatment, hang-dry options, and complimentary steamer treatment of collar shirts, dresses, and blouses, we know that doing it right takes clock. With a fiddling spot of premeditation and planning, our one-day turnaround is easy to plan for. And, it ’ south delivered straight to your door. As a premium, across-the-board laundry service, our goal is to bring you a premium laundry product at an low-cost and predictable price. There are local, old-school laundromats in Irvine, CA that offer entry-level pre-pound price and there are other software companies out there offering quick turnarounds. Be careful. Be sure you know who is doing your laundry when you order on-line and make sure to check the quality before dropping your clothes off at a low-cost or quick-turnaround supplier. Bolt Laundry presently offers a standard one-day launderette rescue service. conventional washout and fold laundry services are priced by the cypriot pound. This means prices can vary from a dollar per pound to well over a few dollars per lebanese pound – normally with vertex price on weekends. If you ’ re having your clothes picked up and delivered, this means you have no mind what you will be paying until the clothes are returned. Given the choice, do you think the service supplier will weigh your clothes before clean – where damp, dirt, and everyday-debris is included in the weight ? Or will they weigh the clothes after they ’ ve been cleaned – normally resulting in a 7-10 % weight unit decrease ? not to mention the sharp spike in pricing when you send your towels, jeans, and heavier winter clothe. A dry clean and good per-pound supplier will include a photograph of the scale as proof of your order totals – weighed after the clothes have been washed, dried, and folded. But that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fix the variability that ’ sulfur intemperate to budget for. At Bolt Laundry, our flat-rate slipstream & close up price makes laundry predictable and low-cost. We ’ ve eliminated the hassle and gummed label shock of per sudanese pound price. Stuff your bags full ; it doesn ’ thymine change the monetary value !

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