Coin Master Village 4: Inca Village Cost List (Full Details)

If you want to know about Coin Master Village 4 Cost then you have come to the right post in this post I will give you all the information about Coin Master Village 4 Cost. Coin Master is one of the World’s Popular Games, Millions of People Daily play this game but due to lack of wide information of this game, they have a lot of problems in completing the game. The most authoritative depart of Coin Master is Coin Master Village Cost, where people progress in the game by making a village, when a player completes making a village, he reaches the following village of the coin master.

Each village charge of Coin maestro has five buildings and each build has a different price. Each village of Coin master has a different name and a unlike Coin master greenwich village price. Coin Master ’ second Villages keep growing over time. presently, 2021 Coin Master has 365 Villages, each village with a Unique Name and Unique Cost in Coin Master .

Coin Master Village 4 Cost List

The fourth village name is Inca. whose cost is 13.2 Million. If the village is not able to complete the attack any ally or foreign can attack and damage it. To avoid damage, initially three shields are given and then late five shields are given to the shield village from wrong saves. today I will give you all the data related to the Coin Master Village 4 Cost List. More Reads:-

Inca Cost List

Inca Village Cost One Star 🌟 Line 1 : 248,000
Line 2 : 333,000
Line 3 : 415,000
Line 4 : 499,000
Line 5 : 666,000 Inca Village Cost Two Star 🌟 🌟 Line 1 : 300,000
Line 2 : 399,000
Line 3 : 499,000
Line 4 : 599,000
Line 5 : 799,000 Inca Village Cost Three Star 🌟🌟🌟 Line 1 : 498,000
Line 2 : 687,000
Line 3 : 853,000
Line 4 : 1,019,000
Line 5 : 1,363,000

Inca Village Cost Four Star 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Line 1 : 819,000
Line 2 : 1,127,000
Line 3 : 1,393,000
Line 4 : 1,681,000
Line 5 : 2,234,000

Coin Master Village 4 Complete

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FAQ On Coin Master Village 4

1. What is the name of coin master village 4?

The diagnose of mint victor village 4 is Inca.

2. What is the cost of coin master village 4?

The price of coin victor village 4 is 13.2 Million .

3. Is coin master village 4 easy to complete?

Yes mint passkey greenwich village 4 easy to complete .


I hope you must have liked this article Coin Master Village 4 Cost. I always try to give readers complete data on Coin Master Village so that they do not have to search about this article on early sites or on the internet. beyond which they will besides save meter and get all the data in one place. If you have any drought ’ south about this article or you want to see some improvement, then you can comment below. If you liked this post Inca Cost and learn something, then decidedly share this post on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google and Twitter etc. Thank You

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