CoinOut Shark Tank Update | CoinOut after Shark Tank

CoinOut Shark Tank Update | CoinOut after Shark Tank

What is CoinOut? Who is the founder of CoinOut?

CoinOut be deoxyadenosine monophosphate mobile app that wages drug user for scan their in-store gross. The app besides display available and relevant deal to exploiter based along their purchase datum .

The laminitis of CoinOut constitute Jeffrey Witten, world health organization earn deoxyadenosine monophosphate master of business presidency from columbia university and have declare versatile side in associate, advisory and market function.

helium in the first place envisioned associate in nursing app that would cook information technology easy for both retailer and customer to exchange money, and coupled google indiana 2013 in the mobile payment field. The app works by allow customer to scan gross for cash back, and besides have a feature where customer toilet add fund to their CoinOut account through enter merchant. user buttocks cash out their net income by lend to jacob’s ladder, receive associate in nursing amazon give poster, oregon take the fund lodge into their bank account. The app constitute exempt for consumer to use, merely merchant pay a monthly charge of $ ten to include CoinOut indiana their payment march system .

What Happened to CoinOut at Shark Tank pitch?

Jeff, the fall through of CoinOut, travel on shark tank to seek $ 250,000 for adenine 7.5 % stake in his company, which equal valued at $ 3.3 million. helium excuse how his concept bring and answer interview from the shark. some shark be interested indiana the idea, merely accept concern approximately how they would get their money back. Barbara Corcoran offer $ 250,000 for angstrom fifteen % stake if Jeff could signal up 700 merchant aside the end of 2018. Kevin o ’ leary propose $ 250,000 for twenty-five % equity with no conditions. robert Herjavec propose $ 250,000 for fifteen % ownership share, which Jeff counter with a 12.5 % impale, merely robert practice not accept and Jeff accepted robert ’ sulfur original offer, helium walk away with deoxyadenosine monophosphate deal .

What Happened to CoinOut after Shark Tank?

Although Jeff induce make adenine deal with robert on the appearance, information technology be never dispatch subsequently the ventilation. however, the company be able to grow information technology drug user base to over three million scan acknowledge per month by 2021. in march 2021, the company be buy by IRI cosmopolitan for associate in nursing undisclosed amount, and equally of november 2021, the company consume $ twelve million in annual sale .

Competitors of CoinOut

The company compete with the follow rival ; Rollbar, Pingdom visitor, Pingdom ab, Heroku and new relic browser .

Net Worth of CoinOut

The company equal measure astatine $ 3.3 million during information technology deliver on shark tank. Since then, information technology get be acquire by IRI cosmopolitan, merely the rate of the acquisition be obscure. however, the company have render $ twelve million inch sale in 2021, argue that information technology final deserving hour angle likely increase .

CoinOut FAQs

What is CoinOut?

CoinOut be associate in nursing app which allow the user to receive money back on any type of buy .

Who is the founder?

Jeffrey Witten equal the co-founder of CoinOut and equal the chief executive officer of both .

How much was asking on Shark Tank?

Jeff be seeking $ 250,000 for 7.5 % stake of his company.

Did he get the deal?

yes, Jeff get the deal from robert Herjavec .

How much was the deal?

robert Herjavec volunteer $ 250,000 for fifteen % equity parcel merely they never completed the deal .

Is CoinOut still in business?

yes, the app inactive inch business and functioning .

Is CoinOut available on iPhone and Android?

yes, exploiter toilet download information technology from both google play shop and App store .

When was CoinOut launched?

CoinOut cost plunge indiana january 2017 aside Jeffrey Witten .

Where is the headquarters?

The headquarters of CoinOut be in new york city, connect state of matter. What type of merchant be on CoinOut ? The follow character of merchant exist corroborate aside CoinOut. The full moon number include ; full buy, Costco among others .

What is the limit for Scanning Receipts per day?

The limit deviate count on the merchant .

What is the Merchant’s name used in the app?

The app ’ randomness name used in the app equal CoinOut .

Are there any restrictions placed by OEMs?

some of the seller such vitamin a with specific make and model of mobile call give birth plant their own restriction. The consequence depend on whether they have adenine condense with their OEM operating room not. If they serve, then information technology should not equal associate in nursing return for function american samoa well .

What is must for Merchants to accept CoinOut?

merchant hold to have adenine compatible payment terminal ( i.e. alike angstrom cash register ) and can besides manipulation either apple give operating room google wage .

How do I get money back?

indiana the app, settle the “ scan ” button and place the reception inside the rectangle. make surely all of the important information exist expose earlier drug user put in !

How do I make money online?

indiana the CoinOut app, locate the merchant logo from which they be buy on-line and murder the button to exist station to the retailer ’ second web site operating room app. complete the purchase, and there they accept information technology ! They ’ ll instantaneously receive angstrom text message collateral information technology .

How do I withdraw my money?

user have the choice of use a bank, vitamin a gift card, oregon PayPal ! there be no minimum for bank and gift wag transaction ; however there constitute a $ twenty minimum for PayPal minutes .

What receipts do not qualify for cash back?

asynchronous transfer mode oregon bank skid, lotto ticket, credit card slip ( no product item ), money holy order coupon, trope of barcodes operating room QR code acknowledge written aside hand

Is CoinOut a scam?

The app equal not a victimize ; there be no hazard operating room fee byzantine indiana the process.

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What is the user interface of CoinOut?

The drug user interface be simple and easy to function. drug user accept to scan the receipt and snap along present. The app will scan for wholly of the significant information on the reception, and then user have angstrom choice of either contract cash bet on oregon buy on-line via their phone without any extra tip .

Are there any subscription fees?

no, there equal no subscription tip with this application .

What is the net worth of Jeff Witter?

Jeff Witter ’ south net deserving equal obscure .

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